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Nigerian Teenager Murdered in Ireland

This has to be the headline of the day, and serves as a correction to something I said earlier.
According to the Irish Times: (emphasis mine)

"Dr Umar Al-Qadri (the family's Imam) said he spoke to Segun (Toyosi's father) after Friday prayers yesterday at the Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre in Damastown and Mr Shitta-bey had conveyed his opposition to the march to him.

“He said categorically to me that he is not involved. He does not agree with the march,” he said.

Dr Al-Qadri explained that Mr Shitta-bey believed his son’s death was not a racist attack and racism was not endemic in Irish society.

“We have been living in this country for the last 10 years and we have never had this before. The experience for the majority of people is a very fine experience,” he said. “If we are going to highlight an issue that is not a real issue, we will have some kind of a reaction.”


There is no greater tragedy than the death of a young person, and Toyosi Shitta-Bey is no exception; knifed through the heart after an altercation in a "multiracial" part of Ireland's capital.

However, here we have a case of a black victim and one (or two) white murderers, the inevitable cry of "racism" goes up, entirely obscuring one of Ireland's longest running problems: random violence.

Toyosi's parents almost immediately blamed the attack on Racism, and they weren't even present. What is clear about the incident is that racial slurs were yelled by Toyosi's assailants, but according the Irish Police, the motivation for the attack is unknown.

So then, while it may seem prudent to wait for a full investigation into the brutal murder, the Left has gone off half-cocked and planned a March in memory of Toyosi.

According to Socialist World, the murder is
"widely seen as having had racial undertones"

Well, that's it settled, then. To clarify:
"It must be said that, pending the full picture emerging, there is a widespread perception that there were racial undertones to the incident which resulted in his death. That perception itself is an important factor that needs to be addressed. "

Ah, so perception is important then? Well my perception is that the black Nissan Qashqai the Gardai are looking for is a drug dealer's car. In fact my knowledge of having lived in Dublin for twelve years is that is an incredibly dangerous place, and the randomness of the violence its most fearsome element. Rather than speculate, however, this author will wait and see what the outcome is before casting blame.

But one thing I will challenge is the Racism bandwagon, which is wheeled out every time a 'minority' is victimised. What if Toyosi was murdered by colourblind assailants for a non-racial reason? Does that make the murder ok? Maybe they thought he was "disrespecting" them, or looking at their girlfriends in the wrong way? Such is random street violence. The people of Tyrellstown would know this.

What is the reason for this mad panic to show "solidarity" and fall over ourselves to prove how non-racist we are? Well, here's a clue:

According to the Irish Times:
Patrick Kabangu (17) from Congo said: “Racism is hiding everywhere. It is in the schools. Everywhere in Ireland is racist, it is just being hidden. This country is crazy.”

Praise indeed from somebody fresh out of the Congo. You have to credit Mr.Kabangu, it didn't take him long to learn to play the race card. He has no shame in telling the citizens of the country that -presumeably - rescued him from the war-torn DRC that they are a bunch of Nazis.

You're welcome, Pat.

The Irish Left Review also prints the quote, but the Irish Times has the best one:

"Local Fine Gael councillor Kieran Dennison said he was shocked by the details of the incident, having spoken to several witnesses.

He said there had not been many racist attacks, but racism did exist in the area. “Racism is something people have in their hearts,” he said."


So, we learn that, actually, racist attacks aren't common at all, but that we Irish are just dying to get our murderous little hands on whatever darkie comes our way. So why don't we? It's not like there's a shortage.

Even the President expressed her condolences over the attack, on a football-loving teenager who

"played for Insaka-Ireland Football, the football club for African children in Ireland."

Nothing like racial harmony is there?
Even Labour TD Joan Burton said
"the incident was not typical of the Tyrellstown area and she praised the “excellent relations” between Irish and non-Irish nationals who live in the area."

So, why are all Irish people now racist because one black person happen to get killed in a high-crime part of a high-crime city?
Well, for the answer to that we have to look Left, as always. The same troublemakers that turn Toyosi's memorial into a "March and Rally" have their own agenda, and the Irish Left Review lays it our perfectly:

"Government-led ‘anti-racist’ and intercultural interventions seek to foster positive emotional responses to diversity and to facilitate greater contact, ‘integration’ or understanding among different cultural groups.

What these kinds of interventions rarely acknowledge is that major changes in the way society is organised are necessary if racism is to be effectively challenged. Political and economic arrangements implemented during the Celtic Tiger and more recently post-Celtic tiger era, have produced new economic vulnerabilities and insecurities which get projected onto groups who have been inaccurately portrayed by tabloid journalists and some political figures as being (undeservedly) disproportionately in receipt of diminishing national resources.

It should not take an alleged racially-motivated murder like that of Toyosi Shittabey for the government to abandon its under-resourced and ineffective approach to interculturalism and racism which merely serves to deflect attention from its own role in fueling racial tension and sentiment. What is needed is wide-ranging and radical political-economic reform that will promote greater levels of equity, not greater levels of economic disparity and insecurity, if we are to avoid further projection of hostility onto groups like migrants, asylum seekers and refugees."

Yup, we need more Socialism.

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Anonymous said...

Sjym, arme kaffertjie, die wittes het hom onderdruk. Gee hom die land...

Anonymous said...

If we marched in memory of everyone who has been murdered at the hands of the "previously disadvantaged" we wouldn't have sat down since '94.

Anonymous said...

A quote from one of the links in the story-

"Tim Duffy, Tyrrelstown. - April 9, 2010
How can you faithfully march against violence or racism when a group of African teenagers comprising the deceased Toyosi Shittabey brutally attacked and robbed, with a deadly weapon, two irishmen in tyrrelstown, Dublin 15, immediately prior to the tragic events of April 2nd 2010? An incident which has a direct bearing on the later tragic events of the same night? How can you condone this behaviour, this violence, and then decry an unlawful killing as murder? To the leaders of the African community in Tyrrelstown – stand up and be honest with the authorities and take a step back from your racist perspective lest it cloud your judgement in this matter.

RIP the deceased, you did not deserve to die."

Lime Lite said...

If the left continue on this path, they'll end up how Hungary, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark are going - back to the extreme right. People are getting sick of this constant race card rubbish as well the continued march of Islam into their countries.

Anonymous said...

"If we marched in memory of everyone who has been murdered at the hands of the "previously disadvantaged" we wouldn't have sat down since '94."

Maybe we should have!
Athough you would've battled to get more than a few people together because Whites spend too much time working, to earn money, to keep the Bank Owners in Control of the Global Economy, which keeps us enslaved ... while Blacks chill out and gather in large groups to "demand" more money and march for anything and everything, while the whites just work and fight against each other for the few sheckles they can get their hands on!
Whites long ago threw away the concept of community!

Anonymous said...

"Whites spend too much time working, to earn money, to keep the Bank Owners in Control of the Global Economy"

That's bullshit - we all know but fail to acknowledge that you whites don't give a shit about your own.

Viking said...

"we all know but fail to acknowledge that you whites don't give a shit about your own."

Partly true, Jim, but partly not. It's fairer - and truer - to say that we don't play identity politics and we don't necessarily support someone just because they're the same colour as us, like some other groupings do.

I don't think this is a weakness, however, as I'd rather make decisions by debate and reason rather than knee-jerk identity issues.

Lime Lite said...

@Viking - agree. We don't just rush to join an outraged group because they're the same race. Unlike blacks and muslims. No matter what the cause, they blindly follow as a show in numbers.

Laager said...

To whoever promotes immigration from Africa, diversity and multi culturism in Ireland:

The Genie is out of the bottle.
This is just the beginning of another layer of conflict in your country.
It has happened in Denmark and Sweden and it is not getting any better as the immigrant populations grow.
if you really want to get worried start monitoring the birth rate of the immigrants within your midst.

White South Africa took a benevolent approach to their black neighbours,. They taught them Christianity, how to read and write, created millions of jobs for them, built them houses, hospitals and schools. This resulted in the black population growing from 3m in 1900 to 35m in 1990. Over the same time period the white population grew from 1m to 5m.

Since gaining their political freedom in 1994 blacks have demonstrated their gratitude by randomly slaying 40,000 white people.

if you want to put an end to ethnic violence in Ireland STOP immigration from Africa NOW.