Friday, April 23, 2010

Robbers "Batter" Baby.

From IOL.

A one-year-old baby brutally assaulted during an apparent robbery in Randburg was still in a serious condition in hospital, an official said on Friday.

Sandton Medi-Clinic spokeswoman Liezel Furlong said the baby girl's condition was serious but would not give any further details.

"At this stage nothing has changed and the child is still in a serious condition," she told Sapa by phone.

Police remain tight-lipped about their investigation into the attack at a house in Robin Hills on Thursday, during which the baby and her caregiver were brutally attacked.

Colonel Eugene Opperman said he had spoken to the baby's mother and the caregiver, but would not share any more information with the media.

"The investigation will go on. We have nothing more to tell you than what we have already given out," he said.

Paramedics said the woman and baby were taken to hospital in critical conditions with serious head injuries.

"They were both transported to hospital in a critical condition," ER24 spokeswoman Vanessa Jackson said.

The child minder was taken to Helen Joseph hospital with gashes to the forehead and behind her ear, reported The Star newspaper.

The baby's mother - identified by Beeld newspaper as Madelein Kruger - arrived home from work at 1pm to find the baby unconscious and the care-giver beaten and tied up.

The Star reported a neighbour came out of her house to see the mother holding the child in her arms.

Blood was pouring from her nose and ears, Olga Rossouw told The Star.

When two security guards arrived on the scene, the baby had stopped breathing.

They drove the mother and baby to Sandton Medi-Clinic. - Sapa

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Birdman said...

Sick. Why hurt a baby. Maybe because the robbers are kaffirs with no respect for life. FFS, where is it going to end.

SAPS are useless.

al' said...

4 BLACK men, BLACK, BLACK!!!!! This has to stop!!! Someone needs to initiate the beginnings of a process to end this bloodshed, by whatever means possible...

Anonymous said...

Ja Boet. It takes four USELESS KAFFIR SHITSKINS to fuck up a woman and a BABY.
Big tough men, beating a kid to death.
Big tough men, beating a woman.
Big tough men, raping old ladies.
Big tough men, killing pensioners.


Shan said...

These are two lines from that AyaCrap that they're always on about.

Ayasab' amagwala (the cowards are scared).....Ziyarapa lezinja (these dogs are raping).

Who are the real raping cowards now.

Stupid dumb kaffirs. But what can one expect from a savage spawn of satan.

I pray that God will be with this innocent Angel and her parents in their long hours ahead.

al' said...

Why oh way cant one of you useless bastards try and take me out!!! Oh the fun I would have with you. I have on many occassions seen how lacking in heart most kaffirs are, especially when the realise that they might lose. Many a time they would throw in the towel or fall over and i would think, shit I never even really hit you there!! Im sure the same would apply if the shit were to really hit the fan, watch them run like insects when they come up against real men, not women and children. Fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!

Exzanian said...

I saw this one today and I was shocked, but not really. The thing is, we have become so used to the level of barbarity going down in ZA that these stories really come as no surprise. I remember from 2002 reading a story of a 9 month old baby that was raped by six black thugs because "sleeping" with a virgin cures AIDS! This poor little thing had to have massive re-constructive surgery afterwards and will have scars for life! It's a terrible and unusual form of torture the blacks are meting out on the whites as revenge. Not all blacks, but some of them. This is a fact you cannot deny...

Anonymous said...

None of this in the BBC or North American Press!
Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

I note that arrests have been made, and the suspects are Mozambican.