Friday, June 18, 2010

Afriforum Objects to "Peter Mokaba" Stadium

Interesting from CensorBugBear.

I am opposed to the cult of renaming (unless it's re-renaming, like Leningrad). It happens everywhere and goes little way to establishing peace and goodwill. In fact, the triumphalism it expresses spreads nothing but ill will. How many people abroad watched the game today knowing that Polokwane is properly called Pietersburg?

Towns are often named after the person who founded them (or their monarch). Pretoria, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, all meant something to the people who founded them and lived in them. Have they been re-founded? Then why should they be re-named?

Would we play football in the Adolph Hitler Stadium?

Afriforum ‘s video explains why it objects to the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Pietersburg/Polokwane

Imagine if a FIFA World Cup stadium in Germany had been named the Adolph Hitler Stadium. Would Germany have permitted that? Or FIFA? Would they just have glossed over the names of those responsible for the deaths of so many?

Why then will FIFA 2010 World Cup matches be played at the Peter Mokaba Stadium? Peter Mokaba openly encouraged the murder of innocent South Africans and he influenced the South African Government to deny the existence of HIV/Aids.

More than 3,500 farmers and smallholders have been brutally murdered under ANC-hegemony -- because of what Mokaba stood for with his chants of “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”; his terrorist-activities in the Pietersburg region as a member of Umkhonte we Sizwe (the still active military branch of the African National Congress). Mokaba has never testified at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission – however former SADF officers did testify at the TRCe that Mokaba was suspected of many violent acts of terrorism causing the deaths of many people; that he was arrested for carrying out terrorist acts; but that three of his comrades had taken the rap and gone to jail instead when they refused to testify against him.

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Anonymous said...

Only one thing is certain and that is that the wheel of time continuesly turns.

The Afrikaner was the skunk of the world. He is being replaced as we speak by the South African ANC.

How ironic.

Anonymous said...

Great post, for this Blog, but I'm afraid you are using "rationale" and "common sense". So-called "westerners" are incapable of understanding such things. They are so full of the nonsensical "ideals" which the Western Media feeds them on a daily basis, that they are just unable to compare a Comrade of Mandela to Adolf Hitler! The two could be identical twins and they wouldn't see it. Western Propaganda runs so deep, the parents are doing the job of the "one-world" State from birth,with the State on their shoulder, nanny-style, should they even think of teaching their children to "think"!

Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for the "Censor" Blog!
Kind Regards,
Common Sense