Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Right-wing" "terrorist" case collapses

George_Kiratizidis_Marthinus_Christopher_Vorster_Ruan_Rufus_Louw_Andre_StrohGeorge Kiratzidis, 21 of Phalaborwa said he ‘confessed’ ‘to ‘’ terrorism claims’ because he was tortured
2010-05-18 Twenty-one-year-old George Kiratzidis , a dual Greek-South African citizen applied in the Phalaborwa magistrate’s court for bail yesterday. Kiratzidis said he was tortured and forced to sign false confessions.
Kiratzidis (far left) was originally arrested under charges of ‘terrorism’ together with André Stroh, 21; Francois Vos, 36; Hendrik Venter, 21; Albertus Kruger, 22; Marthinus Christo­pher Vorster, 19 (second left) ; and Ruan Rufus Louw, 22 (third left).

During their first appearances, the white men appeared in a court room which was crowded solely with hostile ANC-members and outside the chants of “War” and “Shoot the Boer” were reportedly heard. Posters were held up with the word “WAR”.

The six white men were arrested in April 2010 in dramatic, widely propagandised police-swoops after they had held a drunken party at the gravesite of ANC-stalwart comrade Norman Mashabane and had damaged his gravestone - because the white men had become deeply angered and hurt about the constant hatespeech chanting from ANC-members, they said in court statements since their arrests. They all deny that they had any plans to carry out any ‘terrorist acts’.

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Exzanian said...

Vindication. Again. As in the ET case, the cops are corrupt: false testimony, false flagging, false forensics. What I am starting to resent right now is the fucking embedded white traitors in the police and prosecuting ranks. Does your miserable salary mean so much that you go along with this facade? Pathetic...I'm glad I divorced that cursed land.

Anonymous said...

Yeahm this case again proves that a black man in power cannot remain impartial when race is involved. They have a natural bias towards their own and will not let facts deter them from their predisposed biased opinions.

Para Bellum said...

Join a group manne. The one I belong to is slotting us all into street/block groups. At the merest hint of police abuse or any other problem - burglary etc., 1 SMS is all it takes to get 10 men to your house in minutes (some in seconds). Lets see them try their racist intimidation and white vilification shit when there are MANY eyes on them.

Get organised.
Get prepared.
Get connected


Lime Lite said...

Yes, let's vilify the handful of white transgresses and ignore the gratuitous crime from the blacks. These barbarians are racist to their core and there is NO hope for SA as long as they live in the country.

Anonymous said...

All just part of the "rid the world of White Christian Independent Nations" plan! Governments are just puppets of the Great Capitalist Banking Families, who control the Central Banks of most Western Countries and all Western Media!

Common Sense

SA Greek said...

Rainbow.....justice. False accusations, barbaric torturing, circus-trials etc etc.P.S....the problem of the white youth today is their lack of vision and the fact that they don t have any were to look for a role model.Instead of....getting drunk and abuse themselves in pointless activities they should organize,re-group and start fighting back with a plan.But who is going to guide them??

Ron. said...

Just as I thought it would as there is no authentic " Right Wing terrorist threat" in South Africa & the State still can not prove its case against the jailed so called "Boeremag" [ a term coined by the State & the media ] alleged members during the past 7 plus years. The State is the true terrorist entity as more people have been killed by governments than by so called terrorist groups.