Friday, May 07, 2010

They Can Catch Criminals When They Try

"Right-Wing" bomb plot foiled, apparently, but why "right-wing"? Do these guys hold firm positions on the role of government in the economy, privatisation and the welfare state?

So, the SAPS prove they can track down and apprehend murderous criminals when they want to. Their considerable expertise might now be employed to hunt down and exterminate the roving gangs of farmer-killers.

Bombing a township would also seem an unwise use of resources. Just drive a KFC-laden truck into a township, drop the sides, sit back and watch the carnage!

South African police have foiled a white right-wing bomb plot against black townships in South Africa, a month before the World Cup, local media reported Friday.

Police Minister Nathi Mthetwa told journalists in Cape Town that the police had arrested people in the capital Pretoria who were "manufacturing arsenals of destruction," The Star newspaper reported.

"They were going to test some of their explosives in any black township," he was quoted as saying.

The arrests took place in April when police swept areas for illegal firearms after the expiry of a three-month firearms amnesty, the report said.

The Sowetan newspaper quoted a police ministry spokesman as saying five people had been arrested in Pretoria and in Worcester, a town north-east of Cape Town in the Western Cape.

The arrests follow the killing last month of white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche.

Terreblanche, who led a group of die-hard opponents to black majority rule that tried to derail the transition to democracy in the 1990s, was murdered on his farm.

Two black farmworkers have been charged in connection with the attack.

His supporters initially vowed to avenge his attack but later retracted the threat.

Shortly afterwards, the Sunday Independent reported that police were investigating an alleged right-wing plot to sabotage the World Cup and had arrested a man in Worcester in connection with the discovery of an arms cache at his home.

Some of the 10 stadiums that will host World Cup games are located in black townships but Mthetwa has ruled out any threat to fans travelling to the June-July World Cup.

"We are monitoring everything in the country," he said. - Sapa-dpa

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Lime Lite said...

If you believe this then pig can also fly! Amazing that they "found" these people just before the SWC. I'm stupid but I'm not that stupid!

Anonymous said...

Lime Lite
The problem is Blacks believe it and you only have to look at the Readers comments in Times Live to see that. As far as I can see this is little more than ANC propaganda to counter the adverse publicity they have received as regards Farm murders, the murder rate in general and the "unsafeness" of South Africa in the lead up to the World Cup.They have been royally raped by FIFA and the projected visitors with money i.e from the West is not happening.They have to recover their egos somehow and expect a few more "White right wingers" being arrested in the weeks to come.These guys are going to end up like the Boeremag.Sitting in Jail without Trial for years.

Exzanian said...

"We are monitoring everything in the country,"
Only insofar as it may be a threat to the gubbermunt. Just like SARS, nothing else matters, only the protection of the elite. The rest can take a dump. btw, that image is one of the best I have seen. It really captures the essence of the class struggle in ZA in a very pithy manner.

Anonymous said...


When they caught the Boeremag, they were in court the NEXT day in front of masses of protesters and every TV camera in the country. When they caught the little boy from Skielik, he was in court the NEXT day in front of the same circus. When they caught the OFS students there was an immediate MEDIA CIRCUS. Any white on black crime or "right wing" criminals are trotted out in front of the entire country IMMEDIATELY.

There has been two "right wing" arrests recently for arms and ammo/explosives with absolutely NO MEDIA CIRCUS. Do you not find this a little strange?

Engage the God-given greyness and as Rafiki said to Simba: "You have to look deeper".

The ANC will gear up their "operations" against the "right wing" whether they are true or not. We all know that the brains trust of the SAPS has left. There are very few capable cops left and many of them are on strategic projects like the cash in transit/ATM bombers etc. The ANC need desperately to be seen to be doing by the masses that are losing faith in their lies. All they do is lie, so... methinks this is just more of the same.

Tell the BIG LIE long enough and often enough and people WILL BELIEVE it. This is simply the "lie machine" going into top gear.