Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Can't Make This Sh*t Up

Today in the Cape Times:

One of the accused in the assault and battery of baby Marzaan Kruger and her minder asked to be released without bail.

His reason?

He has children to look after!

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Lime Lite said...

The outrage! They must release him immediately!

Para Bellum said...

It would be interesting for some-one to do a small study on this...

Methinks the Marxist Cabal of Southern African leaders are supply the storm troopers of the third phase of the revolution for the ANC so they can say: "Look, they are all foreigners, it is not us... We would never do such a thing".

Mozambique = City Murders and Attacks
Zimbabwe = Cash in Transit Financiers
Namibia = General Purpose Rent a Thug
S Africa = Xenaphobia and Mass Action
Selections = Farm Murders and Attacks
Swaziland = Toe the Line or Kak
Lesotho = Toe the Line or Kak

Maybe my imagination is working overtime, but a hell of a lot of these thugs seem to be foreign nationals.

Anonymous said...

White Genocide in South Africa

Shan said...

@Para Bellum

Interesting point you've made there, I also wonder.

It would be interesting to see the outcome of such a study.

Anonymous said...

See this one:

Para Bellum said...

@ Jim Beam...

Thanks mate. Nothing we're unaware of. I believe has just upgraded SA from 5 to 6 with genocide imminent. I hope all you crackers are ready to fight. I have NOT verified this statement yet.

As one of our old heroes said, when asked to lay down his weapons: "Persians! Come and take them!"

Para Bellum said...

Sorry - Just checked and we're still sitting at five. As bad as that is be assured: It can get a lot worse.

I've been in the townships and it can go from peaceful to a complete charlie-fox in minutes.

The situation is looking decidedly FUBAR.

Trey Cruz said...

What a bunch of complete racist bastids youse guys are.........
His children are important.
They're black.

Snowy Smith said...

International criminal court the Hague.
Report every murder of a white by blacks since 1994
Criminal charges of genocide
The office of the prosecutor,
international criminal court,
P. O. Box 19519,
2500 CM The Hague,
The Netherlands.

Genocide of white’s South Africa
Black racist hate crimes against whites.
Please report all white genocide