Friday, May 07, 2010

Whites are Just Racists.

What an education. Having freshly arrived in Canada once again I spent most of the day down at the local town centre, which is in a "majority-minority" part of British Columbia, where Trudeaupian multiculturalism rules.

What multiculturalism means here is huge number of people who not only don't speak English, but don't want to. Why should they? They'll get their wives from the 'old country' (here= India or China) and have no desire to learn to be Canadians. Why should they? the multicult doctrine tells them their "culture" is far superior. I was without my camera so was unable to snap a brilliant government-sponsored poster.

It featured the recent Sikh Vaisakhi parade and included the city's new motto "The Future Lives Here". I laughed: The irony of a photograph featuring several hundred immigrants walking around Canada wearing traditional Asian garb was completely lost on the Multiculturalists. I think they need to fast change it to "The Past Lives Here".

Is the future of Canada really a crowd of Indians celebrating an alien culture? welcome to the Multicult.

I was wearing a Springbok shirt, and one young Indian recognised the emblem and gave me a dirty look. I wonder if other South Africans have experienced this. His thought process was clearly that, as a white Saffer (which I'm not) I must be a Big RacistTM.

I know from talking to South Africans the world over that this is a common experience, particularly in the UK for some reason. It puzzles me. Judging someone by their skin colour and national origin is a bit -y'know - racist, isn't it? Not to mention judging someone according to a perception of their home country's previous actions - what if we were all to do that? Would we be justified in discriminating against countries like, well most African countries on the grounds that they formerly slaughtered and enslaved their enemies wholesale?

Well, most of them seem to still do. But, instead of judging them, we are more interested in allowing their citizens to claim "refugee" status in our own countries.

I wonder if other people have this experience?

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Loulou said...

When will canada stop importing its future troubles ?

DestuctionByOmission said...

Stupid liberals, They have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

Born to be wild said...

Are you related to Lara Johnstone?

Tim Johnston said...

Nope. We are from different continents -

Graeme said...

"His thought process was clearly that, as a white Saffer (which I'm not) I must be a Big RacistTM."

Well aren't you? Now I've read some of the other posts on this blog, if you're going to say the kind of things you've said, don't be surprised if people think that you (and this goes for the rest of you posting comments) conform to that old stereotype of bigoted, arrogant South Africans.

Viking said...

Thinking in stereotypes is racist, Graeme, that's the point of the article.

70% of white South Africans voted to end Apartheid and give democracy a chance. Don't you think it's time those people were given a bit of a break?

FishEagle said...

@ Graeme, would those be black or white ones?

Exzanian said...

Graeme. I can only avoid your stereotypical label by being born black or by just shutting up. I'm in neither category, so I've grown used to that label. It is water off a duck's back.