Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Has Become of the ANC?

Max du Preez

The ANC has become an insult to all those who carry its membership cards and those who voted for it last April - and to the many who died for it over the years.

Yes, sir, I mean you too, you who loves sending angry messages, often with accusations of racism, to the comments section whenever anyone criticises the government or those in Luthuli House.

What has become of the self-respect of this once proud organisation that was formed 98 years ago and brought us giants such as Sol Plaatje, Albert Luthuli, OR Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Chris Hani and Nelson Mandela?

If I were a member of the ANC, I would stand up and demand that my leadership immediately deal with Youth League president Julius Malema with his gangsta lifestyle, with his blatant lies and with his insults to the media and all others who don't like him.

Come on, the entire nation knows that you cannot buy a R814 000 AMG Merc, a R250 000 Breitling watch, two houses worth more than R5m, a dressing room full of Fabiani and other designer clothes, a Louis Vuitton handbag worth R4 800 (yes, Juju wears handbag) and who knows what else on a salary of at most R40 000 (he said the other day his salary, rumoured to have been R20 000, had at least been doubled recently).

His monthly payment on his bonds of R2.35m on the two houses (it is there for anyone to see in the Deeds Office) alone cost him R23 462 a month.

Life is expensive

I have a very good idea about how expensive life is if your name (or your benefactor) is not Tokyo Sexwale or Nicky Oppenheimer.

I live in a modest home in a working class Cape Town neighbourhood, I drive a four-year-old Peugeot station wagon, I buy my clothes from Woolworths and Cape Union Mart, I have a six-year-old Swatch watch I bought on a sale and I have very little spare cash at the end of every month. (I don't even have a handbag.)

Yet I am double Juju's age, I have two university degrees (plus an honorary one), I have been a newspaper editor, a television executive and a university lecturer and I have published eight very successful books.

Malema has a bad matric and absolutely no training for anything apart from political rabble-rousing.

(Oh, ok, I only have degrees in law and political science, but Juju has an honorary doctorate in Tenderpreneurship.)

Come on, we all know Malema was lying when he said he didn't have anything to do with any companies in business with local and provincial government.

Not only is his name still registered on those companies' books, he even declared (repeatedly) that he had resigned as director of SGL Engineering Projects when he was elected to his Youth League position - but SGL only came into existence after that date!

Stealing from the poor?

Malema doesn't even respect the public enough to manufacture credible lies.

He says he's never seen a million rand, but he put down more than R3m IN CASH for the two houses he bought.

We read in City Press on Sunday that the Malema companies with state tenders are notorious for their shoddy work and bad treatment of workers. Some of the township bridges they got millions to build have collapsed within months after completion.

Is that not stealing from the poor? Sies!

Malema insulted every promising young black South African when he rejected questions about his lavish lifestyle with the accusation that his critics "just didn't want to see a black diamond shine".

I know quite a few "black diamonds" in business, academics and the media world. They are shining, and would shine even if they lived in New York or London, because of their own intelligence and hard work, not because they can get their hands on public money.

Pack of lies

So, my dear reader-with-the-ANC-membership-card, which part of this disgraceful pack of lies did you not get?

Or has the ANC stooped so low that you're happy with Jacob Zuma's response that Malema isn't a civil servant, so he can do what he wants?

He wasn't enough of a private citizen when the state decided to award him official police protection and a whole set of bodyguards, costing the taxpayer hundreds of thousands.

Remember what he said at his press conference last week? That he had complete access to the president and was close to every minister and premier?

Perhaps we should start investigating the role of some of these "friends" of Malema to see where they fit in.

Coming to think of it, perhaps Malema is simply a decoy, diverting the attention of the media and the public away from the real gangster capitalists in government and the ANC.

Everyone who reads some of the comments on South African websites would know how many despicable white racists there still are in our country.

Malema is reinforcing every caricature bigots have in their narrow minds of how Africans with power behave.

Kick him out of public life

Let's kick him out of public life and forget him as a bad dream we once had.

And let's never allow someone like him in any position of power again.

For the sake of the ANC's good name, yes, but above all for the sake of the pride of the people of South Africa.

The ball is in the court of the ANC's members.

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Anonymous said...

Ja, one might fool yourself into thinking that Max is finally catching a cup of wake the fawk up, but even though that might be the case, it does him very little good, because his head is still firmly about 20cm beneath the African sand.

His problem is that he thinks that Malema is the exception, when in fact Malema is the rule. Malema IS a REPRESENTATIVE of the average young ANC card carrying bafoon.

AIDS has made sure that the older generation is missing.

Malema and those like him are the future. Only once you accept this fact can you begin to mouth your way to the sandy surface of Africa.


Anonymous said...

Must be tough for a liberal to wake up and smell the coffee, or should that be black coffee?

Anonymous said...

Max, Max, Max....dont tell me you actually believed in the rainbow nation, the multiculti kum-byah happy, lets all sing together KAK. Fok, for a white Afrikaaner you sure are naive. Malema is a truer example of the infestation that is the kaffir. Mandela and all the other so called heroes make up a very small minority of "good guys", and the rest, well, Zuma, Malema, Winnie, Mokaba, get the picture yet Max?

Donatello said...

Oh but Max, does this come as a surprise to you? You stood behind the ANC thinking that magical fairies will come along and make the black leadership of South Africa everything a liberal such as yourself believe a black leader should be.

You failed to recognise the familiar pattern that keeps repeating itself throughout the whole of Africa. What made you think it will be different this time around? If you squash Malema the next moron will pop up in his place. Get it? It is a pattern, it is statistically proven that South Africa will be a failure. With all your degrees, how did you not see that? I can tell you why Max, it is because your religion of liberal happy thoughts blinds you too much.

Lime Lite said...

Yeah - old Max makes as if he's finally seen the light. I know better. He's a liberal through and through. It'll just take another black with a promising political career for old Max to switch his allegiance agian. Pull the other one Max. You're getting what you deserve, at the expense of the true patriots of SA.

Birdman said...

Du Preez, you are and always will be a wanker. Get over it...

Laager said...

Please explain EXACTLY what you mean by:

"despicable white racists there still are in our country"

At ET's funeral the UK media had a whale of a time describing him as a Radical Right Wing Racist - White Supremacist - Facist - Neo Nazi.

Your pc-left-wing-liberal-mob love to throw these words around. When asked to explain them, they can't.

I invite you to read the AWB website and show us any text that supports these tags.
Do they mean the colours of the AWB?
Well in England Manchester United, Southampton and Sunderland football clubs, and Saracens Rugby Club all play in red, white and black and nobody calls them (or their fans) Neo Nazis

The facts are simple.
ET was a White Separatist and a passionate Boer/Afrikaner Nationalist.

No different at all to the Scottish National Party, and the Welsh Nationalist Party Plaid Cymru. Incidentally, both the Scottish and the Welsh occupy their own defineable territory and have their own governments. So why can't the Boere have the same?

So tell us Max - what exactly is a:
"despicable white racist still in our country"

Ex SADF said...

I enjoyed all your posts. I could not have added more to it. Now I know why I love this website.

Anonymous said...

Lekker 'Laager', Lekker! Couldn't have said it better myself!

Common Sense

Shan said...

Ja swaer, ol Max du Prick is mos 'n regte poephol.

Barney the Dinosaur said...

I'm so horrified by the discordant comments I'm reading!

Please folks, let's all learn to live together in peace and harmony!!

Yoda said...

Max changed sides now after looking like a fool for supporting the ANC.

I cant get through 2 min of anything he says.

@A4 - I like you point of view!

Scorpion said...

Yes Max, as people with common sense all know....Malema and Zuma and those are NOT the exceptions. They are the rule of what Africans in power are and always will become.

You see all these lies clear as daylight, yet still believe the ANC in their core is noble?

Wake up. These lies ARE THE CORE OF THE ANC!!!

You are an embarrassment to Afrikaners and white people alike, like Malema is an embarrassment to the ANC and all blacks.

His millions can not camouflage the semi-literate, idiotic, immoral fool that he is, just like your degrees, ultimately, does nothing to fix the literate, well spoken asshole that you are.

Anonymous said...

Barney, you are so right. If everyone would only stop and say "HELLO!", crime and corruption would end, everyone would be friends and we could get on with our lives. Damn these people that just don't want to be peaceful. C'mon now folks, you HAVE to try harder - lets all be peaceful!

Barney the Dinosaur said...

@anon 00:35 Thank you for your kind endorsement - I'm glad to see that not everyone on this horrid blog have such negative and disagreeable views.

I also find your own contribution extremely helpful - unless of course you were being sarcastic, in which case, and as much as it pains me to say so, I might be forced to bite you with my implausibly non-pointy teeth.

However, I'm sure that won't be necessary.

Altogether now: "I love you ... you love me" etc. etc.

Exzanian said...

Bwa-ha-ha-ha! I love to see them squirm! Carry on all you grim faced liberals, try to square that circle. Ha-ha I'm lovin' it!

laager said...

Quite right Barney the D and anon @00.35

Back in 1992 70% of the whites said lets all hold hands, sing Khumbaya and peace and prosperity would just descend on the land like mana falling from heaven

The problem is al hell of a lot of other South Africans didn't seem to get the message.

So tell us Max - where to now?

The two biggest examples of failure in recent times of happy-clappy-pc-left-wing-liberal-thinking are Zim and SA.
Yet Max and his mates keep on believing that alles-sal-regkom as long as we get rid of those despicable white racists.
Somehow he seems to have missed the plot.
It is the despicable black racists that are the problem.

I believe Einstein is credited with the statement:
"The first sign of madness is to keep on doing the same thing and expect to achieve a different result."


Post Script to earlier post:

The flag of Egypt is red, white and black
The centrepiece of the Great Seal of the USA is an eagle.

Does this make the populations of these two nations Neo-Nazis?


Krokodil said...

@laager It's the combined elements of the AWB flag and colours, plus Nazi style salutes, that convey the obvious symbolism of neo-Nazism.

I've read the stuff on the AWB website, which is quite religious in nature, but the symbolism is difficult to seperate from the old-style Nazi emblems and tokens. I also consider the overtly Christian messages quite incongruous in such a setting, as the Nazis were neo-pagan and anti-Christian.

Whatever you choose to argue, however, does not alter the fact that everyone from non-SA will see it as neo-Nazi. If they wish to not automatically be labelled as Nazis, Fascists, White Supremacists etc., then the AWB must enact a significant change to their flag and other symbolism.

All said and done, however, surely Afrikaners/Boers can be represented by more credible types than the AWB?

Laager said...

@ krokodil

Points taken
But we must remember that the Boere are an amalgam of Dutch, French and German ancestry.
Therefore it is only natural that they will look to their roots for imagery and icons.
The New Zealanders and Australians do exactly the same with their national flags and institutions.

As you say; Europeans cannot see beyond the imagery. This has unfortunately left the AWB with this negative tag. The BNP in the UK have the same problem as they are saddled with the history of the National Front. They have revised their visual imagery to patriotic red, white and blue but still have a huge PR struggle to convince the public that they have ditched their past.

Living proof that a picture is a million times more powerful than the spoken or written word.

As I have discovered the left wingers are not even prepared to read the right wing manifestos to see what these people actually stand for. That makes them uninformed bigots

Remember the AWB are the extreme right of Afrikaner politics who objected strongly to forthcoming majority rule. That is all, plus they demanded an separate territory for Boere - just like Scotland.

Everything that ET (and incidentally Ian Smith, BJ Vorster and PW Botha also) railed against and predicted has come to pass.

In fairness to them there is an interview with a new AWB spokesman at ET's funeral available on U Tube. Knowing what they stand for, and in view of their belligerent past, I thought that the speaker, presenting their case in a foreign language (English), did a very creditable job.

Creditable types?
I have no idea how much international travel you have done, but believe me, I have seen "AWB types" in the USA, UK and Europe and I believe they also exist in NZ and OZ

It is a pity that the AWB did not align themselves with Andries Treurnicht as he presented a far more urbane face for conservative politics.

Anyway, that is all now history. The current challenge is how, and who is going to put an end to the violence and corrupt politics that is currently destroying SA