Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dumb Criminal of the Week

He worked at a Cape Town supermarket for three years but that didn't stop a thief from getting caught stealing on camera.

He thought he would outsmart his boss by switching off the surveillance camera's monitor before raiding the shop.

But he had no idea the camera was recording his every move as he walked around the Grassy Park shop.

The owner says footage allegedly shows Watson Sebastian Gomanjira entering his office on Monday afternoon, then moving to the front tills where the cameras clearly catch him red-handed.

The owner of the shop wishes to remain anonymous, but says the employee let himself in with a key.

"We always lock up for lunch from 1pm to 2pm and on Monday I locked the place like I always do but didn't activate the alarm," he said.

"He must have made copies of the back door and my office keys to gain access.

"He came in and had the whole shop to himself and went into my office, took a large sum of money I usually deposit on Mondays, my laptop and its charger.

"Next he made his way to the tills and that's when I could see it was him.

"He struggled to open the tills and after a while he gave up and left."

The Grassy Park businessman said he was immediately suspicious of Watson when he returned to work.

"When I came back, I noticed that he was missing and I became suspicious when the back door was unlocked," he added.

"I immediately went into the office - all the money was gone.

"The monitor in my office was switched off, so he must have done this thinking it would stop the camera from recording.

"This is the same guy I've employed for three years and had trusted," he said.

Police spokesman Ian Leibowitz said they would use the footage to look for Gomanjira.

"A burglary case has been opened," he said. - Daily Voice

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