Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taxi driver shot by police

The Headline should read "Blue light Baboon with Happy Trigger Finger" or perhaps "Loose Cannon K4 Copper

It's a jungle out there in Azania folks. The following article is short, but may take a little while to decipher. The style of reporting is exceptionally poor and I would wager my rent money that it has been written by another hominid of dusky hue, apparently suffering from NCDS (Neo-Cortex Deficiency Syndrome)

For instance, where does the group of American students singing hymns fit into this picture? They pop into the report like the three wise men in a nativity scene, who mumble their lines then disappear, never to be heard from again.

Both the incident itself and the bizarre writing style provide a unique insight into the land where IQ 67 is the rule.

Oh, did I mention it's a jungle out there in Azania?

A taxi with a shot-out window and a set of car keys lying in a pool of blood was all that was left after taxi driver Robert Monyai was rushed from Church Square, Pretoria in an ambulance on Tuesday.

Monyai, in his 20s, was shot in the chest just before 4pm in the heritage square after he climbed out of his taxi at the command of a diplomatic police officer.

"He didn't have a gun, he didn't do anything wrong," said witnesses who under the sharp gaze of police refused to be named.

While a mob gathered around the crime scene and a small group of American students sang hymns, Monyai's uncle looked dazed as he tried to contemplate what had occurred.

"I just heard a shot and only when I got there did they tell me what happened. They said the metro police was after him," said Ronny Mathebula.

Mathebula, who works as a photographer in the square, said he had no idea why his nephew had been shot.

He said he had been unable to speak to Monyai because the man was unconscious and battling to breathe.

While speaking to Sapa, Mathebula phoned the owner of the taxi and shouted at him. "They shot my nephew because he was protecting your taxi," he said.

The lone police officer who allegedly shot Monyai refused to speak to the media, first saying he was not in charge then adding that it was his crime scene (that says it all!!!! hahahaha)

"I have no comment, I can't talk to you," said the constable.

Police were not immediately available to comment. -

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