Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cultural Diversity Day. Or Something

Did you know that May 21st was the UN-mandated "World Day for Cultural Diversity"? No? Neither did I. Which is a shame, because if I'd known, I would have engaged in some culturally diverse activities.

I might, for example, have begun my day by throwing rocks at a synagogue, or beating up some gays, if I could find them, but that would just be cynical.

Instead, I spent my day doing completely unicultural undiverse things like getting on with my life. Had I known the UN would have disapproved of this, I might have thought twice.

After all, the UN is the bastion of human rights in the world and... what the hell, I can't even type that with a straight face.

As I have mentioned before, the world is a hell of a lot less diverse than it was 60 or 70 years ago. With mass immigration and "multiculturalism" we know have a mishmash blob of cultures from Vancouver to Venice whereas previously, mankind did what he did best in his own small corner of the world.

See, as Guy White says, "Diversity" just means the lack of white people. The Human Rights in Ireland blog laments "the lack of diversity among members of the new UK Government".

It's made up of two different parties, how could it be more diverse?? Make Robert Mugabe minister of Defence? I'm sure Nick Clegg and David Cameron have completely different tastes in music and clothing, differences that one might describe as diverse, were one not enslaved to the notion that diversity means difference only along multicult-sanctioned lines.

According to the UN site:
The Day provides us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to “live together” better

I'm sure that will be a comfort to those living in Pretoria, surrounded by some cultural diversity whose values they understand very well indeed. Fat lot of good it does when one side's values include removing the cultural diversity of the other by obliterating them from the face of the planet.

Events such as the International Festival of Cultural Diversity will do doubt serve as a meet-the-new-neighbours exercise for Europeans who have been dying to know what the Faroukmijabs next door eat for breakfast but have been too terrified to ask. In fact, wouldn't the Cultural Diversity Day's organisers offer more benefit to humanity if they directed their worthy efforts towards those 'culturally diverse' elements now living in our previously non-diverse cities?

Perhaps a Day of Integration where newcomers could be sat down and have Western ideas explained to them, such as Freedom of Speech and the rights of women? I will gladly learn about Turkmenistan cuisine when I go to Turkmenistan, but one would have thought our Turkmenistaneranian cousins would benefit more from a course in liberal democracy or even Western hygiene.

Ireland has "Africa Day", in which African traders line up to sell us stuff made in China, and Irish girls thrash drums relentlessly in imitation of a very unicultural idea of "African culture". In fact I think there's hardly anything less appreciative of "diversity"TM than the idea that Africa is a single geopolitical entity.

Rather, my "Day of Integration" will teach people how to live constructively in a Western Society, and will include seminars on how to chat up girls, without setting fire to them, how to behave in polite society, and how to enjoy hilarious, satirical cartoons without looking for an embassy to bomb. Simple lessons on "no means no" for first dates, and how to let a woman have an opinion without responding with a punch to the face.

'How to practice your religion privately while respecting the beliefs of others' might be a worthwhile seminar too, as well as 'being a loser doesn't mean everyone else is racist so stop complaining and get a job'. Some basic lessons on our legal systems, too, would be a prudent use of taxpayers' money.

Think how much better we would all get along!

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Anonymous said...

What is happening in South Africa, i.e.. the black on white onslaught is merely a symptom. The disease is another force entirely. A force hell bend on the destruction of the white race in its totality. The disease merely makes use of the natural hatred the blacks have to accomplish its goal. Only once it is realised that the blacks are pawns can the true culprits be identified.

One need not look far to find the ones responsible as they normally are the leaders in spreading ideologies such as multiculturalism and diversity.

Some whites are aware of the black on white onslaught. Others are not, or pretend not to notice. The whites that are aware view the other whites as.......faulty?

Some whites whom are aware of the black on white onslaught still refuse to accept that the true culprits behind white onslaught are not the blacks themselves, whom are mere pawns.

The whites that are aware of the true enemy also view these whites that refuse to identify their true foe as......faulty somehow.

These whites that refuse to become aware and face reality are the reason why the white race is in the state it is in.

Both the whites that refuse to face the realities of the race war and the whites that refuse to face the fact of whom are ultimately responsible for this race war, are to blame.

Most whites on this blog see the "noble savages" for what tey really are......savages.

BUT most of them refuse to accept whom their true foe is and this in turn makes them brainwashed "liberals"

Ron. said...

Looks like someone is fairly awake concerning this topic but I would add that the rest of humanity is also being taken down as well but it helps the elites when they can play off different ethnic groups against each other because it does two "important" - from their warped perspective - IE: it causes the genocides they are looking for & it causes the people to be too distracted fighting amongst themselves to notice the puppets masters who have pitted everyone against each other. I know this will sound like a cliché but the world does not have to be like this but the first step involves removing the power of the elites & taking back our power.

Ron. said...

The White people are targeted in a much more psychological manner in much of the West while in Southern African White people are also often targeted in a physical manner. For some bizarre reason the ruling elites are hell bent on "shutting down the human experiment" but are of course trying to make sure that they will survive. This is why they often outrageously advocate [ as noted within their various documents ] the culling of upwards of 90 % of the human population.

Ron. said...

Just go read the book Ecoscience by Paul Ehrlich & John Holdren to view the mentality behind the madness. Population reduction [ including inducing mass genocides ] is brazenly dressed up as something noble in order to "save" the planet.