Sunday, May 09, 2010

Time Magazine: Malema Moron of the Year

Hat Tip: South African Jokes

It's now official - Julius Malema is one of the world's biggest morons, according to Time magazine.

The magazine annually publishes an eagerly awaited list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Last week, it also published a list of the 100 least influential people, sub-divided into four categories: losers; flame-outs; morons and slimy bastards.

ANC Youth League president Malema was named one of more than 20 morons to feature on the list of Least Influential People of 2010.

Julius Malema

"President of South Africa's African National Congress Youth League
Malema is just like Joe Biden - if instead of innocuous, silly slipups,
Biden delivered violent, racist, misogynist rants. It got so bad, he's
been censured by his party and convicted of hate speech. So he just said violent things about the party."

6 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Time Magazine is run by MORONS. JuliesArse MalEnema is fulfilling the same role in SA as the murderous Hunzvi did in Zimbabwe when Mugabe changed from the covert theft of farms to overt race war.

He and Vavi put that philandering commie bastard Bra' Jakes into power all by themselves.

He may seem to be a buffon and a total jerkoff to the west, but the great unwashed hordes LOVE that fat little fucker and his message of HATE and REDISTRIBUTION. Add to that the fact that he is merely doing Bra' Jakes dirty work, makes him a VERY dangerous and HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL. After all TIA.

fuechs said...

"MalEnema is fulfilling the same role in SA as the murderous Hunzvi did in Zimbabwe when Mugabe changed from the covert theft of farms to overt race war."


Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 17:11.

JM certainly is a moron, but to put him in the list of least influential people shows how dimwitted the editors of Time magazine is. They earn position 1 as the most stupendous and moronic publication in the world. Congratulations you fools!

Laager said...

Malema may appear to be an intellectual idiot but he is a very smart, cunning, street wise operator.

He is a very dangerous character who appeals to the uninformed masses.

"In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King"

Anonymous said...

The guys at Time obviously have no clue when it comes to Africans and African politics.

By white standards Malema is a moron, by black standards he is a very popular freedom fighter.

To say that he is one of the 10 least influential people in the ANC is totally incorrect.

I'd put Malema under the top 10 MOST influential people in the ANC, because his type of politics appeal to the uneducated masses.

Perhaps even top 5?

The buzz word for the past decade has been diversity. The smart money would be to diversify your assests out of SA.



Anonymous said...

Strange how in most European Countries it's the locals who march/protest against Boer Genocide, BUT in the jUK only 20 Boers turn up... but then I did say there'd be "no more than 20 people there" AND that there'd be absolutely no media coverage of the event!

No, just Common Sense, which allows me to work out how the Western World is run!