Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Just Might Just Be a Liberal if ....

  • College students must protest the President, but never challenge anything the professor says.
  • Spending 4 years – make that 5 years – repeating your professor’s liberal slogans is a solid education, but demanding that colleges present all view-points and actually teach the subject is “anti-intellectualism”.
  • Education is about “feeling”, not knowing. Logic is the product of white male supremacy in our culture.
  • High testosterone causes men to commit more crime than women. It does not, however, cause blacks to commit more crime than whites.
  • There is no future to Western medicine, and the superior “indigenous” medicine is just about ready to break out after being suppressed since colonization.
  • People should be allowed to euthanize themselves, but not to eat in McDonald’s.
  • You preach to everyone that diversity is our greatest strength, but you paid half a million dollars more for a house in an all-white suburb than you could’ve for the same house in a black neighborhood.
  • You complain that your community has too many white people, but you’re the first one with a ‘for sale’ sign when blacks start moving in.
  • Diversity is the absence of white people.
  • You see racist code-words in all media except in hip-hop singles such as “Kill The White People”.
  • You throw down the “race card” as your only argument.
  • Every person who ever disagreed with you was a racist.
  • White people don’t have a culture. Mozart, Michelangelo and Van Gogh didn’t create culture, but Tupac and Biggie did.
  • Black dominance in basketball is progress, but white dominance in swimming is an outrage.
  • US wants to build a wall on the Mexican and not Canadian border because of racism, not because 20 million Mexicans and almost no Canadians cross into the U.S. illegally.
  • Your dog is smaller than your cat.
  • Men are bigger, stronger and faster than women because our society is sexist.
  • The only time you’ve ever used the word “choice” was in reference to abortion. School choice or the choice to shop at Wal-Mart should be prevented at all cost.
  • There’s never a reason to hit a woman, unless she’s Ann Coulter or another conservative, in which case, she had it coming for having a mind of her own and disagreeing with you.
  • Christianity is a threat. Islam is a religion of peace.
  • The four cops who beat Rodney King should have been thrown in jail forever, but the four thugs who beat Reginald Denny were expressing their legitimate feelings about the way white men like Reginald Denny treat them.
  • Three whites gaining up on 1 black is a hate crime and an example of how our whole society is racist, but 3 blacks ganging up on 1 white is prosecuted only because our courts are racist.
  • All blacks in our prisons are political prisoners. All of them.
  • Quietly reading “The Bell Curve” on the bus is harassment, but keying someone’s car for disagreeing with you is activism.
  • When rape and murder statistics go up, you blame poverty.
  • When someone criticizes murderers and supports the death penalty, you think, “what a hypocrite!”
  • Society should take responsibility for crime, but the criminals need more understanding.
  • 95% of blacks voting for a black guy is progress, but 55% of whites voting for the white candidate is a sign of how flawed our racist voting system is.
  • Capitalism is the cause of poverty.
  • People aren’t successful, they are privileged.
  • People don’t earn. They deserve.
  • The Christian Right shouldn’t impose their morality on you, but you want to impose big government on everyone else because otherwise they won’t do the right thing.
  • You think the case for global warming is proven without a shadow of a doubt, but that we need another century or two worth of evidence to figure out if capitalism and free markets work better than socialism.
  • Assaulting the President by throwing shoes at him is free speech, but political cartoons about Muhammad aren’t.
This is just a small selection from the article, which can be found here.

3 Opinion(s):

bbb said...

NZ to a tee with most of these.

This one especially - "You call yourself ‘progressive’ but oppose all progress because somebody might get fired and replaced by a cheap and more efficient computer program."

Anonymous said...

I see those two 10 year old "black" boys who raped the 8 year old "white" girl in the UK, were found not guilty of rape, only of attempted rape!

Stupid Poms won't wake up 'though! They're far to busy living inside their tv's, and we know who decides what to feed them in there!

FishEagle said...

@Anon. Yeah, we know it is not the Ezra Lavants, Pamela Gellers, Mark Steyns, Illana Mercers or David Horowitz's that feed them in there!!