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"Right Winger" arrested for arms cache

Right-wing organisation allegedly planning to sabotage the World Cup

Apr 19, 2010 7:01 AM | By Sapa

A 62-year-old man was arrested earlier this week when an arms cache was found during a raid on his Worcester home, the Sunday Independent reported.

Army rifle and ammunition

Almost 10,000 rounds of ammunition, a 9mm pistol, South African Defence Force equipment and explosives were found in the home of Frederick Rabie, a former lieutenant colonel in the commandos.

He was granted bail and expected to appear in court again on Monday.

The raid was reportedly part of a police investigation on members of the extreme right-wing organisation, the Suidlanders for allegedly planning to sabotage the Fifa World Cup.

The Independent reported that raids had taken place in Pretoria, Mpumalanga and the Western Cape.

The paper claims the investigation of the alleged sabotage plot is linked to the website

The website carries a large banner that reads "Why We Are White Refugees...". It carries articles entitled "Wake up Whitey!", "Boycott 2010 World Cup" and "ANC: VIP's of Violence", amongst others.

Police have refused to comment on the investigations.

The Independent quoted a "well-placed" source within the Suidlanders as saying members were collecting arms and ammunition to carry out "dirty tricks" in an attempt to scare away foreign visitors.

However Suidlanders national co-ordinator Johann le Roux said the organisation was not a political movement.

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Anonymous said...

Did this woman not post her comments on here on a regular bases?

Anonymous said...

There is something very sinister about what is going on here. I would be very surprised if the Boycott 2010/Why We Are White Refugees was linked to this arms cache, or alleged sabotage plot.

I think Lara/Andrea is doing a sterling job of getting the truth out there, and it is hurting somebody. I think there is a smear campaign afoot, and we need to be aware of this. Next thing we will be linked to something.

Anonymous said...

Seems ever so coincidental that Eugene gets murdered, and suddenly they find arms caches, which just so happen to be linked to blog sites that have been feverishly spreading the truth of what is happening in SA. All of this on the eve of WC 2010.

Talk about smoke screening, to take the focus away from what is really happening.

Anonymous said...


I notice that all the regular blogs which bring out the truth is doing a vanishing act. Anything highly critical of the government is getting kicked.

Viking said...

They can't shut us down!
unless Google goes along with it, which I doubt.

FishEagle said...

Let's not jump to any conclusions yet. What facts do we really have? The paranoia is getting pretty tiring. The ANC really doesn't have to do anything. We'll just tire ourselves out with our own paranoia. I usually hate cartoons but I found myself rolling on the floor with tears in my eyes while watching the movie Planet 53. They really hit the nail on the head when it came to making fun of right wing paranoia.

Anonymous said...

it is going to be interesting to see what comes out of this. A (licensed?) 9mm and 10,000 rounds of ammo is a lot but not illegal if your license is under the old act? I know Practical Pistol Shooters with that much ammo on hand all the time. The 'explosives' might be powder for re-loading (again, not illegal) or for black-powder .... I'm sure Col.Rabie would have his papers and permits in order?

That leaves the "South African Defence Force equipment" .... which might be any momento that an ex Lt.Col of the SADF (not SANDF) might have?

This sounds like creative reporting and even more creative policing with the intention of intimidation but I think the truth will out, eventually?

Anonymous said...

As a member of the Suidlanders I would have to take the "plot" story with a MASSIVE pinch of salt. The Suidlanders are geared to self preservation, NOT destabilisation and revolt. If we need to defend ourselves with deadly force we will do so (with GOOD effect), but we will not be the first cause. That is abundantly clear from the manifesto, the web site and the founders repeated statements to us in public meetings that SAPS are invited to all the time. The Suidlander organisation is doing NOTHING in the dark and holds no "plots" against the government. All their meetings are in public and the SPAS are invited to all of them. This is outright bullshit. If indeed this man had sinister intent, I would consider his membership of the Suidlanders to be incidental.

@ Anon 17:29 - Until the court case brought by the Hunters and Game Conservation Association against the minister of police has been ruled in the high court all "old" licenses are valid. That would be complete with UNRESTRICTED amounts of ammunition being able to be kept.

The ANC seriously misjudged the reaction of the whites to the murder of ET, and have now had time to make other plans. This is simply the next step in their genocidal campaign against the whites in this country. The reaction of the right wing and the rest of the whites in general regarding the ET murder was something that they completely missed and it gave them a massive fright. They assumed that it would blow over or would encourage the AWB to do something stupid enabling them to go on a massive weapons and "right wing" clamp down. They pissed their panties when they saw that was not going to fly. As for the Suidlanders; our founder was in talks with the AWB shortly after the shooting and, I think, got them to see reason and not go off on a "revenge" attack. The time will come for recompense. It just is not now. Every drop of innocent blood spilled through "just crime" will be paid back in full measure to the regime encouraging it.

The ANC see the Suidlanders a credible threat. They are measured and organised. The survival of our people through the coming anarchy is thier first concern. The steps required to make the world see that our survival depends on seperaste development is another goal completely. The Suidlanders recognise that the woman and children are the fighting Boers achilles heel. We have not forgotten Kitcheners death camps and we will NEVER allow it to happen again. Their security is our first priority. There are enough remote places to ensure that they will be safe. Then, what the men do next, they will be able to do without restrictions.

I would encourage any white man that espouses the cause of the Boer to join Suidlanders and help ensure the survival of our tribe.

The Boer people want what they have always wanted, since Swellendam till today. Self Determination free from outside influence and interference.

If you want to help make this happen and join an organisation with a survival plan, not just a bunch of slogans about "standing together" - join up. See the web site for details. Unfortunately most of it is in Afrikaans so you better brush up. If you are a member of any other organisation... So much the better.

Born to be wild said...

Anonymous Suidlander: While appreciating your point of view, I wish you would get over the Anglo-Boer war. From what we have seen of the modus operandi of murderous Africans their target is anyone who is white, not just women and children. Nor are Boers likely to be rounded up and herded into concentration camps again; it's the usual story of letting crime do the political job.

As soon as we realise that, and not get into enclaves of Boer vesus everyone else, the better chance the Boers, and other white South Africans, have of survival.

But it will never come to that, because it's not just a case of Boer versus soutpiel, it's now Boer with Witboek against other Afrikaners as well as the soutpiele.

The Suidlanders would be a hit if they emigrated to America and merged with the Amish, but are not likely to be succesful with their narrow interests in SA.

Anonymous said...

...and then they say Coloureds are vulgar.

Ron. said...

I would bet you anything that this alleged Right Winger who was arrested was either on the payroll of the State or was set up to take the fall in order to demonize the legitimate opposition to the State's tyranny & oppression. Just a little thing which is called false flag terrorism: which is basically the State fronting feigned terrorist opposition against itself in order to clamp down on those they see as a threat to their continued oppression. This is after all exactly what they did with their phony so called Boeremag group they created which was State directed & even the term Boeremag itself was coined by the State & the media - which are basically one & the same. The media is often just the propaganda organ of the State. Just remember that if there is any alleged " Right Wing terrorist activity against the State" you can be sure that it was highly likely directed by the State itself as per their usual agent provocateur action. Therefore please do not be too quick to jump to conclusions if he media starts talking about an alleged Right Wing plot because odds are the State is behind it & will no doubt gain from any such plot.

Anon April 20. Great points. Though the Graaff-Reinet Republic was the first independent Boer Republic in Jan of 1795 before the Swellendam Republic of June 1795.

Born to be Wild. The Anglo-Boer War is still playing out to this very day because the elite behind the British Empire wanted to ELIMINATE the Boer Nation & when they found that they could not get them to abandon their independent oriented aspirations [ as noted with the Maritz Rebellion in which the British almost lost their control on the region ] they worked to fold them into or merge them with the Cape Dutch descended Afrikaner population who were long since folded into the Colonial British Empire outlook. Do not think that they would not bring back the concentrations camps either because the State could justify anything in the name of "national security" just as Hitler / Stalin & other despots have done in the past.

Ron. said...

The concentration camps were just the OVERT genocide of the Boers while tethering them to the British macro State under the Afrikaner designation [ which covered more Cape Dutch descendents ] was the covert genocide of the Boer Nation.

Ron. said...
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Anonymous said...

As all your so-called concentration camps, a.k.a. republics, vanished in the past Ron, instead of jabbering when, where and how are you starting your boer republic Ron?

Anonymous said...

@ Ron... I stand corrected.
@ Born To Be Wild... It was a lesson to us which I hope that you will never have to learn my friend. The Boers are not so narrow minded as you like to think we are. We will welcome all with open arms who espouse the same values and aspirations as we do. Anything other are simply seeds of dissent that will ripen later. Look at what aparthied did. The seeds were sown and now the harvest is being reaped. Homogenity has to do with a lot more than simply being the same colour. If your people cannot support the ideals and aspirations of the Boers then we actually have nothing to say to one another. I do think that there is a time coming soon when we will be forced to stand together to survive. We will do it. When it is finished we will get back to bliksemming each other again. As has been our custom for generations.

Born to be wild said...

You should see what others have to say about these Suidlanders!

Check out this link:

The Suidlanders are of course welcome to sell prize farming land in the Northen Cape, all five of them. Buy a hectare of land and get a free bottle of Paarl Perle thrown in.

Viking said...

"The Anglo-Boer War is still playing out to this very day because the elite behind the British Empire wanted to ELIMINATE the Boer Nation & when they found that they could not get them to abandon their independent oriented aspirations [ as noted with the Maritz Rebellion in which the British almost lost their control on the region ] they worked to fold them into or merge them with the Cape Dutch descended Afrikaner population who were long since folded into the Colonial British Empire outlook."

I don't know where to begin to demolish this statement - the Brits were quite happy to have independent republics sitting up there at the edge of their territory as long as they didn't do any harm. In fact, incorporating them into the Union was a disaster for South Africa as they ended up over-centralising the state in a way that Australia and Canada were not.

The "Cape Dutch descended Afrikaners" were quite capable of making up their own minds where their loyalties lay, and, just like the settlers of New Orleans, were happy to fly the flag of whatever country would leave them alone to do their own business.

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic the way some people calling themselves Boers still think they have an implicit mandate to kick English speaking whites up the arse for what happened over a hundred years ago.

Get over it. Move on.

Krokodil said...

@ Born to be wild

Ha ha ... the first time I ever got drunk in my life was on a bottle of Paarl Perle (aged approx. 14).

Re: the issue of Boers/Afrikaners/Souties - the so-called Boer separatists will achieve a big fat zero at the end of the day, in my humble opinion, with their desire to withdraw not only from the wider White pop. of SA, but from the general Afrikaner pop. as well.

No doubt, a degree of success will be achieved by the "Boers-only" brigade, but I truly believe that it will never translate into anything like a true mass-movement. Whatever the realities of SA was a 110 years ago, it is NOT the reality today!

Whether the so-called Cape Dutch (a British colonial term, incidentally) were happy or not with British rule in the 19th century, is neither here nor there. The modern SA state bears NO resemblance to the political and colonial differences that existed back then.

It is necessary to see the White pop. as a beleaguered whole within the country, and not just the Boers. Political and social affiliations are far more in a state of flux today, than what was the case even just one generation ago.

The Boer separatists are destroying common cause amongst Afrikaners - and Whites in general.

Ron, a couple of questions for you. Do you live in SA? If not, at which age (approx.) did you leave the country? I'm not being hostile, but get the impression that you have a strong academic knowledge of SA, the Boers etc., but I also get the impression that you live abroad (so do I, but not during my formative years) and that you have a less than realistic view of some general SA matters.

Anonymous said...

United we stand.

Divided we fall.

We have to cast our net widely. There are now many sorts of people who have a stake in the maintenance of civilization, and we need to co-operate.

It's not difficult to grasp, especially when you realize the outside world will be mobilized against us.


Ron. said...

Viking. That was long before the discovery of gold! The British were of course once happy to let the Boers be independent in their republics [ that's how the Boers acquired those famous & important Conventions which led to the international recognition of their republics ] but that was long before the discovery of gold which changed everything as the British did not want to be challenged in the region which is what they felt would have happened with the emergence of increasingly powerful Boer Republics. Once again the adoption of the unitary state was the model which was imposed as a confederation [ like Canada had adopted ] would have been MUCH better & the Boer Republics would have been able to OPT out of the State much easier within that model. The point concerning the Cape Dutch descended population was that they were always MUCH more amenable to working WITHIN the system [ as they were generally pro Colonial no matter who the Colonial power was ] & that forcing the historically anti-Colonial Boers into a contrived Afrikaner designation & under an Afrikaner suzerainty started making Boer descendents adopt the Cape Dutch method of working WITHIN the system [ of which most Afrikaners remain true to ] instead of remaining true to their historical attempts at finding outright independence OUTSIDE of the system & dispensation.

Anon 22:27. Do not distort here because the issue concerning the British Empire has got NOTHING to do with English speaking South Africans many of whom [ though not all of course ] were supporters of the Boers during the second Anglo-Boer War. Furthermore: I am myself mainly of English speaking origin & about one quarter of Boer origin - one of my great grand fathers was a Cape Rebel Boer. Therefore this is not about attacking any ethnic group but about pointing out the role the British Empire played & continues to play - via its corporate offshoots - pertaining to the continued repression of the Boer people. For one thing: it is mainly British money which finances the surrogate Colonial regime in Pretoria. Also: let's not forget that the second Anglo-Boer War hit the Boers quite hard as they lost 50 % of their child population in the concentration camps. A nation can survive losing adults but to lose half of their child population [ essentially loosing much of their future generations ] has had a serious impact & serious ramifications on them as they are in a MUCH more difficult position to regain their freedom than had they not lost so many children.

Krokodil. This childish nonsense that the Boer Republicans are "withdrawing" from the White & Afrikaner population is just OLD propaganda aimed at shaming the Boers for sticking to their long held principles because the Boers are certainly not "withdrawing" but are EMPOWERING themselves in their historical pursuit of acquiring self determination.

Furthermore: I would be careful about using such dangerous language because White people in general are ALSO being accused of "withdrawing" from the larger South African population. If you argue that Boers are not allowed to find self determination simply because they must remain part of the White South African population then you ALSO empower those who will & in fact ARE arguing that White South Africans are not allowed to find self determination on their own as "they are part of the South African population". See the quagmire? If the Boers are prevented from finding self determination than there will be a dangerous precedent set & thus no hope in hell for anyone else to find similar self determination.

Furthermore: you assessment of the Boers Republicans is ridiculous because the Boers MOST want self determination as a whole [ while other White ethnicities as a whole are not in favour of breaking away from South Africa ] & the Boers are MOST amenable to acquiring such as their entire history is REPLETE with struggling for & finding self determination.

Ron. said...

Furthermore: this debating tact of appealing to the Boers [ forced ] notion of somehow belonging to a mythical White South African population is SIMILAR to the nonsense that that reporter tried on Andre Visagie [ just before he stormed out in a most bad PR move ] when she said to him "what about the millions of starving Africans" as a retort to his legitimate assertion that his people are distinct & have a language / culture etc. Therefore your: "what about the White South Africans" tact is the SAME as the "what about the millions of starving Africans" tact used to deny the Boers their inherent right to self determination. Why are so few folks thinking this through? If Boers' mythological attachment to White South Africans [ which was a civil designation ] is used as an EXCUSE to deny them their inherent right to self determination: then the White South African's mythological attachment to South Africans in general WILL also be used to prevent the White population from obtaining any form of self determination as well.

Ron. said...

The Boer Republicans / Separatists WERE & ARE a mass movement in favour of self determination. No. The term Cape Dutch was in fact initially started among the Trekboers to describe the folks they left behind at the Western Cape LONG before the British later ADOPTED the term to describe those same folks as well.

What? Quote: [ The modern SA state bears NO resemblance to the political and colonial differences that existed back then. ]

While it does not resemble exactly to the differences back then it is still largely similar because some of the SAME dynamics are still at work: ie: British suzerainty still exists but now in the covert form of its offshoots which act as the supra power of the region often through its influence on the local economy & their influence on local political parties / folks calling themselves Afrikaners prefer to work WITHIN the system & are generally loyal to the dispensation / & folks of Boer decent still prefer to opt OUT of the entire system & are STILL struggling for self determination.

The White population is beleaguered BUT the Boer population is ESPECIALLY beleaguered as many of them live under the poverty line now & their history is under attack & revision as well [ complete with RENAMING towns & streets ] & are MOST targeted by the regime & media in a most negative manner because the ruling elite know that they can not afford any authentic form of Boer self determination because then their power base in southern Africa will be seriously compromised if not totally broken up as the elite would fear for their easy access to the region's resources which they believe would be threatened if the Boers reclaim sovereignty or reacquire some form of self determination.

What? Quote: [ The Boer separatists are destroying common cause amongst Afrikaners - and Whites in general. ]

I can not believe I just read that! The Boer Republicans / Separatists are not interested in alienating any Afrikaners or White people in general who ALSO want self determination. BUT what you conveniently forget is that there is absolutely no chance anyone will acquire self determination if we are all forced to remain under the compromised political network which is tethered to the State! Instead of complaining that the Boer Republicans are struggling for self determination - why not SUPPORT them & work for your OWN self determination as well? Why are you attacking potential future ALLIES for YOUR own self determination struggle? Do you not see the value in Boer sovereignty in helping the future prospects of or to secure YOUR own people's struggle for freedom? Furthermore: let's not forget or lose sight of the fact that the Boer descendents are MOST in favour of outright self determination so it makes total sense to support them in their centuries long struggle for self determination.

Anon 10:02. The outside world is ALREADY mobilized against us which is why it is paramount that the BEST strategy is used which is to support the Boer Republicans who have the BEST chance of success & the MOST experience with having independence in Africa AND they have the most legitimate & historical claim [ which was once internationally recognized ] to acquiring self determination.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time the FF+ spoke about a homeland? I get the feeling that they used the tactic only in 1993 to get people into line. Now that ideals have largely washed away.

I note with interest that the Minister of Agiculture spoke about the handing in of firearms yet I did not hear the Deputy Minister of Agriculture being the FF+ say anything about it.

Is history repeating itself in South Africa with the Cape Dutch?

Krokodil said...

Ron, why no answer to my simple question? None of my business? Of course, I know that, but hey, we're anon. to each other and the wider blogging audience, so why not answer?

As far as I'm concerned, you must be one of the following:
a)A saffer living in SA.
b)A saffer who was born and bred in SA, but now lives abroad.
c)A saffer originally, but parents emigrated (or something to that effect) when you were still a small kid/infant.
d)Not born or raised in SA at all (though you might have visited on one or more occasions).

OK, the question: what does it matter? Well, those who are not reasonably first-hand acquainted with a particular situation are often either unaware of "the feel" relating to it or, very often, tend to see circumstances through rose-coloured

This does not negate your point of view; you are obviously a well-educated and informed individual, but there lacks a certain "feel" (as I crudely put it) or insight if one has very little first-hand experience. If you are one of choices (a) or (b),
then I hope you will excuse me for going on about this.

Let me please give you one minor example of what I refer to. In one of your previous comments (some time ago), you made the assertion that the term "Vaalie" was a derogatory term by non-Boer Afrikaners for Boers from the Transvaal - in fact you made it clear that you thought such a terminology was akin to a White person calling a Black person, "Kaffir". Well, sorry, but that's rubbish.

I come from Cape Town and come the summertime, there would always be a huge influx of Vaalies to the Western Cape. I, or folks I knew, or even the National Press etc. would refer to the "Vaalies" "invading" the beaches of Cape Town.

The terminology was, I would posit, a very mild form of scorn, lacking any degree of contempt or dislike. A bit like a farmer shaking his head at the dumbness of a city-slicker trying to milk a cow, for example. More to the point, was this uniquely
directed against the Boers? NO! Whether English or Afrikaner we would make such comments about ALL White Transvaalers, regardless of whether they were English or Afrikaans (White being the only common denominator).

It is because of your seeming misunderstanding of such a simple issue (unless you know full well, but have your own agenda), that I wonder somewhat about your actual SA experience. BTW, the word "Kaffir" is VERY insulting to black saffers and does not vaguely compare to terms like "Vaalie". (As a by-the-way, I couldn't give a fig for some of the racist commentators on this site - I refuse to be).

You have made quite a few points in your response to my brief former comment, but I cannot be bothered to reply to them all.

Therefore, I shall refer to only one in particular.

You accuse me of "childish nonsense" because I accuse YOU of trying to create discord amongst the Whites/Afrikaners of SA.

The point is, I have read several comments from Boer Nationalists/Seperatists, and they ALL seem desperate to highlight the
differences - real or imagined - between Boer and Afrikaner (or Cape Dutch, to use your favourite terminology). As far as I'm concerned, people like yourself go out of their way to sow as much "difference" as possible, in order to prove their argument. It is because of such an apparent desire to seperate yourselves from not just the overall White pop., which has little enough merit, but from the wider Afrikaner race of SA that I accuse you as I do.

There is much more to be said - but I don't have your staying power.

ps Please, please learn to use paragraphs more often - large blocks of text are really tedious to the eye.

Ron. said...

Krokodil. So now YOU are deliberately misrepresenting me here as well. No. I NEVER said that Vallie was akin to "Kaffir"! An Anon poster said that. All I said was that Theuns Cloete noted in an interview that the Afrikaner residents of Cape Town called HIM [ & other folks from the north ] that. Why are you taking what Cloete said about the term & DISINGENUOUSLY applying HIS definition to me? You are therefore conflating. Furthermore I would NEVER use the term Kaffir in any context even as a bizarre comparison to Vallie which begs the question: why are you DELIBERATELY misrepresenting me? If you have a problem with the manner in which Cloete defined the term ON LIVE RADIO AIR [ from 2007 ] then take it up with HIM! All I did was RELATE his definition & even CITED him as well.

Ron. said...

Now you lie further by erroneously asserting that I am trying to "create discord among White people" when nothing is further from the truth because as you well know I implore White people & Boers in particular to work together for self determination. But simply because I call out the Afrikaner leadership & their old "work within the system" / "do not rock the boat" approach / their ingrained loyalty to & recognition of the "authority" the surrogate Colonial regime & their constant radicalization / demonization of the Boer Republicans: you calculatingly take that & twist it into a supposed attack on White people! I am not saying that no other people can stand with the Boers! I am only pointing out that expecting the Boers to remain under this artificial Afrikaner domination is unrealistic & will lead to the destruction of all peoples simply because the whole purpose of the Afrikaner designation was to TETHER all the Afrikaans speakers to the STATE [ recall: on vir jou SUID AFRICA! ] & to conditioned them to only strive to work WITHIN the compromised system & dispensation. No matter WHAT the dispensation is the term Afrikaner ACCLIMATIZES all Afrikaans speakers into a control mechanism & coerces Boers to give up their centuries long struggle as they are conditioned [ under Afrikanerdom ] to cede their inherent rights & power to the Afrikaner elite & to thus work for a place WITHIN the dispensation.

Ron. said...

No. The term Cape Dutch is not my term!!!!! Looks like you just outed yourself as "Afrikaner" / RWR here because that is HIS ignorant accusation as well. The term Cape Dutch is a DOCUMENTED HISTORICAL TERM used by both Trekboers & the British to describe the folks of the south western Cape region & Robert van Tonder & Theuns Cloete use this term therefore I am not pulling this term out of thin air as it is a legitimate & HISTORICAL term used to describe those folks of non-Boer descent.

Historian Irving Hexham noted this himself with the following: [ The majority of the original white settlers, known as Cape Dutch, or in frontier regions Boers, maintained a nominal loyalty to the Dutch Reformed Church. ]

Here is the link. Scroll just past the [ 41 ].

Now you are either in denial of this documented difference or are trying to prevent the Boers & White people in general from reclaiming their self determination because so long as you force the Boers to remain under an unhealthy domination their aspirations for independence will be subverted.

Which is why there are those who propagate so hard against the Boers because they do not want them to become free or independent.

Once again you promote the dangerous mythology that the Boers "belong" to some [ undefined ] macro White population that they must head & cede power to because to do otherwise would be "divisive"! This is old Broederbond propaganda & was used to effect against the Boer Republicans [ & the the ENGLISH SPEAKING secessionists of Natal ] in the past to prevent folks from finding self determination.

Ron. said...

Correction: that should be: "must heed & cede power to" not "head". I am tired.

Quote: [ You have made quite a few points in your response to my brief former comment, but I cannot be bothered to reply to them all. ]

Indeed & we have noticed because all you ever do is resort to misrepresenting or distorting myself instead of actually DEBATING the topic at hand.

What you promote is a narrow perspective because your PRESUME that the Boers have some loyalty to the bulk of the White South African population which [ in your mind ] must take PRECEDENCE over the Boers' inherent right to survive & to self determination. The Boers have been struggling for freedom in Africa LONG BEFORE THERE EVER EVEN EXISTED such a thing as White South Africans yet according to your logic the Boers must now FOR THE FIRST TIME IN CENTURIES ABANDON their just freedom struggle simply because the rest of the White population might view it as "divisive"! Do you not see the problem with this NARROW form of reasoning? If you want freedom then why do you constantly attack the people who most want freedom & are most apt to acquiring freedom? Would it not make more sense to SUPPORT them in order to make it easier for your peoples' freedom?

Do not forget that the Boers as a whole are the STRONGEST force wanting to break free of the macro State & have historically been so therefore one would expect that they would be the first to break out of the dispensation. What your arguments do though is seek to weaken the strength they would have by arguing that they must dilute their power they have to break out of the dispensation.

Ron. said...

Correction. The line should have read: "ons vir jou Suid Afrika". This was a classic line that was ingrained into White South Africans in general which conditioned them to tie their fortunes with that of the macro State & to FORGET about secession & the struggle of the Boer Nation for self determination.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

For the Record:

I don't know anyone by the name of Frederick Rabie, on the entire planet, nor for those who fancy my UFO leanings do I know such a person on any other planet in the universe! ;-) Nor do I know anyone in Worcester; nor do I personally known anyone in the Suidlanders. I am aware of the Suidlanders, have posted a few posts about them, and their non-violent efforts to simply protect themselves. According to a press release by the Suidlanders, none of the people arrested are even members of the suidlanders.

The only Lt. Col. I once knew was an African American US Navy JAG Officer. The only General I once met was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Raegan.

The only weapon I possess is a mace; and you wouldn't find me near any World Cup event, if you paid me; cause I cannot stand crowds of more than 20 people, let alone 200, or 2,000.

The Independent is an IOL publication, who employ a lady who don't like me much, Ms. Noelene Barbeau. She wrote: Anti-SA Smear Campaign on Facebook.

Subsequent thereto - perhaps related - I contacted 30 SA Media editors, political party leaders and 70 odd of the academics who signed the petition against Huntley, for their comments to the allegation made by dr. Brad Blanton in his legal affidavit in the High Court that I had been legally and politically persecuted and prosecuted by the SA Goverment. Their responses: 140 SA Elite Confirm their Deliberate Indifference to Rule-of-Law; No Objections to SA Gov. persecution of ‘RH White Refugee’....

alternatively, perhaps they are upset about Why a Ka**ir sussie demands justice for ET.

The original article on N24 referred to alelged gross crime scene photos. I ain't sent anyone a crime scene photo, since I got myself badly burnt, and had to crawl humble pie, and apologise to many people I had sent alleged photos to beleiving them to have been provide to SASucks from an alleged anonymous cop. Strangely a few months later, Doodler decided to commit suicide in a cop station. Did doodler get the photos posted to SASucks, from a cop at that station? I don't know.

Finally, the person who wrote the above original story (the SAPA one was an offshoot of the original), is a journalist whose speciality used to be exposing the 'dirty tricks' of the Apartheid SADF. Considering his lack of serious immpartial investigation, was his article a 'dirty trick' report?

And SAPS Editor Mr. van der Velden also don't like me one little bit; cause his news report was the one who said I was cuckoo as a swiss clock, and he still can't provide the cuckoo report, or the alleged arrest warrant, cause it does not exist. And he won't print a retraction. So now if you do a google search for my name.. the article that comes up, alongside his SAPA cuckoo, is the one about 140 SA Elite who actively endorse the persecution of non-violent Gandhian Ka**ir sussie cuckoo's! ;-) Now if the elite endorse the persecutio of non-violent Ka**ir ssusies, what do you think will be hteir objections to the persectuion of plain vanilla ice?

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

And also...

The original article on IOL stated:

"Police investigation into the suspected sabotage plot is linked to an e-mail calling on foreigners to boycott the World Cup that is being circulated worldwide. The e-mail is linked to a website,"

Now, I ain't sent anyone a crime scene photo, since I got myself badly burnt, and had to crawl humble pie, and apologise to many people I had sent alleged crime scene photos to beleiving them to have been provide to SASucks from an alleged anonymous cop; when a few were not farm murder crime scene photos. Strangely a few months later, Doodler allegedly committed suicide in a cop station. Did doodler get the photos posted to his SASucks page, from a cop at that station? I don't know.

Finally, the person who wrote the above original story (the SAPA one was an offshoot of the original, by De Wet Potgieter), is a journalist whose alleged speciality used to be exposing the 'dirty tricks' of the Apartheid SADF. He never bothered to ask me for a comment, or to make any enquiries; so was his article a 'dirty tricks' report, or just sloppy investigation? Subsequent thereto, he was also the news editor of Solidarity's communication department. Solidarity arn't too happy with me either, cause they also did not object to my persecution; but they are aware that I set the record straight about the photos and have advised anyone whom I found sending them, that some of them are not authentic.