Monday, April 26, 2010

South African Politicians: Nothing Short of Impressive

Please tell me this isn't for real?

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FishEagle said...

Hahaha. That could have been my boss.

Shan said...


I nearly fell of my chair laughing.

Trey Cruz said...

Ohhhh Yeah!
It's for real.
You gave your nation to these knuckle dragging, hyper phallic, 60 IQ tree dwellers and now you have to be ruled by them.
In America we have the same issues coming up with one difference: We have not and WILL not be disarmed and when the shit hits the proverbial fan they will learn the difference between a white man with a gun and a black man with a gun........the white man knows what the sights are for.

There will be blood.

Their blood.

Lime Lite said...

OMG! Classic.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is this very talented man. He could be president! He just needs a bit of practice, he already knows all the right words, he just needs to get them in the right order!
What a great talent!

Anonymous said...

He's either drunk, on drugs or retarded. Probably all three.

Hardegat said...

""Trey Cruz said...
Ohhhh Yeah!
It's for real.
You gave your nation to these knuckle dragging, hyper phallic, 60 IQ tree dwellers and now you have to be ruled by them."".......

Absolutley correct!!!
They can bring it on & they will get it!!

Laager said...

@ Trey Cruz

Actually it was the liberal left who through sport and cultural boycotts, economic sanctions and disinvestment brought the white man to the negotiating table so that the black man would not suffer.

It was the liberals that said that the black man must be given back the country that was taken away from him.

Now that there are no more countries in Africa left to destroy we anticipate that the liberals will move on to New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA and repeat the process with the first nations of these countries.

Somehow I don't think it will happen.
It has been 16 years since SoutH Africa was handed over and so far absolutely nothing has been forthcoming from the liberals.

Would you care to offer a suggestion as to why this is so?

Trey Cruz said...

My sincere apologies to "Fish Eagle" and "Laager"....
But there is one thing I dislike more than rudeness, and that is dishonesty.
I truly do not know what to make of contemporary South African whites; particularly when I consider MEN like Siener Ven Rensberg and the Boer commandos that damn near stood the British Empire on its ear. {The day someone finally nukes the City of London I shall celebrate and hold as an holy day in perpetuity}
Oh well; 'tis a riddle indeed.
Ultimately, though,
people do get the leadership they deserve.

Viking said...

Trey, settle down.

Trey Cruz said...

My dear Laager,
I do not mean to be rude, but I must ask: are you an idiot?
You willingly bent over and spread your cheeks for these apes and now you whine that your asshole hurts?
Anyone with one eye to look out of and even marginal intelligence knows [and knew] that all "liberals" are essentially lying Stalinists who will tell you anything to get you to hand them your pistol.
Their track record was two hundred years and at least twenty five countries long when your turn came..............

But still you act surprised???
You and the other white South Africans played the fool for these red flag waving simians and now you are indeed well and truly enslaved.
You have television, porn, beer, easy prostitution and your idiotic soccer teams......
Enjoy them.....
Like the pathetic "Fish Eagle" above declaiming "Hahaha. That could have been my boss."
How degenerate, desperate, hopeless, without pride, does a white man have to be to acknowledge an idiotic babbling monkey as his superior.......his "boss".
Your options are indeed limited.
1. You can try to find what is left of your pride and arm and organize yourselves against the planned genocide.
2. You can tuck your tail between your legs and run to another country [which probably does not need pathetic slave losers like you}
3. You can enjoy your beer and soccer and wait for the genocide like the good slave you are.
Slaves are also usally moral cowards: I have $20.00 American that says you don't have the courage to post this.

Trey Cruz said...

You are a riddle to me Viking.
Your future: a chain around your neck, as a refugee, or a panga up your butt..................

Anonymous said...

@Trey : I am curious as to what you did when the South African government was under sanctions by the American government? Were you also out shouting bend over? What now, have you changed your tune from bend over to fight back - are you a recovering liberal?

Trey Cruz said...

To the modrator:
I am pleasantly surprised.
I owe you $20.00.
I just need an address to send it to.
How can we arrange this?

Para Bellum said...

W T F ? ? ?

Did he actually say anything?

@ Trey...

You will also not stand when they send the trained killers of the Armed Forces against you. You will fold and let them hand your nation over, just as they are already doing. It is already going to take the USA 20 years to recover from Obama, and "he aint done yet".

As for Laager and the rest of the good old boys... Be sure we have a plan and it will be implemented. Unfortunately you need a certain critical mass before the "sheep" will see your point of view. The antics of Foolius et al is driving white opinion in that direction.

When the time comes, the descendants of those Boers will give the world another lesson in high mobility guerilla warfare, and it will be TOTAL war. Not some limp-dick "limited warfare" concept.

Only the TOTAL destruction of your enemy can lead to lasting peace. That is why your "limited war" in Afghanistan and Iraq and Vietnam and Korea and... will get you no-where except breed more hate for the USA.

Sometimes, in order to win friends and influence people, you need to raze the village to the ground, kill everything that moves and rape the chickens and the goats.

The time is coming soon when the populist promises of the ANC will lead to absolute Anarchy in SA. Watch what happens then... It will be a lesson you can apply in the USA to regain your Constitutional Republic.

FishEagle said...

@ Trey Cruz. Have you considered how pathetic you are? You have everything going for you in America, when compared to SA, and you still LOST YOUR SENSE OF HUMOUR. Me thinks someone is trying to hide the worries on his mind.


Trey Cruz said...

To Parabellum: Brave talk. I just hope your abilities and accomplishments match your intentions.

To Jim Beam: No, Jim, I was arming, training, networking and studying, knowing some dark days would come. I never have been a "liberal" although I come from a family of them. {my sister is a "Trotskyite"}. It wasn't the sanctions that killed SA, your own leadership played pawn to the Jew and sold you down the river.

Fish Eagle: Are you on prozak? Zoloft?? Are you too immature to understand that some things are not laughing matters?
Or are you just happy in your slavery?
I have none.
Things will be what they will be and I will do what I feel I must.

Good News....We are making headway against the illegal Mexican plague. Arizona, Texas, California....If nothing else it will force the internationalist Jew tool politicians to do something they hate: take a stand....on either side of the line.
We shall take it from there.

Trey Cruz said...

Oh, and Parabellum; I suspect you and I have much in common.
It is unfortunate a man such as yourself was not in charge before the handover.
I think you would have had the courage to use the nuke, which is what was needed.
God speed my friend, and if you ever have a chance to shove a panga up Ronnie Kasril's butt make sure it is first lubed with Pig fat.

Exzanian said...

Fee Fi Fo Fum
I smell the blood of a jingo son,
White sheet klan, hatred fan,
He'll kill 'em all dead, except himself if he can...

FishEagle said...

@ Trey. I never tried Prozak, Zoloft or any of those things. But if they make you feel as good as having a laugh at your your expense then they must be pretty good.

Viking said...

whatever about Trey's sense of humour, it's his anal fixation that is beginning to offend my sensibilities :)

FishEagle said...

Viking, oh please. Don't let the fun end now. :)

Anonymous said...


"It wasn't the sanctions that killed SA, your own leadership played pawn to the Jew and sold you down the river"

-- Finally an American with a functional brain. Are there any more of you?

Krokodil said...

It wasn't just the sanctions and other boycotts that decided the SA government to negotiate with the ANC.

Specifically, the collapse of Commie rule in Eastern Europe - with it's discrediting of Communism/Socialism as reasonable governmental and economic models, was the main catalyst for political change within SA (though certainly not the only one).

@ Exzanian, did you make up that little ditty? Regardless, it's possibly quite apt.

@ Trey Cruz, we White saffers are FAR more into rugby (like American football but without the pansy protection) than soccer - do some more research. BTW, why is it that the whites in the USA make up less than 30% of the NFL when they are at least 60% of the population? White SA is less than 10% of the pop. here, but we dominate rugby in SA. Could it be that White USA is a bit feeble and unmanly?

Alright, such simplistic comments and comparisons are often a bit ridiculous - but if someone wants to throw around insults then it's easy to resort to...

Point of note - in BOTH the old Confederacy and Boer Republics, the biggest windbags were the bring-it-on brigade and, no surprise, were the quickest to lose heart when the shooting started. I ALWAYS take with a big pinch of salt the gung-ho talk and cyber warriors.

Para Bellum said...

@ Trey... I hope so...

Unfortunately the old joke is still true: Put two Boers/Afrikaners in a room and you get three political parties, four religious denominations and five fist fights. Although we have had to look past those petty differences in the past when we were required to. I hope we will do it again.

@ Krokodil... I hope the cyber warriors will make the transition. We're going to need all the help we can get. Although you're right. In my experience it is the quiet unassuming okes who get on with it when the shit hits the fan.

There are also many organisations out there that are starting to work together with a view to a "homeland". Due to our proclivity for traitors, I would say things are being kept very HUSH until the right moment. I think the world will be very suprised at what we can do then.

Etherman said...

It's very easy to make grandiose statments from the comfort of your armchair in a country with a mostly functioning government. Over here we're not even sure we can trust the police let alone our neighbours. I'd like to see you as a lone white man amongst a crowd of simian bush dwellers armed with AK-47s, pangas and knobkerries. I'd like to see you fumbling around looking through your magical sights, pissing your pants and being butchered like a piece of meat.

Hind sight is always 20/20 and I reckon most white South Africans, whether they would say so pulicly or not, probably think some form of national separatism was a good idea.

It is very difficult to stick to your guns when the whole world is telling you you are an evil racist asshole who should just go back to Europe and die, especially when you're just a regular joe working hard to support your family who with good intentions thought to extend fair opportunities to all people of South Africa.

So, really Trey, with all deserved politeness, fuck you.

P.S. Is this video genuine or is it not the background roll from a recent advert?

skilpad said...

Yeah, it was indeed the backtrack to the current Parmalat long-life milk ad ...

Exzanian said...

I see Trey has scuttled off. Or are we banning him LOL!

Anonymous said...

Apologies Trey!
Some of us are appreciative of the fact that some in the US are spreading the TRUTH about the west and how it is only interested in white africans as scapegoats!

Many Thanks,
Common Sense

Trey Cruz said...

If only you sedated slaves were half so bold with your simian masters.

trey cruz said...

"@ Trey Cruz, we White saffers are FAR more into rugby (like American football but without the pansy protection) than soccer"

And your enemies are "far more into" robbing your houses, assaulting your parents, raping your women and murdering your children all with the collusion of the black police because you white saffers are too much the pansy to stop them.

Enjoy your sport.

Exzanian said...

Trey Cruz is starting to piss me off. Troll agent provokateur.
Move to block his comments unless he starts moderating them himself.

Islandshark said...

@ Exzanian - ditto.

Krokodil said...

@Trey Cruz
I think it was reasonably clear I was NOT having a go at White USA, but rather having a go at you for being a bit of a tit, quite frankly.

For the record, playing American football without suitable protection is a fast track to either intensive care or the morgue. Also, the reason Black Americans dominate the NFL, NBA etc. is because they are bigger, stronger, faster and taller than whites in general - I'm well aware.

You, however, have displayed a thoroughly ignorant perception of the reality in SA - and the tough-guy types on blogs such as these (you being a prime example) don't impress me one bit.

Trey Cruz said...

Exzanian said...
"Trey Cruz is starting to piss me off. Troll agent provokateur.
Move to block his comments unless he starts moderating them himself."

I'm not trying to "piss you off" Exanian, just wake you up.
When I read some of the insightful commentary this blog produces, such as our wise and mordant friend "fish eagle" with his favorite rejoinder: "hahahahahahaha"; I begin to wonder if there isn't something positively Darwinian in the plight of the White Tribe.

Viking said...


"agent provocateur (sp.?)"
well said, and my thoughts exactly.

Once again, this blog does not advocate or encourage violence or lawbreaking etc etc etc etc etc you all know the drill

FishEagle said...

@ Trey. The guy in the video was an actor. It was MEANT to be funny.


Ok, now that one must be pissing you off badly! Seriously though, you've actually given me quite some unexpected hope in your last comment.

I rely on my sense of humour to get through the situation that's been created in SA, pretty much like most Saffas do. Basically, we have to laugh 'cause there's no other response to the terrible tragedy that is unfolding, while we are putting our plans in place to survive it or get out. It is knowing that you have the luxury of taking it all so seriously that gives me hope.

Tey Cruz said...

He [the actor] was neither more, nor less coherent than Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma when they are trying to be serious and statesmanlike.
Why should I be "pissed off"?
My home, possessions and family are far more secure than yours.
38 out of 50 states have "must issue" concealed handgun carry permits meaning the police cannot legally deny you unless you are a felon.

For a 500.00 tax stamp and the price of purchase I can legally own any type of military weapn short of a nuke: .30 cal, .50 cal belt fed; silenced MP-5 or Sten.
When the kaffir comes for you; we have private citizens who collect tanks and helecopters armed with Vulcan Miniguns. When the kaffir comes for you, throw your rugby ball at him.
I realize that this comment will probably be flushed down the memory hole and the idea makes me laugh.
The delusional cowardice that causes you to censor comments is the same instinct that led you to hand South Africa over to the savages in the first place.
Your inability to humbly and honestly assess your situation, your unwillingness to face ugly realities and adapt to them are the qualities that tripped you up in the beginning and will doom you in the end.
Qui desiderat pacem praeparet bellum.