Some Surprising Blogger News

Some of you may recall that some time ago the SA Sucks blog was resurrected as My SA Sucks, by a blogger called Gonville.

I have had no dealings with Gonville, so I don't know the individual, but his stance always seemed reasonable. There were no issues between the two blogs, other than a healthy agree to disagree stance.

I can say that, having been in this blogging space for awhile, I do appreciate the amount of effort and abuse he must have endured, in order to make his blog work. I was never a frequent visitor to his blog, and have not been privy to the latest sagas, other than being aware that he had some recent additions to "the team". His last posting (below) has familiar content though; we have the same Jew bashing crap from time-to-time, and we have expressed our views on the disunity.

Well it seems that things have suddenly gone awry, and My SA Sucks is no more. Gonville has shut it down. I am not going to speculate or allow comments on this one, since I know postings like this are like a flame to a moth, for the usual hateful vitriol. Suffice to say that I tip my hat to Gonville for his efforts, and hope he doesn't allow his domain or site to be hijacked.

As for ILSA, we admittedly have had a massive reduction in output, partially as a result of blogger fatigue and indifference, and partially as a result of a lack of new, authentic contributors; but we have no in-fighting and we continue to prosper. If there are any doubts, simply visit our Facebook page, and witness our meteoric rise. We have many hundreds of supporters who reach out to approximately 60,000 people.

(Retrieved from Google cache)

24 hours to the end - I'm done.

I am sick and tired of the infighting.

I am sick and tired of the Jew bashing. I am not a Jew, nor do I have Jewish relatives but I admire the Jewish people enormously.

It seems that White South Africans have a great deal of trouble in identifying and sticking together to overcome and conquer the enemy. The enemy in South Africa is not the Jew, it is the kaffir. But you don’t seem to understand that.

I am sick and tired of this “New World Order” crap – real or imagined.

Please find somebody else to run a blog for you where you can vent your spleen on kaffirs AND Jews. Good fucking luck to you all, you miserable ingrates.

This blog will shut down for good exactly 24 hours from time of posting.

Fight amongst yourselves – it’s what you’re good at. Trying to unite White South Africans is like trying to herd cats.

May God help you and save your souls. The comments you may wish to leave will not be moderated. Vent your spleen, spew your poison.