Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Government saves R540,000 a year in child grants!

A task team from the Eastern Cape health department will reveal today that more than 180 babies from six hospitals in the former Transkei died in the first four months of this year alone.

 The majority of the infants — many born premature to teenage mothers and weighing less than 1.5kg—were referred to the neonatal ward of the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha. This was confirmed to The Times last night by Siva Pillay, superintendent-general of health in the province.

Pillay ordered the investigation last week after officials reported an ‘‘unusually high’’ number of infant deaths at the hospitals. ‘‘We have a very serious problem and if we don’t sort it out we will have a crisis,’’ he said last night.

The revelations follow last week’s shock deaths of six premature babies in the neonatal unit of the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital from severe diarrhoea, probably caused by the killer klebsiella bacteria.

The Times reported yesterday that preliminary laboratory tests confirmed that the bottles used to feed the babies tested positive for the bacteria.

Also last week, 11 babies were confirmed to have died at the Natalspruit Hospital in Katlehong, east of Johannesburg — 10 babies were lost on May 11 and another on May 12.

Yesterday, a senior official in the Eastern Cape health department told The Times that when he visited Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital over the weekend, the ventilators in the neo-natal intensive care unit were switched off because there had been an oxygen leak in the ward. Leaking oxygen poses a severe fire risk.
It was not yet clear whether the hospital’s lack of ventilators to treat the underdeveloped infants with immature lungs caused some of the babies to die.

“The ventilators have not been working. The problem is that they are mounted on the walls and could not be moved and there was an oxygen leak and the entire neonatal unit now has to operate without ventilators,” he said.
 “I established this when I visited there. There were too many ventilators there, but they had to be shut down once they detected the leak.”

Last night, Pillay said at least 40% of the dead infants were born to teenage mothers, some of whom were taking medication to deliberately induce premature birth, effectively killing their children. ‘‘They take these tablets hoping that the babies will be born before time,’’ he said.

 ‘‘Most of the babies are less than 1.5kg and the chances of surviving when they are that size are close to zero.’’ More than 50% of the infants were born to HIV-positive mothers, most of whom were not on anti-retrovirals. Nelson Mandela Academic is a referral hospital and some of the babies died while being transferred there from district and rural hospitals in the area. Pillay said the investigation revealed that hospitals in the areas that normally referred cases to Nelson Mandela Academic hospital reported 54 infant deaths in January, 31 in February, 46 in March and 50 in April.

The other five hospitals are Mthatha General hospital, St Barnabas hospital in Libode, St Patrick’s hospital in Bizana, Sipetu hospital near Mount Frere and Malizo Mpehle Hospital in Tsolo.

Yesterday, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi apologised to the country for the deaths of the 17 babies at the Natalspruit and Charlotte Maxeke hospitals. “I want to apologise publicly to the country as a whole because of this tragedy,” he said. Motsoaledi said infection control and overcrowding played a role in the deaths of the babies in Gauteng hospitals. “There was definitely a lapse in infection control,” he said. — Additional reporting by Judy Lelliott and Sapa

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Viking said...

what a title!

harsh? or just looking on the bright side?!


Anonymous said...

Like the title of the piece!

Anonymous said...

Atlas shrugged all over again. Everything the looters touch is broken soon.

Anonymous said...

The boons are running the show now and because of this the average age reached is dropping.

Anonymous said...

Pillay is a bullshit artist of note.

I was born 40 years ago in Rhodesia 8 weeks premature weighing in at a massive 967g (2lb, 2oz).I was in an incubator for weeks. I had asthma for years but there are tablets and inhalers for that. My lungs were not developed enough. I still get a NASTY reaction to cortizone. I could not feed as the sucking muscles were also under developed. I was fed by drip and then by spoon at home. I am now 187cm tall and weigh in at an unhealthy 150kg, but falling - hopefully to 115kg (lean and mean). I have played rugby for the defence force. Served at 32 BN. Served with EO in Angola. I have skydived, deepdived and muffdived. I have climbed the Drakensberg. I hunt every year and have no physical problems. My IQ is over 130 and my CPA is Level 7.

If I could survive 40 years ago, there is no problem with a 5 week prem baby of 1,5kg surviving. Especially a munt baby as they are more mature at that time than white babies. That is why they are generally born earlier (about two or three weeks I believe).


The ventilators switched off when they discovered the leak. WTF? Open the fucking doors and windows and put space blankets over the ventilators... Or is that too much thinking.

Just proves that without a white man running the show, the whole thing just falls apart.

White boy - It is time to make a stand and throw these monkeys off our backs. Join one of the white organisations such as the Suidlanders, Verkenners, Boere Vryheid etc and get prepared. Sign up for the Boervolk verkiesing, the link is on the Verkenners site (Google it retard). Sign up and vote for our right white men to take our case for homeland to UN and SA Gov. Many of the Boer/Afrikaner/Conservative?right-Wing parties are now working towards getting a volksraad setup (as Jaap Marais treid to do years ago) and it looks like it is gathering momentum.

Right now the ANC wipe their arses on us because they think we are the "fringe". Get enough support and all of a sudden they notice you.


Born to be wild said...

Who cares? These babies were born to HIV positive mothers and/or teenage mothers who only got knocked up to get the child grant and even then they couldn't wait. If you're a white woman you are better off with a white midwife in your own home.

Exzanian said...

Absolutely Viking! People keep droning on how we should see the silver lining in SA, we must see the cup as "half full" and other banal platitudes (actually a little bird whispered this one in my ear, but I won't say who)

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:30...

Correction to previous post.


Sorry Ouens!!!

Born to be wild said...

Anonymous 17:30: If you were to drop to 115 kg your BMI would be 32.0, which is still obese. You need to drop to 87 kg to be at an acceptable weight for your height. I take it you're a bloke not a chick :) Cut out all flour and sugar products from your diet for good.