Tuesday, May 04, 2010

White South Africa: A Genocide In The Making

Hat Tip: Andrea

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I wonder why this would never be shown on the main stream media. Who owns the media? Who owns the businesses that are now making the most money out of the chaos in South Africa? Who despises the Christian way of life? Who encourages third world population growth at the expense of first world population growth? Who despises the Celtic and Germanic Peoples? Why do so few people know that Jesus Christ was an ethnic Celt?

If only I had some common sense, then I would be able to answer these questions for myself!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 19:42 said

"If only I had some common sense, then I would be able to answer these questions for myself!"

But big brother says you aren´t allowed to. If you do, you will be branded an anti semite, despite it being the truth. It´s the equivalent of being called a racist if you mention the inherent inequality that exists between the white and black races.
It´s nothing other than plain old fashioned suppression. Hell, in Germany you can even be sent to jail for simply questioning the holohoax, er sorry, holocaust.
Freedom of expression? Freedom of speech? freedom of thought? Wotsitallaboutalfie?

Anonymous said...

Strange how there aren't many opinions on this piece! Seems to me most white Africans seem to want to hang on to their connection with "the West" rather than realising that this Capitlist system is the Devil's World...

Snowy Smith said...

When is President ANC ZUMA going to go on national TV and tell the ANC BLACKS to STOP MURDERING THE WHITES?
Stop the ethnic cleansing of Whites South Africa.

International criminal court the Hague.
Report every murder of a white by blacks since 1994
Criminal charges of genocide
The office of the prosecutor,
international criminal court,
P. O. Box 19519,
2500 CM The Hague,
The Netherlands.

Email: otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int

Genocide of white’s South Africa
Black racist hate crimes against whites.
Please report all white genocide

ANC truth at last.
The black ANC tour guide at Robin Island tells visitors:
“No one is born violent they are trained to be violent”
1994 to 2010 the ANC black criminals are the most violent in the world.
So who trained the blacks to be violent? Answer the ANC blacks.
ANC truth at last.
10 MILLION VIOLENT CRIMES South Africa ANC 1994 to 2010