Sunday, May 30, 2010

Serious security threat at SWC, says paper

International Expert Warns of an 80% chance of a terror attack -

South African Police Dismiss Allegations -

This is not the misguided rantings of a disgruntled white ex pat. There is a severe and imminent threat to your life as a tourist during the SWC. The following article confirms the total lack of preparation by authorities in South Africa, and it betrays the complete sell-out to Fifa and the collusion they have with the government to downplay the threat as far as possible.

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here for the story of how specific names and details were supplied to the authorities in the middle of May 2010!

The Police Commissioner at that point made the following glaring statement “I don’t know anything about that. We’ve not been consulted or informed,” “We must phone Iraq. That’s the next step,”

What have they done since then? Nothing! They are relying on their own intelligence sources and despite being warned now by a credible International source that the threat is a near certainty, continue to deny it! The fact that South Africa is currently embroiled in a controversy over a cartoon by a local artist, Zapiro, depicting Mohammed playfully, for which he has received death threats, is probably seriously underestimated.

Do not entrust life and limb to the South African Intelligence Agency.

South Africa might fall victim to a terrorist attack during the World Cup, according to a report in the Sunday Times, quoting an investigative group and other sources.

The recent arrest in Iraq of Abdullah Azzam al-Qahtani, an alleged al-Qaeda supporter who claimed he was planning attacks on the Dutch and Danish teams, has revived debate on whether the tournament faces a threat of this kind.

Qahtani's scheme was later dismissed as posing no serious threat.

South African officials have long said their non-aligned status and a lack of any substantial local support for militant groups should insulate them from attacks during the June 11-July 11 event.

Both the government and soccer's governing body, Fifa, which is co-operating with foreign security agencies and Interpol, have helped strengthen that view by stating that no viable threat has been identified.

However, analysts and security experts believe that such actions cannot be ruled out because of the huge attention that even a small attack would get during the tournament.

The Johannesburg-based paper said Ronald Sandee, director of the NEFA Foundation, which investigates possible terrorist activities, had briefed the US Congress counter-terrorism caucus on possible threats to the tournament.

He warned that Pakistani and Somali militants were running training camps in northern Mozambique, and that trainees from these camps might have already crossed into South Africa to form or join cells planning attacks.

"I believe there is an 80 percent chance of an attack," he told the paper, adding that strike teams were well established in South Africa.

"Information confirms that several venues will be targeted, some simultaneously, others at random. Reference is also made to the possibility of a kamikaze-type attack," the paper quoted him as saying.

He said that numerous references had been made to World Cup attacks in closed-frequency radio broadcasts and phone intercepts in Mauritania, Algeria, Mali, Pakistan and Yemen.

However, the police have dismissed the allegations.

"I don't know where they got their information from. We have all our strategies and plans in place," said Police Senior Superintendent Vish Naidoo.

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Anonymous said...

Well, we can only hope.
Oh, what sweet irony if the terrorist ANC fell victim of their own methods. Ha ha.
I shall prepare the braai and stock up with Castles for the party. LOL.

FishEagle said...

I can't imagine anything more vile than the killing of innocent people just so that someone may prove a point - completely unrelated to the victims! I hate any form of fundamentalism.

Something unrelated - I got a huge kick out of watching the movie, Sex and the City 2. Those gals gave the Middle Eastern culture a big middle finger. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

I spoke to a drunken Saudi in London, WHen i told him im going back to SA. He slipped and mentioned something about bombs going off.

I was a bit wasted at the time so I cant remember the exact details. He bought me another beer, that made everything better!