Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Khayelitsha residents burn tyres to reduce visibility while they go to the loo

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CAPE TOWN. Insults, accusations of racism, and warm fresh feces are flying in Khayelitsha in the ongoing dispute over open toilets after relations between the Democratic Alliance and the ANC Youth League reportedly bottomed out.

The riots have been triggered by a showdown between the ANC Youth League and the Democratic Alliance-led City of Cape Town, in which both sides keep tearing down the enclosures around the toilets, putting up new enclosures around the toilets, tearing down the enclosures that the other side have just put up around the toilets in order to put up their own enclosures, telling the residents to put up their own damned enclosures, telling them to burn tyres to protest the other side of the dispute, taking away the toilets altogether, and throwing shit.

Meanwhile, the residents of Khayelitsha have taken to burning tyres in the streets to reduce visibility while they relieve themselves behind the bushes.

The ANCYL has accused the DA of racism for providing second-rate toilets to Khayelitsha residents. The DA claims that the ANCYL approved of the toilets in the planning stage, and furthermore that the ANCYL’s mommas are so fat. The ANCYL responded by upending a full bucket-toilet on the DA’s freshly dry-cleaned carpet. The DA responded by flinging handfuls of excrement at leading ANCYL members and their spokespeople.

Both sides have called on the Khayelitsha citizens to throw excrement at each other.

Political analyst Elias Khazi described it as a messy situation.

“If the DA don’t take the resident’s crap away then they’ll take crap from the ANCYL, who are giving the residents crap by stopping the DA from taking their crap. But the longer the residents go without a crap, the more likely they are to believe the ANCYL’s crap about the DA not giving a crap about them.

“Basically, It’s not about race. It’s not black versus white. In this fight, both sides are the same shade of brown.”

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