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14 Somali Al-Shabaab members in SA

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Militant Somali jihadists granted asylum in South Africa

2010-05-23 JOHANNESBURG, South Africa. Among the hundreds of Somalians streaming into South Africa every month, at least 14 members of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group, including a chemistry-scientist and several teachers, have been given refugee status by the home-affairs department, according to an investigation by Afrikaans Sunday paper “Rapport” journalist Jacques Pauw.

alshabaab  March 2010 jpg annalyttiger files wordpress com He writes: “The Department of Home Affairs who questioned Somalians before granting them refugee-permits, informed the National Intelligence Agency of the presence of various supporters of the Somalian militant group Al-Shabaab, and that they were granted refugee status in South Africa.

Picture left: March 2010 lineup of Al-Shabaab leadership source

Paul quotes a ‘highly-placed source’ at home affairs as sayng that the NIA had ‘intercepted’ 14 reported members of the Al-Shabaab group at the Lebombo border post between South Africa and Mozambique in April. Amongst the 14 Al-Shabaab members was a chemistry-scientist and several teachers. Pauw’s source said the entire group was questioned and held in detention at the Komatipoort police station for several weeks – but that since then, ‘nobody knows what has happened to them.”

The NIA refuses to comment. Last September the NIA announced an investigation into the activities of Al-
Shabaab in South Africa after the sudden, temporary closure of the United States embassy in
Pretoria. This followed after ‘a call was monitored’ between members of Al-Shabaab in Cape Town and in Somalia – and which call had dealt with ways in which US interests could be attacked in South Africa. Apparently the attack was being planned in revenge of the death of al-Shabaab leader Adan Hashi Ayro - the group's military leader who was killed in a US missile attack on May 1 2009.

Pauw was informed by Mr Osman Ali - spokesman for the Somalian Council in South Africa -- that he ‘was not aware of the presence of Al-Shabaab in South Africa’. He did however admit that ‘a few fundamentalists may have entered the country. Ali said “Somalians would never jeopardise their refugee-status by getting involved in terrorist activities.”

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Exzanian said...

There is no threat whatsoever of a terror attack during the SWC....I wonder what else the South African "Intelligence" Agency has overlooked?