Friday, April 16, 2010

A peek into the mind of a Malema supporter.

A peek into the future of South Africa…..

I have to thank Simon Mathope for the unique insight he has given me into the minds and thought processes of a supporter of in general, Malema, the ANCYL and the ANC.

I am posting his thoughts, and only his, on the article “ANC backlash against Zuma for tackling Malema”.

I am beyond words and had to look up a few definitions to try and figure out what am I dealing with.

• a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own
• A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices
• Bigoted - blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others; "a bigoted person"; "an outrageously bigoted point of view"
• Bigotry - the intolerance and prejudice of a bigot
• Bigoted - Being a bigot; biased; strongly prejudiced; forming opinions without just cause

• Discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion
• Racism is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and those racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. In the case of institutional racism, certain racial groups may be denied rights or benefits, or get preferential treatment.
• An advocate of racism; of, relating to or advocating racism
• Playing the race card is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the act of bringing the issue of race or racism into a debate, perhaps to obfuscate the matter. Playing the race card is amplified in socio-political systems where individuals know they may be formally awarded special access to rights and resources, based upon their membership of a racial group.

This tells me what the supporters for the ANC, the ANCYL are. Those people that you deal with everyday, and who voted for the ANC, and supports them.

This is not the visible part of the ANC, but rather the invisible part, those who went out of their way to vote for them and to support them.

I read the comments of all these postings, and then see the moderate and “wise” comments of some of the respondents, and for a fleeting moment think that that is the face of South Africa. A radical far left, and a radical far right, with an enormous middle block.

I hate to disappoint myself and anybody else, but the ranting and ravings of said Simon, represents the supposed middle block. It is people like him that keep the current regime in power.

Comments by Simon:

Zuma and those who support him for rebuking Malema don't know their boundaries - the cannot make Malema do like they want - Malema is a ANCYL leader and they are led by their own policies - the policies that Zuma and the NEC use are the ones that are for all - Malema can disipline Zuma cause he is part of the people who enact the ANC policies - Zuma and all those who say Malema have no hand in the policies of the ANCYL and the have no jurisdiction on any member of the ANCYL - when Malema ejected that reporter it was on the ANCYL platform not the ANC so Zuma and his club of Zille baasboois must stay out of this - all they are concerned about is what the baas and madam will say - the sooner Zuma and his team of baasboois know that they are there because of us and advance our course the better - they should stop meddling - Malema was within his right to eject that stupid BBC juorno - the guy was hijacking the objective of the conference - the purpose of that conferense was not a report about Malema but about the trip to Zim - JZ and all his baasboois team must know that a song did not cause all these troubles - they are only busy advancing of the people who did not vote for them - it is not the whites who voted them in - it is us Africans - actually if i can say it bluntly the whites don't vote ANC

It is very stupid and weak for a leader to redicule his colleague in public - that means he is not doing it for the party but for the public - JZ has acted like a headless chicken - ask him what did Malema do - sure he has no reply to that the same like all those who say Malema must be desciplined - what Malema is saying is tickling the madam and the baas the wrong way now the baasboi must act - JZ is starting to act like a moron now - he must concentrate on delivering on the mandate we gave him and not be side tracked from the course

I support the ANC but i certainly do not support stupidity - JZ must know his boundaries - he has no jurisdiction over the ANCYL - Malema is in the NEC as president of the ANCYL - not at the mercy of the ANC and if he is a member of the ANC he did not becaome a member at the mercy of the ANC - he chose - the ANC must work on the mandate that we its members gave them and stop appeasing the Europeans and coconuts at our expense - the ANC is digressing from the real point advancement of the poor masses and the leveling of the playing fields

Yes Zuma is the president of all citizens but i gave him a mandate - that means he must do what is expected of him - i put him there to deliver on something and that is just what me must do and stop meddling in things that do not warrant his attention.

what is wrong in the ANCYL supporting ZANU - COSATU has said they support the notion that Mugabe must go and they even marched for that and blocked the borders and boy nobody complained - my movement the SACP has also openly said Mugabe must go and who complained - ANCYL has their own preferenses and there is nothing untoward on that.The ANCYL are no lapdogs of the ANC - what i fight for is the autonomy of these movement - i do not support the SACP and COSATU stance on Mugabe but i will work withing the structures to advance my choice - i do not support the ANC mediation in ZIM because it ties them down - the Europeans are using again black against black - like they did in Sharpville and Langa - like they did in Soweto on the riots they always send a black man to advance their cause - whites are worried about the preferenses of the ANCYL and what do they do - they ask Zuma to come in and quell the situation their way - that is nonsense - do you know who really oppressed us as africans in the days of apartheid - it was our own black brothers send by the whites - the whites did not do the dirty work it had to be done by our uncles ,brothers and fathers - the ANC must not allow itself to be used for that. JZ must stop acting like a parrot and start thinking otherwise the spirit of those long forgoten by him will arise and i do not know who will stop what it will do.

If you can give me proof that whites vote ANC i will certainly give you one - let me say this to you check how many votes the ANC got in 1994 and follow the years up to 2009 - you will see that the gains the ANC made was not from white votes if whites voted the ANC it could have made a killing in the election. the ANC up to the current voter support was assisted by the votes from people who initially voted IFP;UDM and all other african parties

would actually advice you to learn where we come from and learn how we were manipulated to the point we are at - the whites are using the people like you to oppress their own - they used the Nofomela; the Mangope ; the Mphepus; the Hlubis and more to oppress us Africans . Just like now they cannot challenge Malema on fact and argue constructively what do they do they want to send JZ to do the dirty work in the name of the ANC. That is rubish - we cannot allow such at this stage - the want to proliferate African so the can sit there enjoy the fruits of our stupidity

the hard and difficult decision expected of Zuma is actually stupid and very dangerous - it will proliferate us - that will certainly lead to chaos - if people start loosing confidence in the ANC this country will be a free for all and that is very dangerous - we want the ANC to lead and lead on its mandate not by grappling straws

I agree mwith you totally in that we want a strong non racial SA - not the SA that dictates to others - the SA that cares and confronts the situation - The SA that will unravell inequalities - the SA that will argue based on all not on sectarian grounds - the SA that will make sure that all have been afforded the opprtunity - the SA that appreciates diversity and encourages us as different but equall and having the same needs - the SA encourages autonomity

Problem is if the ANC fails to hold - that is the recipe for disaster - there will be floods and free for all society - there will be riots over everything - perhaps you will emigrate but i don't want to - i want this country to function and that can only happen if we don't meddle but focus on things that make us unequal and things that make us unhappy as one nation

I do not know where you got the notion that you cannot challenge the president - the president is not god-ordained - the president is fallable - the power we gave JZ is to advance our mandate not to busy himself with Malema - it is un called for - focus on issues concerning the masses - focus on things that can make this country function.Mxoli i think u have to think much braoder about what you want to say - you statement contradict

maybe your friends are saying what they know you want to hear - be careful and ask yourself if you have reall friends - i am not talking revolution here - we are discussing the approach to Malema supposed issues - you cannot want him to shutup - we have to look at what he say and find a cure for it - not shrug it off

You cannot compare Malema with AWB - let me feel you in - Malema want the imbalance to go away - AWB wants their own homeland and they want to drive all other nations out if you are not white - do you see any similarity there - don't come with a lame argument to me - feed it to your friends - check this i am not a smile to the madam type

I did not say a thing about all black voting for the ANC - do not read selectively - read and understand the discussion.

Botswana is not doing fine - it is still run by Britain and the people there were never forced into poverty like in this country.Namibia is still redressing but there is not a lot of noise because people there are working together - they support each other for the sake of the country

please note that the ANCYL is not a franchise of the ANC - they have their own governance

The window dressing whites are Africans - i do not call them whites - that is why they don't find it offensive to sing " Ayesaba Magwala"

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Exzanian said...
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Exzanian said...

A peek into the mind?'s like fingers in a sock puppet...

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, the youth in this country is totally disillusioned with the ANC.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 18:27...

Yep. When they erupt in anarchy they are going to come and get it from the white boys... After all, they are the "enemies". They are the stumbling blocks to black achievement. They are the thorn in the side of "African-ness".

@ thread...
The ANCYL are the lapdogs of the ANC and are doing EXACTLY what the ANC want them to do. Malema will get a tap on the wrist, but will be kept on his masters leash. Zuma is the dangerous Mugabe-esque little fucker here. Malema is a pawn, who is too stoopid to realise that thehe is being used by the big boys to further an agenda he has no idea of.

The ANC has always used the ANCYL to enforce their policies on the ground through their "street commitees" etc. Peter Mokaba was the first non-ANC-core ANCYL leader to realise that the youth were being used as the hunting dogs of the regime and he got wasted for it. Since then the ANCYL heads have been too dimwitted to realise they are being used, culminating in the intellectual giant that now heads them up.

Watch and learn children.
1. A slap on the wrist.
2. A slight moderation in behaviour.
3. A welcoming back from the wilderness.

Justice is "seen" to be done and everyone is happy - except the ANCYL, which suits their masters agenda as they will be the foot soldiers of the final onslaught against the whites.

The ANC want the ANCYL to be ANGRY, VERY ANGRY. It will achieve their purposes without having to order it done. They get the third stage of the revolution accomplished and can go begging for aid with a "clear" conscience as the "evidence" all points to the ANCYL who will be trotted out for some TRC type hearings; all will be forgiven and life will go on.


You had better be ready or have immigrated. As sure as shit stinks their is trouble in the wind.