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Mandela is Responsible for the Culture of Violence in South Africa and Should Apologise Before He Dies

My theory on the origin of the violence in ZA is along the lines of the tale of Pandora's Box: Once you open it, whatever comes out, can never be locked away again. Once you have gone to the "dark side" you will be changed forever, for the worse. It is irreversible and will affect all those around you, including those into the future.

Who is responsible for opening Pandora's Box in ZA? I believe it is Nelson Mandela himself. Specifically when he founded MK, the "Spear of the Nation" in 1961. It was a declaration of violence, no less. The killing of innocent people would, and did, follow.

You do not need to dig deeper than this, to find the roots of the violence in ZA.

What would ZA have looked like if Mandela had instead adopted a position of non-violent resistance (much as Gandhi did) all those years ago? We will never know, but I am certain that the violent era that Mandela introduced in 1961 is what be-devils ZA today, nearly twenty years after apartheid ended.

I feel that Mandela owes everyone an apology. If ZA has any chance of a future, it is up to Mandela now, before he dies, to stand up and admit his complicity.

I have prepared a speech for him....

I am sorry.

You see, I’m not what you thought I was; what you wanted me to be. I’m just a frail human being after all, why did you lift me onto that pedestal? It only made my failures more apparent. I tried to keep the illusion going, and it worked for you, but not for me.

The burden, the contradictions are too much. You expected more of me than I have delivered. You have bought a bag of bones and now you deserve to be told by none other than myself.

I don’t want to blame you, I want to come clean, confess. I seek to do penance.

Now that I am nearing death, I look back on what I have achieved, and I realise it is not very much. In my youth I had fire, as all young men do, but I found myself somehow, simply in the right place and at the right time. With only the flair of charisma, I found myself borne on a tide of circumstances, which eventually led to my incarceration. I was a useful pawn, not a hero. Can you understand that?

I realise that you have forgiven me, or perhaps forgotten, the reasons that I was sentenced to prison on 12 June 1964: Let me remind you, it was due to my conspiring to kill innocents! Yes, that is a fact that won’t go away.

Did you ever hear me distance myself from the bomb blasts that continued to rock the country even though I had been incarcerated twenty years and more?


Perhaps you thought those horrid acts far removed from me, a lonely martyr. But who founded Umhkonto-we-Sizwe on 16 December 1961? And who was it’s spiritual leader all those 27 years and more whilst the violence consumed South Africa? Ask yourself, what is a spear point meant to do?

Perversely, I refused the offer of freedom in exchange for a declaration to abandon violence. Perhaps you wept when you heard me spurn Botha’s freedom offer with the words “What freedom am I being offered while the organization of the people remains banned? Only free men can negotiate. A prisoner cannot enter into contracts.”

Noble words indeed!

But I have many times sang the words “We, the members of Mkhonto, have pledged ourselves to kill them — the “ama bhulu” (Boere/ farmers).

A Contradiction!

Oh, is it not amazing how I did that? I changed the meaning of the word terrorist into revolutionary, guerrilla into martyr, and murderer into freedom fighter.

My wife instigated a new and barbaric form of murder of so called “collaborators” known as necklacing. Hundreds of people were savagely burnt to death with a burning tyre filled with petrol draped around their necks.

The seeds of chaos I had sown with MK in 1961 grew into vines of poison that rotted the fabric of our society.

Don’t try and deny it. Not now that the shadow of death is looming so large over me. Don’t deny it, please! How will I ever find absolution if you try to pretend that it never happened?

I spent 27 years dwelling on these things and could not find peace in my heart. Fate then conspired to my release and I carried on again, riding the tide, which, much to my surprise, I realised had grown to a tsunami.

How did it happen? I have no idea, let me remind you again, I am a mere mortal! It was only upon my release that I realised that I was in deep water and the expectations that you all had created, I would not be able to fulfill.

It is time now for me to get it out there in the open and admit it:. I failed. The enormous responsibility of reconciliation and nation building as president, after the violence that I had advocated over decades, was more than I could bear. I had been compromised. Before that, as I helped negotiate the sale of South Africa, I was on the take. I brokered a golden calf to the one, and to another, the hope of an identity.

Money or Ideal? I was your man and you all queued to buy! I sold to the poor equally as I did to capitalists and big business. Above all I sold out to a world greedy for a false icon. The price for an entire country was, I realise with hindsight, a Nobel prize and your worship. These things now taste like sulphur in my aged mouth. The premise I had created was faulty but nevertheless you had bought it.

I was not man enough for a second term as president. Instead, I abdicated that responsibility and handpicked one whom I thought was the right choice as a successor. I was relieved of further responsibility. But what a disaster was Mbeki’s tenure as president! Under his watch 67 people were burnt to death in a xenophobic recapitulation of the necklacing method. You all confirmed that I had made a poor decision by getting rid of Mbeki a mere year before he was due to leave anyway. Don’t blame him! Blame me. His failure is a direct reflection on my poor judgment from 1961 onwards!

And please, don’t agonise on my behalf about the uneducated one who then stepped into his shoes. Don’t say it was a power struggle beyond my control, beyond my vision. I foresaw that too.

Now I see a country before me that is collapsing into ruin. Divided, plundered, raped and teetering on the brink of an abyss. The racial hatred you hear in the voice of a mere piccanin, Julius Malema, is mine, reflected back over the decades. All this has followed within eleven years of my departure. The poisoned vines of the seeds of Mkonto have grown into a mighty tree. I have created a monster.

Now, I must stand up at last, borne up on feet of clay that must not fail me now. I have to say, it has taken me ninety years to become a man. I reject the worship and adulation you showered upon me all these years. Now I stand before you, and beg forgiveness, South Africa, for what I created in 1961.

All my children. Forgive me.

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fuechs said...

No communist apologises ever. "The communist party is always right." Mandela as a true communist is devoted to serve "the people" (the party), so he cannot be wrong or guilty. No need to apologise.

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY an excellent article & wish one can get it into a paper.
Hopefully this Bastard croaks before the swc starts.
I will certainly have one moer of a party.

Exzanian said...

I have tried, in my stumbling way, to create a rhetorical device for people to see an alternative view of reality. It is no more right, nor wrong, than the prevailing view of Mandela's "sainthood" People need to think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

You know, being a white nationalist, I have never had a problem with Mandela. I hate the muthafucker with a passion, but you have to hand it to the SOB, he had balls, and more than that, he was a proud black nationalist looking after his own kind. He dealt with the traitors within the black movement ruthlessly, much like the white liberals amongst us should be dealt with if the roles were reversed.

Anonymous said...

Mandela got what he wanted at the end of the day at the barrel of a gun with loads of help from the CIA.

The question remains though, if he did not do what he did, would aparthied have died or not?

Lime Lite said...

Don't hold your breathe...

Donatello said...

Mandela and his fellow comrades unfortunately form part of the worst kind of "revolutionary", the kind that can be "justified" whatever it is they do. Who can blame them? They are only standing up for the oppression of their people aren't they?

Unfortunately we know that these revolutions are never ending as they never reach a conclusion. It is a revolution that is driven by perpetual violence and spares no one, not even those who are supposed to be freed by the revolution itself.

We are now in a world where the revolutionaries have free reign and their violence are fed by the support of the liberal class - liberals who will always support those who are revolting but will never stand up for the victims of these violent revolts. To a liberal, the victims who are slain under the revolution banner, deserve it. Period.

But of course this is no revolution, this is a satanic form of violence, an excuse to self enrich, to abuse, to extort, to rape, to murder, to torture, to hate.

Anonymous said...

@Jim Beam.

Exactly what was wrong with Apartheid? Please enlighten us.

Another thing. Mandela was a MI6 agent.

Anonymous said...

"Exactly what was wrong with Apartheid?"

Ignorant whites.

eduard said...

@ Jim Beam:

Stupid is forever, ignorance can be cured.

So where did you fit in again?

fuechs said...

My above comment is the proof that you successed with your piece... I thought further about Mandela´s "sainthood". He was/is/allways will be a murderous communist-terrorist bastard who never feels guilt for anything.

@anon 9 May 2010 06:49
Maybe you believe that you are a white "nationalist" but I doubt that seriously. You sound like a brainwashed left-liberal idiot calling this communist-terrorist a "proud black nationalist". Hahaha...
This coward piece of shit "had balls" for planting bombs against innocent civilians only. How big balls had this scum in inciting necklacings?

Piet the Pirate said...

No Jim, the only ignorant whites are the ones who supported the unconditional overthrow of the Nationalist government.
Apartheid had glaring inequalities and injustices, but it was still better than anything else on offer. Most of the problems suffered by blacks during apartheid were self inflicted, brought about by the so called "black liberation movements", which were simply a front for murderous, power hungry nigger gangsters, intent on grabbing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Isn´t it funny how the Indian community made hay while the sun was shining, and prospered, despite having the same colour skin as the kaffirs?
Apartheid was a humane form of government when compared to what has replaced it, the true results of which will only become evident in the next 20 years. This once proud infant nation, which was full of hope and promise for all it´s citizens, is already displaying the classic signs of decay and destruction brought about by corruption and plain old fashioned mismanagement.
Already many blacks who lived in the pre ANC years are lamenting the passing of white rule and fondly recall the relative peace and stability of those years.
As the country sinks further and further into the abyss, it becomes painfully clear to anyone who has been around long enough, that SA will become the most traumatized state ever in Africa. At the moment it is still running on the full tank of gas it inherited from the previous government, but as we know, nothing lasts forever, and as the tank runs dry, the country will come to a grinding halt, and the problems we are all facing today will pale in comparison to what is still in store for us.
The world press, with their silence and love of all things black, have placed the lid firmly on the cooking pot, but the pressure is building, and when it finally blows, all hell will break loose. Unfortunately, it will make Rwanda and Zim look like Sunday school picnics.
Africa has a troubled past, but Jim, mark my words, you ain´t seen nothing yet.

Etherman said...

Could have, would have, should have - hindsight is always 20/20. You have to be pragmatic. History is always written by the victor. As far as convincing the masses of a particular point of view, it's a waste of time and energy going over the past. Most people are too naive or disinterested to really put any analytical thought into anything. Most people just lap up whatever the MSM puts out, and like most people the MSM always oversimplifies by painting everything from a palette of only two colors - black and white, right and wrong. The ANC is right and all whites are evil racist bastards. That's it. It's why the war in the Balkans is always painted as "evil christians" raping and slaughtering "innocent muslims". After long enough any given conflict degrades along blurry lines with unspeakable atrocities committed by all parties becoming such a mess of emotionally charged chaos that no amount of sincerity or "Truth and Reconcilliation" will be able to untangle and fairly apportion guilt and innocence to everyone's satisfaction. It's war, and war is bloody, messy and unfair. War is fought with weaopns, economics, politics and emotions. And the victor gets to write history.

The time of whites in Africa is finished. We were just a bit too late, too advanced to use the purging of other colonies such as in the Americas. Perhaps too proud not to allow more Britons to immigrate here, not quite forward-thinking enough to ensure majority white population. For whites to succeed and carve out a white territory in this dark continent will require immense determination and willpower to act against not only the local inhabitants but the entire world.

Nobody cares about white South Africans. Most people don't even think we are Africans at all. People like me who are basically self-employed are pretty secure, economically, for the time being. We like the climate, we like the bush, we like most of the lifestyle, this is where we grew up and where we feel at home. We just don't like racist hate and violence, and frankly we're all just looking at a scale with lifestyle on the one side and violence on the other and one by one as each of us reaches the limits of our own personal tolerances we're packing up and leaving. Of course this option is not available to everyone (because we did not all come from Europe and cannot simply "go back to Europe").

There is nothing to be done. Having studied evolutionary descriptions of intelligence, consciousness and morality, the predispositions of the native populations makes perfect sense to me. By pure demographic dynamics we are powerless to do anything about it.

Our only weapon is time. Thanks to western compassion third world populations are able to thrive on welfare handouts and medicine. Natural selection no longer favors the intelligent or those that coexist in reciprocal social structures (the bed rock of western society). No, natural selection in the third world now favors the most dispicably violent and rapacious individuals, the ones who are able to lie, cheat, murder and rape their way into numerically dominant positions. These are the genes that are being propogated.

In a sensible world a new clean slate would be pulled out at the end of a war - the past is the past, done and gone, we now only look forward and plan for the future in which all peoples of this nation work together. Unfortunately we are not all the same, we are not all equal. Maybe in the future we could be but for now we have significantly different cultures, different values and different histories. Separatism is the only logical choice. But it is too late for that, too late for whites in Africa at least, because the main stream sheeple are incapable of making the distinction between separatism and racism.

We've done the grand tour of Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, and South Africa. There's nowhere left to go now, just into the ocean!

Anonymous said...

As I always say: "it amazes me that you guys act surprised when some of us regular contributors have explained it all to you time and again"!

Common Sense

Exzanian said...

Etherman, thoughful comments. Your views probaby represent 90% of moderate whites in ZA. Question: What happens when those that cannot (or still refuse) to leave ZA have reached and exceeded their personal tolerance level?
If ZA went like Zim, I have a feeling that even they would find a way out...All that would be left are the weak, the poor and indigent whites, scrabbling over the bones that remain. It really is a bleak picture for the future.