Friday, May 14, 2010

ANC withdraws Malema charges

YouAreOK From News24: Pretoria - The ANC's decision to drop three of the four disciplinary charges against youth leader Julius Malema has been sharply criticised by opposition parties and other bodies.

While most were pleased that Malema had been found guilty over a public attack on President Jacob Zuma, all decried the dropping of three other charges against him.

The outcome was "deplorable" and "sacrificed" democratic principles, said the critics.

"The ANC has made it clear that democratic principles such as freedom of expression, the rule of law and democracy count for nothing when compared to deference and obsequiousness, on which the ruling party clearly places a far greater emphasis," the Democratic Alliance's Khume Ramulifho said in a statement.

Malema was hauled before the ANC disciplinary hearing last week for publicly supporting Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF party, calling a BBC journalist a "bastard" and a "bloody agent", and singing "shoot the boer" after it was banned by a high court.

The altar of egotism

These charges were withdrawn during Tuesday's proceedings after a plea bargain was reached with Malema's representative, Mathews Phosa. Malema was, however, found guilty on the charge relating to his public attack on Zuma. He had pleaded guilty to all four charges.

He attacked Zuma for rebuking him in public and compared him to his predecessor, Thabo Mbeki while addressing the media on April 11. Ramulifho said this "superficial remark went straight to the president's ego" and "sacrificed democratic principle on the altar of egotism".

AfriForum leader Ernst Roets said the withdrawal of the charge regarding singing dubula ibhunu (shoot the boer) was cause for concern.

"It's an indication of the ANC's nonchalant attitude towards the independence of the judiciary and their support for the song."

The Young Independent Democrats cried foul over the youth league leader's "real crimes" going unpunished. It called the ANC's disciplinary process a dishonest attempt to portray itself as an ethical party.

"The ANC has shown that it does not care about Malema's real crimes and that insulting Jacob Zuma is far worse than stealing millions of rands from poor South Africans through tax evasion," its leader Xanthea Limberg said.

Media censorship

Meanwhile the SA National Editors' Forum (Sanef) said dropping the charge of making abusive and defamatory statements to a journalist condoned Malema's actions.

"Sanef believes that Malema's attack on the BBC journalist and expulsion from the (news) conference was an attack on media freedom and amounts to censorship and unacceptable conduct towards the media.

"For the disciplinary committee to fail to make the slightest critical comment about Malema's treatment of the journalist indicates that the ANC not only condones, but associates itself with Malema's behaviour," the forum said in a statement.

The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) said a further charge of "falsifying" the history of the 1960 Sharpeville/Langa day massacre should have been added.

"The events were led by the PAC and the youth leader claims that they were hijacked by our movement," the party said.

The IFP-aligned SA Democratic Student Movement said it was wrong to think that sanity would prevail in the ANC.

"The sentence is very disappointing and as students we are concerned because time and time again Malema uses university platforms to relieve himself of his verbal diarrhoea," spokesperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa said.

Malema has been ordered to attend anger-management classes, make a public apology to the ANC president, the ANC and the public in general and pay a fine of R10 000 to a youth development project.

He was also ordered to attend the party's political school for 20 days.

Civil rights organisation AfriForum said the outcome of Malema's disciplinary hearing confirmed the need for an equality court case against him.


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laager said...

Did anyone actually expect a different result?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Now I see that everyone's off to do military training, supposedly under the guise of "preparing the youth for the future".

Yes, we know all too well what kind of future that will amount to.

Trey Cruz said...

prepare yourselves;
Uhuru cometh.

Exzanian said...

The ANC is so divided it has no idea whether it is Arthur or Martha. Expect lots more unrest nearing 2012...It's a free for all pork fest, and whitey is hosting the games on a permanent basis.

Islandshark said...

@ laager: I didn't - I actually said they would drop the charges a couple of weeks ago.

@ Trey: A friend of mine has been saying the same thing.

@ Exzanian: "Free for all pork fest" - I like that description.

Anonymous said...

Hey people, now this is a guy close to my hart. We need thousands more white men like this.

Man kills would-be attacker
2010-05-14 22:08
Print this article
Johannesburg - A would-be robber was shot dead and one of his alleged accomplices wounded in Benoni on Friday morning, Johannesburg police said.

They allegedly followed an elderly couple that had exchanged money at a local mall to their Brentwood Park home, and tried to rob them, but were shot by the couple's son, police spokesperson Warrant Officer Jannie Van Aswegen said.

"The couple had just exchanged R200 notes for R100 notes at a local Standard Bank. When they got home, they parked their car, but when they went to close the gate, they saw a white Audi A4 entering their property.

"Three men armed with pistols then got out of the car and walked towards them."

Son was watching robbers

Unbeknown to the three, the couple's son was watching from inside the house.

"When he saw what was about to happen, he started shooting at the three men."

They ran back into their car, but their driver was shot dead.

"They then pushed him to the passenger side and one of them took over... he was also shot but managed to drive off."

Drove to mall

With their alleged accomplice dead, the two men made their way to the Lakeside Mall and stopped in the underground parking area. As they got out, one of them fell to the ground, while the other tried to run.

"A security guard at the centre saw a bloodied man running away from the vehicle with bullet holes and called the police."

The Saps flying squad called to the scene managed to arrest the man trying to run away. He was expected to appear in the Benoni Magistrate's Court on Monday.

His alleged accomplice, found lying near the car, was under police guard in hospital.

"Inside the car full of bullet holes, they found one dead person and a pistol."

Trey Cruz said...

@Exanian: Feigned confusion is a classic defense [see Sun Tsu] Never underestimate your opponent.

Anonymous said...

The definition of insanity is doing the same experiment over and over and expecting a different result every time.

FACT: Malema in all his actions is doing exactly what the ANC require of him. Their game is one of deceit. The official stance of the ANC is that they are pro Capitalist, the unofficial and truthful stance is one of Marxism and how best to implement their Freedom charter through the final stages of a Marxist revolution.

Look at the proof.

Malema gets rapped over the fingers, but only for disrespecting the president. This means that they are in agreement with the rest of his actions.

Cosatu says that the ANCYL must become more militant.


Is it perhaps because the ANCYL is needed to instigate a revolution?????????????

Suddenly Malema and other ANCYL leaders need to undergo military training.


Is it because the top brass feels that he isn't good enough when it comes to motivating his supporters????

The top brass is expecting a revolution leading to the fulfilment of the freedom charter and Malema is failing to deliver.

Thus training is required. Perhaps they are suspecting that there is something amiss with his leadership capabilities,because the revolution that they requested isn't happening.

In the old days they used fear death through necklacing, to motivate their followers. Without this method they seem to be struggling to motivate their followers. Recently they even tried to use the Boers as a way in which to mobilize the (militant??) young boons.

BUT NO SHOW?????????


Some top brass thinks that the youth is obviously not militant enough.
Other top brass thinks that perhaps the fault lies with the ANCLY leadership, thus training for them.


What a fawking fruity circus.

Out of desperation the ANC top brass have even tried to get the Boers to provide the spark to activate their Marxist revolution and.....

wait for it (hahahahaha)

No fawking show.

Their circus will be stopped, because their own tent is going to fall down on them.

Or in terms relating to my post ie. mobilization, it is perhaps better to use the old saying:
"The wheels are coming off"


p.s. The critical requirement for military strategy is intelligence.
In SA this is missing, hence the amusing circus where the animals try to be equal to the trainers.

Bananas on me!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a tacit declaration of war.

The fat little fucker runs around spreading race hate and encouraging the unwashed to go out and "KILL THE BOER" and he only gets disciplined for "disrespecting the president".

Fuck the fat little fucker, fuck his party, and fuck that useless philandering dumb poligamist fuckwad reprobate criminal scumbag that calls itself a president.

Short of actually saying "We are going to fuck you up", I cannot see how a government can make a clearer declaration of war against its own people.

I have just stopped paying income tax.
I have just stopped paying my rates.

Fuck this useless ANC regime and every useless black bastard that sucks the tits of its largess paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of the very whites they are trying to decimate.


Anonymous said...

@ African4
Lol the shit hitting the fan hasnt ever been so funny!

@ Anon 15 May 2010 22:57
I feel your anger dude, I couldnt have fucking said it better my self.

Fucking fucks!

Anonymous said...

Is this blog now dead or what? You guys dont update any longer.

Viking said...

@ Jim

far from dead!
just slow news and slow contributors ....