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Four caught after father murdered, daughters raped

Sent in by an anonymous commentor (thanks!) who also provided the translation:

Four Mozambicans were arrested after the murder of a man in Meyerton, whose two daughters of 16 and 18 were then repeatedly raped by their father's killers.

The man collapsed in his living room Friday night infront of his wife and children, and died after beign attacked on his small holding just outside Meyerton Vaal Triangle.

Four Mozambicans were arrested yesterday in the early hours of the morning in Soweto for the gruesome attack.

According to Constable. Tikoane Sonopo Police, members of the trio-Vereeniging task team at about 02:00 closed in on a shack in Orlando, Soweto, where three men were arrested. Their accomplice were later arrested somewhere else in


According to Sonopo the four men ambushed the 50-year-old man on Friday at arround 22:00 at his home on the Boltanworld-small holdings.

The victim returned home after a trip from Kuruman in the Northern Cape.

His 16-year-old daughter, opened the door for him and went back to the lounge where her mother, 18-year-old sister and two other women were sitting.

Sonopo did not say who the other two women were.

Shortly after the 16-year-old rejoined the other women, they heard two shots, after which her father entered the room bleeding.

He collapsed and died infromt of the women and children. He was shot under the arm below the right shoulder.
"Shortly after the victim collapsed in the lounge, three attackers rushed into the room. They spoke little, but were very aggressive, "said Sonopo. A fourth man later joined the men, and tied the woman next to the victim.

The two girls were taken to the garage, and they were repeatedly raped.

One of the attackers then took one of the girls back into the house, where she was raped again.

The older women were severely traumatized but unhurt.

Sonopo said the men then took a TV set, radio and the family's BMW and fled.

After the attackers left, the woman were able to free themselves and phoned the police.

The two girls went to a local hospital for treatment.

The BMW was spotted in Diepkloof, Soweto the next day, where they found the TV set, radio and a gun, presumably the murder weapon.

The men will soon be charged with murder, rape and robbery in a court in Vereeniging.

Beeld - 2 May 2010

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Anonymous said...

Sad, really sad!

Piet the Pirate said...

If found guilty, will these animals be sent back to Mozambique after they have served their 6 month sentences?

Born to be wild said...

No, Piet, they will be naturalised and given top jobs in the SA Police.