Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It will never change.

Who is to be blamed for all the intolerance in South Africa? The various minority groups? Or is it a third force? Or is it the criminal elements from all the countries north of South Africa?

Tribalism and barbarism is at the very core of South Africa’s problems.

There is only one group of people to blame in South Africa for all of the hatred, violence and murders, and that is the ANC.

Read the below and be informed…….

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - A Zimbabwean man, a father of five, has been stoned to death for being a Zimbabwean, in a brutal xenophobic attack believed to be organised by local ANC leaders.

Those who knew him say Sergent Kanyimo was a quiet man whose only passion was his wife and five children back home in Zimbabwe.

The xenophobic attack happened in the early hours of Good Friday in Wallacedene, Kraaifontein, as Sergent left for work in Simon's Town.

Homeowner Maduna Mwahla, 56, says she was shocked to see the bloodied man in her yard.

"It just doesn't make sense. Why would one kill a man simply because he comes from another country?" she asks.

She says she heard a stone hitting her house then peeped through the window and saw Sergent sprawled on her doorstep.

"They hit him with a hammer until he fell down - he stood up but they hit him repeatedly until he could stand no more," she says.

But witnessing the murder is the least of Maduna's worries - she is scared Sergent's spirit will haunt her home and begged his family to conduct a ritual to cleanse it.

"Before they leave, they must say to him: 'Now we are collecting your body and we are taking it back to Zimbabwe'," Maduna says.

"I'm worried that his soul will roam around and cause bad luck."

A 22-year-old witness to the attack says Sergent's death is xenophobic and a local ANC leader has been fingered in the attack.

"They [the attackers] said they wanted to rid our area of foreigners - and it hurts because I know him personally," she says.

Sergent's brother-in-law Adam Chairi, 22, says the older man hated alcohol and kept to himself.

"All he cared about were his five kids and wife he left in Zimbabwe," says Adam.

4 Opinion(s):

Lime Lite said...

Scaremongering of the people. Keeping them in check and scared of going against the ANC.

Anonymous said...

They always kill the good among them!

Ron. said...

Which sort of goes to my point about Terre'Blanche in the post below this article because as racist as Terre'Blanche was alleged to have been in the past - his actions were no where even close as the brutal madness of those noted within the article yet few would attack black South Africans as "racist" while always mentioning their "freedom struggle" but no matter how just the Boer & general White freedom struggle is: it is always couched in racist terms & its ardents are made to be ashamed of wanting any form of self determination.

Lime Lite said...

Good post from the USA about the SWC ...