Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The spirits of our African ancestors absolutely loves this.

We as humans are all carnivores.

It is an undeniable fact that we slaughter animals to feed ourselves.

It is however beyond me that we today still find societies that sacrifices animals to appease the gods, spirits, forefathers, etc.

What prevent these primitives to sacrifice a virgin?

I think there is a close link between this ox killing and the raping of women and children in Africa.

It is all done for a reason, and I am convinced it is to invoke “the spirits of our African ancestors….”

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Ox killed to bless stadiums
May 26, 2010 12:16 AM By Sapa
An ox was slaughtered at Soccer City, Soweto to bless the country's stadiums for the World Cup.

Xhosa warrior Zakhele Sigcawu, 70, of the Tshawe clan, speared the ox in the back of its neck, between the horns.

"He is a specialist in doing this," said Zolani Mkhiva, the president and director-general of the Institute of African Royalty. "He came all the way from the rural Eastern Cape."

The ceremony, which started with the slaughter at 6am, was attended by about 2000 people.

Mkhiva said the stadium was blessed by about 300 sangomas - including a white sangoma - and by inyangas.

They invoked "the spirits of our African ancestors to usher-in their wisdom and energy in setting the scene of what was to follow in the day," he said.

While traditional herbs, impepho, were burnt, traditional healers called on African ancestors and God to ensure a successful World Cup.

The ceremony included a blessing of everything related to the World Cup, including wishes for Bafana, the organisers and the country.

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Laager said...

And don't forget to bless the (white) taxpayers who will pick up the tab to pay for this folly

Exzanian said...

Animal slaughter is an ancient ritual going back millenia and is found in most ancient societies. It was a direct offering to the gods for the sins of the community. The pagans refined it somewhat later when it evolved into the symbolism of death/ rebirth in the "Mystery religions" These were eventually absorbed by Xtianity over a period of three hundred years or so until Constantine strangled paganism almost out of existance in the 4th Century. The symbolism remained largely incorporated in Xtian rituals we still celebtrate even today, most commonly in the breaking of bread (communion) Easter etc. The coons, however, have not got wind of the changes, their religion is literally stuck in the stone age...Even Islam is more modern than this barbaric filth act...

Anonymous said...

Why do the Media and English White South Africans refer to Negroes as "African" when on all other continents whoever lives there is "American", "Australian", "European" etc.???

Birdman said...

If their ancestors are as fucked as this bunch, then the wc2010 is well and truly "stukkend"...