Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boerizza TV Ad Removed

I hated this ad when I saw it on TV, it was hard to watch. I remember thinking there'd be complaints over it, and complaints there were. Or maybe I just didn't get the joke....

Johannesburg - Romans Pizza has withdrawn a TV ad for its boerewors pizza, called a Boeriezza, after a man complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the ad was "an attack on white Afrikaans women".

He also complained that it showed Afrikaners as "backward" and "obsessed with sex".

In the ad, a buxom blonde woman with two pigtails, bright pink lipstick and a shocking pink top with the words "Wors is lekker" printed on it, walked into a Romans pizza shop.

The man behind the counter asked her if she wanted to buy a "Boeriezza".

She then asked: "What's a Boeriezza? I rather want a pizza."

'I love wors'

When the man explained that it was a pizza with sausage, she said: "I love wors. Lekker."

After getting her pizza, she walked into the shop's glass door. Afterwards, the ad showed her face pressed up against the glass.

Romans's lawyers, Pretoria legal firm Klagsbrun De Vries and Van Deventer, earlier said in their client's defence that the client had not intended to offend Afrikaners.

They also said that although there was a difference of opinion on the matter, Romans Pizza was sensitive about any complaints from customers and had no intention of humiliating any community or the public in general.

The lawyers said on behalf of their client that Romans Pizza would remove the ad from the air.

The ASA directorate this week said it accepted this undertaking "on the condition that the ad was removed and not used again".

One of the lawyers from Klagsbrun De Vries and Van Deventer, Morné Gouws, said on Wednesday that the ad had not been on TV since the end of April.

- Beeld

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Anonymous said...

Oh come now. Leon Schuster used to take the piss out of everyone. Nobody complained then so why now?

Anonymous said...

Boycott Romans Pizzas. Fuck them. They have no problem taking money from Afrikaners or using Afrikaner food such as Boerewors to make money, but then wants to portray them like this??? Fuck them I say. They can shove their pizzas up their arses.