Saturday, May 01, 2010

CoSAS: Close "Racist" Afrikaans Schools

So, Blacks are the "indigenous people of this country", hey? That's news to me.

from Ozzie Saffa:

Cosas Gauteng wants Afrikaans schools shut

These clowns are demanding that Afrikaans schools be closed down because they are "racist and non-indigenous". Hey, Cosas - when your black youth can match the academic achievement of the hard-working white, Afrikaaner youth then you can come and make demands. Your people are an embarrassment to Africa - even though you've been given every leg-up you still want what the whites have - because, despite all the odds and obstacles you put in their way, they still continue to achieve. Why don't you stick to doing what you're good at - burning down schools and libraries and protesting? I can guarantee you, that if the white Afrikaans kids didn't have classrooms and had to learn under trees, they'd still kick your butt!

The Congress of SA Students (Cosas) on Friday called for the closure of Afrikaans medium schools.

Cosas condemns any racial tendencies that seeks to close doors of learning for the black African students, who are indigenous people of this country and Africa at large by having foreign, unoriginal Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in some racist schools, more especially in the West Rand region under racist Afrikaners management," a statement from Gauteng provincial secretary Oagile Louw said.

"We therefore call... for the immediate closure of such schools."

The call was reminiscent of events that led up to the June 16 1976 clashes between pupils and police in Soweto. These, and the subsequent shootings of a number of schoolchildren, came during a march in protest against Afrikaans being used as a language of instruction at schools.

Quality education

Cosas also threatened to drive "disruptive" SA Democratic Teachers' Union (Sadtu) members off school premises saying they are not committed to offering quality education.

Cosas urged Sadtu leadership to "stop forming part of the furniture in their fancy offices" and to call their members to order.

Cosas sent good wishes to students preparing for the mid-year exams, saying they must stay away from fast food to maintain a healthy state of mind, use study groups and - even during the Soccer World Cup - must gather together in the spirit of the Cosas motto: "Each one Teach one."

Cosas also sent a message of support to ANC Youth League president Julius Malema, during his "difficult and trying times".

Malema's diary on Monday included a reported disciplinary hearing and an Equality Court complaint related to some of his public comments.


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Anonymous said...

"called for the closure of Afrikaans medium schools"

Will never happen as the Coloureds will not tolerate the changing of schools from Afrikaans to English.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of this bullshit. So should we not have any Christian schools either because some parents raise their children as atheists?

I'm not even Afrikaans. Wish I was, school would have been better!

Anonymous said...

"Each one Teach one." = 'The blind leading the blind.'

Anonymous said...

We can thank the you-know-who controlled Western Press for trying to convince the world that "Negro" and "African" are synonymous!
Any honest Anthropologist knows full well that ALL Celts migrated FROM Africa during the last four thousand years, but have been LIMITED to Europe as a home (suddenly) in the last 300 years, by thosewhose power has been growing in the West during that time...
and you still get white fools in SA who refer to the Bantu as "African"! Talk about being led by the nose!

Common Sense

Anonymous said...

What patent bunk. English is non-indigenous but all the velcro's speak it.

They have moved into a phase of unreason. Dangerous, like a witch hunt.

Macaw said...

And so the taunting from the kaffirs continues...

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


In the case of COSAS, you are probably correct, each one teach one is the blind leading the blind.

Interestingly enough that is also the maxim for Delancey Street Foundation, which is the worlds most successful rehabiliation program; and the entire program is run by rehabilitated cons.

In their process of each one, teach one, they have rehabilitated over 14,000 former gang members, drug addicts, and basicly the lowest of low lifes, to law abiding tax paying citizens, and none of this has cost the taxpayer one cent!

Serious! And they don't use softy feely liberal rehab practices; they are tough as nails! Many who apply are told -- prison is much easier than Delancey Street, cause delancey street is the toughest joint in the world for a criminal!

So I guess it depends what the 'each one' is teaching.. ;-)

Skingen said...

These schools are not racist, blacks may attend them.

Blacks just have to attend these hard working schools, but they hate Afrikaners and Afrikaans and prefer the non-indigenous English schools.

Anonymous said...

I was in Germany recently and passed a billboard showing a young black girl who appeared to be about to burst into tears. With the look of a dog that has just lost it´s bone, she had her hands extended out in front of her. The caption under the pic was, "Angelina wants to go to school. Please help her accomplish her dream".
I nearly pissed in my pants. (from laughter, that is)
I wish the white liberal idiots, who fall for this sort of crap, could have seen the burned out schools in SA that the white man built for these useless eaters. I wish they could have heard the cry, "liberation before education", and all the other kaffir nonsense that went on when these baboons were offered that which they claim to now crave so much.
My thoughts when I first saw the billboard?
One kaffir one bullet. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

WTF ?!?

If you speak AFRIKAANS, you go to an Afrikaans School. If you speak ENGLISH you go to an English School. If you speak VELCROID you go to a Velcroid school.

Oh, I forget... Afrikaans is the "language of oppression" so it must be wiped off the map; every last vestige of it. Let us just forget that those same Afrikaans schools CONSISTENTLY produce the TOP achievers in South Africa, the TOP sportsmen and women, the TOP... well, you get the picture.

That is the issue here. NOT RACISM. Not anything but the continuation of the "struggle". It is about time these blacks that just tear down start to "achieve" something instead of just "struggling" all the time. The light of Afrikaans schools achievements in the face of OVERWHELMING odds is just too much for the NON-achieving strugglers to bear so they must be torn down.


But we know what your malfunction is COSAS. You're black and still continuing the "liberation before education struggle" because you actually CANNOT achieve anything at all. All you can do is "STRUGGLE". And the less educated you are the more you will "struggle". Your attitude will keep you and you beloved indigenous "lennahs" on the blister end of a shovel forever.