Sunday, April 18, 2010

Steve Hofmeyr: 10 out of 10

My Comments follow

Dear Julius,

As of today I withdraw my former World Cup enthusiasm with active endorsements of all warnings to potential visitors until your leadership rebuke you as we see fit. Tomorrow, after you’ve shot the boere you will still be a pitiful black African living in denial of your own impotence parading as a fake achiever without contributing to the world a single original idea.

Yours is mere envy disguised as hatred as nothing you say, wear, drive and steal alas, even your idiocy, is a luxury born of this continent. You must appeal to base sentiment as Africa has yet to yield a single intellectual, a single thought school, a single intellectual thought not inspired by the very West you and Mugabe detest.

You have been a phony from the day you set out to champion a defiance from a period you we not even born. You are still consuming from that productive era living in the lap of luxury thanks to the taxes of the very people you want to shoot, the only tribe to sacrifice a third of its population to breath in the African air.

In history South Africans will choose to forget you when the only thing you should be remembered for is your share in the falling short of a brilliant idea: a working South Africa.

There has been a lot of acrimonious response to Steve Hofmeyr's open letter to Julius Malema above, in the MSM as well as the blogosphere. Try this link for a sample.

It just comes across as openly racist doesn't it?

It's just another tired old white tendency to criticise blacks and is completely counterproductive innit?

Well, that's the point.

Who is being counterproductive in the first instance?

And is the letter really all that racist?

A couple of points really get up my nose and I'd like to clear the air right here. Firstly, is there anyone out there that can explain to me exactly how do you criticise Julius Malema, the ANC and other blacks of his ilk without sounding racist?

I will go further and say criticise "blacks in general" (and may I remind you that the overwhelming majority of black youths support Malema, and the overwhelming majority of blacks voted for the ANC, so I include them in the phrase "blacks in general" as a demographic reference; the source of the tragedy that has befallen ZA since 1994, the unsophisticated electorate)

We may as well just come out and say what the hell we want, because no matter how you soft peddle it, you are going to be branded a racist for criticising someone like Malema, or anyone connected to the ANC, or the retarded sheeple that vote them in on a recurring basis.

So if you want to pin that label on me, go ahead.

Another attitude I have noted that I think needs being halted in it's tracks, is this common public delusion that all that is preventing ZA from blossoming into it's wonderful rainbow glory, is the so called "white supremacists" and racists. It's either the AWB, or the "Oranjans" or the bloggers to blame for all South Africa's woes.

Crazy, but the logic goes like this: If only these nasty "right wingers" (Personally I'm not a right winger, I'm a moderate with a conscience - with eyes - but that's for another post) would stop all this negative nonsense in their communities, the workplace and on their blogs. If only they would stop with their subtle sabotage, setting blacks up for failure in the workplace or broadcasting fear and half baked lies about crime to the world. If only they can change their attitudes and embrace transformation, then ZA would blossom into a paradise on earth, a true Mandelatopia.

What a load of crap!

I could do you a laundry list of the problems in ZA, none of which have been caused in any sense by whites, whether openly or by subterfuge, but I'll only select two:

Crime is endemic in ZA, the stats are there to prove it. On top of that, there is an added dimension of violence and hate killings going on, that are being down played by the MSM and the government for various reasons (the police have a vested interest to downplay crime reporting as it can send the message that crime is easy, profitable and free of prosecution. And the MSM seems to have a tacit agreement with FIFA not to report negatively on crime in view of the soccer world cup due to take place in two months - I could also add that the notorious farm killing phenomenon is not actually so very much against the governments own interests in divesting whites of land ownership and transferring it into black hands) This has nothing to do with whites, except insofar as we are the victims thereof.

BEE - In terms of the opportunities in ZA, blacks have it all going their way. It's a one way street in ZA due to BEE. Promotions, contracts, increases, opportunities, tenders, you name it, are all in favour of the BEE anointed ones. It is impossible for any white person to stand in the way of this trend.

Apartheid is over. We all realise that. It is illegal to call someone a kaffir to their face. You will be arrested, we know this. We stay away from hate speech, there is a law against that too. Hate speech blogs have a limited life and definitely are counter-productive.

Don't accuse me of being a "stumbling block" to SA's success just because I have a white skin and I speak my mind. My attitude has got absolutely nothing to do with the success or failure of ZA.

More to the point, the "black tendency" I note of people like Malema, who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, for hate mongering and sowing chaos, is really at the heart - the blooming red, pulsating tumour - of the cancer that is eating away at South Africa.

Not whites. Not me.

Enough cringing and tip-toeing around, whilst demographically favoured melanin hued arseholes like Malema and his President Zuma strut their arrogance. Fuck them.

Steve, you said it as it is. Good on yer mate!

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Anonymous said...

This will improve his popularity. Hell, I may even buy one of his albums after this.