Sunday, June 06, 2010


A giant Vuvuzela is being erected on the unfinished highway in Green Point - its going to make a noise every time a goal is scored.

Oh boy, tourists must get ear plugs for sure! Without them, the vuvuzela is going to be a remarkable experience, one sure to leave some lasting memories and a case of tinnitus lasting a life time!

I have no advice for lung protection against airborne tuberculosis germs in the fine spittle spray emanating from these menaces though!

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FishEagle said...

I saw that last week when I was in Cape Town! My first remark was that Leon Schuster needed to get hold of it to cut it down to size a bit...what a laugh!!

Anonymous said...

and don't worry as it is not a waste of money. After the word cup it is going to be converted into housing for the newly SWC deaf.

Macaw said...

un fucking believable. There is no end to how these kaffirs can waste money!!!!!!!!!!!

SA Greek said...

My God!!These things are soooooooo annoying!!

Macaw said...

@anon nice one, but having live in Cape Town, I see that the "mouth Piece" is to the North. Wait until one of those famous storms hit this winter when the North wester brings in the rain and blows like hell.

I can picture that instrument being blown away.

Anonymous said...

More on the Soccer World Cup:
1.Australia moves training facilities to a High School as the pitch falls apart!
2. New Zealand cancells practice due to health risk when players are "smoked out" by smoke from neighbouring township!

Yet all of us who said it would be a disaster were just "racist"!

Ha Ha

Laager said...

The disease is spreading
I have just returned from the Netherlands and the bloody things are all over the place - in orange nogal - as the Dutch prepare to go ballistic during FWC month.

No one seemed to be able to blow a tune out of them there either. Is it too much to hope they get banned from all football stadiums along with all other offensive weapons?

Do my eyes deceive me or is that a sponsors logo - Kia or Honda - painted on that thing in Cape Town?

Trey Cruz said...

A nation that was once a truly consequential member of the family of nations.
A nation that had clean, safe, law abiding cities.
A nation that had a police force and military that were the equal of the best in the world.
A nation possessed of nuclear weapons and possessed of the necessary maturity to control those weapons.
Decended to this:

Vuvuzela; the pinnacle of Azanian technology.