Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Jews really are spoilers concealing the truth

I'm sitting here Sunday looking at the world's reaction to a country you can't find on a map with a population of one fraction of one percent and around 50% of the media attention.

Nope it's not because of Gaza it's because Jews are the world's great whipping boy.

Let's take the case of Ireland. During World War II in the face of probably the most evil regime in mankind's history they decided to remain neutral. Millions of people being bombed from the air over London and terrible atrocities against the populations of Europe didn't move them.

Currently the following conflicts and wars are going on around the world (give or take)

1. Afghanistan : Muslims, Western forces.
2. Bosnia : Serbian Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholic, Muslims
3. Cote d'Ivoire : Muslims, Indigenous, Christians
4. Cyprus : Christians & Muslims
5. East Timor : Christians & Muslims
6. Indonesia : Christians & Muslims
7. Kashmir : Hindus and Muslims
8. Kosovo :Serbian Orthodox Christians, Muslims
9. Kurdistan : Christians, Muslims
10. Macedonia : Christians & Muslims
11. Israel : Jews, Muslims,
12. Nigeria : Christians, Animists, & Muslims
13. Pakistan : Sunni & Shiite Muslims
14. Philippines :Christians & Muslims
15. Russia : Christians, Muslims.
16. Serbia : Serbian Orthodox & Roman Catholics
17. Thailand: Buddists and Muslims
18. Bangladesh: Muslim-Hindu and Buddists
19. Tajikistan: intra-Islamic conflict
20. India : Animists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs
21. Iraq : Kurds, Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims, western armed forces
22. Lebanon : Shiite,Sunni,Christians
23. Northern Ireland : ; Protestants, Catholics
24. Somalia : Wahhabi and Sufi Muslims
25. Sudan : Animists, Christians & Muslims
26. Uganda : Animists, Christians, & Muslims
27. China : Uighurs(Muslims) and Chinese authority

Of course this does not include all the bombs and clashes going on in the USA, Great Britain, France, Holland, Denmark etc etc (Christians, Muslims)

I've highlighted the Jews in case you missed them.

So in the face of all this turbulence the Irish, who wouldn't know a human right if it bit them on the arse, start rolling around and screaming in horror when a flotilla aimed at achieving the very martyrdom that it achieved gets stopped by Israeli warships as it knew it would.

Iranians are being executed by the day for daring to have a different opinion to their regime and not a peep from the Irish. Nazis murder millions can't get these geniuses to commit but let one Jew stop a ship running a blockade it's Armageddon.

The UN wants to hold probes and the world is falling all over themselves at the terrible conduct of these Jews while every day atrocities are ignored in case the country carrying it out gets upset. Nope - back to Israel.

Of course if the world was a school and the participants in these wars were pupils the headmaster would have had Mr and Mrs Muslim and the Christian parents in the office threatening expulsion long ago. Asking them how come they are involved in 30 or 40 fights a day.

Not on planet Earth where half the media is focused on less than a percent of the world's population, involved in one conflict.

I know it's wrong of me but sometimes I wish Israel wasn't there so that this incredible veil, that both hide behind, could be lifted and without the 'it’s the Jews bullshit' to conceal it, the real battle could get under way.

At present Israel is the greatest camouflage to a terrific story which is unfolding and creeping nearer every year. All you need to do is take the above data and transfer it onto a map.

Soon even Israel will be too small to hide the clash of cultures and religion that awaits this planet.

Then the real slaughter can begin and the Irish can be neutral until they are invaded.

Mike Trapido

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Exzanian said...

Before you comment on this post, please read it first. Think about the other issues raised here, for instance 1) religion 2) Irish hypocrisy....OK?
and mods, stand by!

Viking said...

heh :)

he's just listed all the reasons I don't live there.

FishEagle said...

Oh WOW!! It shows a different side to Micheal Trapido. I'm impressed. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

@Piet The Pirate. Somehow you think you have "cornered the market" on wisdom; that you have clearer lenses; that somehow your magnificent vision allows you to see the Jews for what they are.

All I see is an ignorant, irrational loud mouth, whose only form of rebuttal is in the form of profanity.

Freedom of speech is paramount, and that is why you are free to peddle your profanity laden snake oil somewhere else. Just not here.

eduard said...

"the most evil regime" - Is this refering to the Stalinist communist regime and jewish cohorts who wiped out more than 40 million Christians? May I remind you that it was recently proven that Stalin himself was jewish. Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote his last book about the jewish females (they are not women, they are beastly females) ran the communist Gulags. The sore and sorry fact is that the jewish owned media will not let this penned work of Solzhenitsyn be translated into english. Apparantly it is translated into French, German and other languages.

Trey Cruz said...

Rarely, in my life, have I seen so much dishonesty, hypocricy, misrepresentation, bad history, and, as they say in Yiddische "bupkis", all in one place.
This author sets a new low standard for fact checking and propagandizing that others of his zionophile ilk will be breaking their necks to top.
We of the Goyim need only remember that it is absolutely necessary that the "children of Abraham" control the multifarious media outlets, for the TRUTH will convict and condemn them every time.
The only true cause of anti semitism is semitism.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with the post is that if you analyse the ethnicity of the people in power, i.e. those people who's policies are making it possible for Muslims to emigrate to the West, then you will find that the representation of Jewish policy makers far outweighs the representation from any other groups.

This is a fact when comparing the face to face numbers. If you bring "per capita" into the equation, then it is even more shocking.

What this proves is that the world is being forced into a confrontation between the whites and the Muslims. That the people responsible for this are the Jews, because it is their agencies and the policies of their agencies that are creating this conflict.

This leaves one with the question of whom stands to benefit the most should the white and Muslim worlds weaken themselves by direct confrontation????

Again the finger points to the Jews.

Richard Lewontin(jew) first coinded the phrase:

"Race is but a social construct"

Liberalism is cultural Marxism and
Marxism is a Jewish creation.

Liberalism is all about equality. Everyone is the same. The end result for a liberalist is a homogeneous society, without any classes or nationality, which of the idiots is the same as a Marxist, communist society.

Once you realise that Liberalism is cultural Marxism (undercover Marxism) and you investigate the ethnicity of the people responsible for the creation of liberalism, then you cannot help but point the finger at the Jews.

It is the Zionist quest for world domination in their effort to become the Messiah of the world, that is leading us down the road we are on.

The finger remains pointed at the Jews.

Although in their defence not all Jews are guilty. The guilty ones are not even Jews, although they pretend to be.

Revelation 2:9
I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS AND ARE NOT, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9
Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

The Khazaar King

Anonymous said...

It is true that the real Jews have been getting the short end of the stick. They are actually quite innocent.

The guilty ones according to the Bible are people that pretend to be Jews. The Bible further tells us that these people are not only not Jews, but that they are the spawn of satan.

But who are these people and where did they come from?

The answer is in the Bible and thus is unavailable for most people, as they do not understand the Bible. I will however give a quick run down on the Biblical history for the lazy ones.

In the Bible the tribe called Israel split into two distinct tribes. The one tribe became known as Judah(jews) and the other tribe was known as Israel. These tribes had their own kings and even waged war on each other. That is how far removed from each other they became.

About 700BC the tribe of Israel sinned against God. For this God punished them. They were invaded by the Assyrians and taken away in captivity. Eventually they disappeared from their new home into the rest of the world.

At this stage the tribe of Judah was still God's favourite tribe. BUT then they also sinned and God punished them as well. They were invaded and taken away into captivity to Babylon. There they eventually assimilated the Babylonian religion into their own. This religion was Judaism and their Bible was the BABYLONIAN TALMUD. The Babylonian priests took over the priestly duties from the Levites.

The book of Ezra was written as the tribe of Judah were returning from captivity in Babylon as can be seen from.

Ezra 8:1
1These are now the chief of their fathers, and this is the genealogy of them that went up with me FROM BABYLON, in the reign of Artaxerxes the king.

In Ezra 8:15 Ezra surveys the tribe of Judah and in particular the priests and found none of the sons of Levi amongst them.

Ezra 8:15
15And I gathered them together to the river that runneth to Ahava; and there abode we in tents three days: and I viewed the people, and the priests, and found there NONE of the sons of Levi.

This was because the priestly duties had been taken over by the Babylonian priests.

The Bible also shows that these priests were the scribes and the Pharisees. These Babylonians eventually pretended to be from the tribe of Judah as well and as they were the educated scribes in charge of record keeping, creating this lie was easy.

The Bible is self explanatory for those who search for the truth.

After all the truth will set you free.

The confusion of the world and indeed most people on this site is that they fail to make the distinction between the true Jews and the false Jews.

The true Jews were and indeed still are stout supporters of white South Africans. they supported us during apartheid and still support us.

The fake Jews are the masters of deceit. They are the ones that created Marxism and cultural Marxism, which we know as liberalism. They are the ones that promote racial mixing, multiculturalism and egalitarianism.

Only once you make this distinction can the wool over your eyes be removed.

Their are two types of Jew.
Do you get that?

Lime Lite said...

Of the 27 listed, only 2 don't involve Muslims - so much for the religion of peace!

Anonymous said...

Torrent search for "The Third Jihad"

Well worth watching...

Piet the Pirate said...

Blogger VI said...

@Piet The Pirate. Somehow you think you have "cornered the market" on wisdom; that you have clearer lenses; that somehow your magnificent vision allows you to see the Jews for what they are.
All I see is an ignorant, irrational loud mouth, whose only form of rebuttal is in the form of profanity.
Freedom of speech is paramount, and that is why you are free to peddle your profanity laden snake oil somewhere else. Just not here.
9 June 2010 13:38

LOL. Yes VI, sometimes the truth must be suppressed, especially when it can´t be refuted.
I don´t make concessions for the mortal enemies of my tribe, an enemy who are intent on destroying my race forever. Sorry.

Piet the Pirate said...

Let me guess. Michael Trapido is a .......... JEW?

I love the way jews hide behind the "religion" shit, when in fact they are a race who happen to practice the same religion.

Anonymous said...

The real issue here is two-fold, and neither has anything to do with those actually involved in the so-called "wars"/ conflicts referred to in this article!

Issue 1: the actual conflict is as a result of seperate Nations being forced to live together ie. lack of independence

Issue 2: ask yourself WHO benefits from a "global village" where everyone lives only according to earning a days wage, and cultural norms/morals are often ignored while state "laws" are changed according to what suits the mega-corporations and their financial backers

The truth is that the global population has never been so enslaved for such a percentage of each individuals lifespan, as it is today! We have never been less "free" than in this period of so-called "freedom"!

It's Common Sense,
if you're willing to see it.

Common Sense

Anonymous said...

Load of disingenuous crap.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the "Kazhaar King" in that the average "Jew" is just as much a victim as the rest of us.

Common Sense

Exzanian said...

Bit of a mixed bag in comments but again, ubiquitous anti semitism. Amazingly, nobody seems to see the points Trapido is making (and yes FE, it was refreshing to read this one from him! I never knew he had a right wing nationalist streak!) He lashes out against the peecee obssessed ninnies in Ireland STRIKE ONE!!!! Then he clearly makes the case that the world is dominated by conflict between Xtians and Moslems (ironically, both the offspring of Judaism which is now a minority religion) STRIKE TWO!!! and unwittingly, he reflects the fact that Israel is the polecat of the world. I can identify with that!...It was how SA was for decades, and it is why I want them to survive against this collective malignant hatred, which is coming from both the left and the right. STRIKE THREE!!!