Thursday, April 08, 2010

Horrible, But True


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Anonymous said...

FIFA 2010 & Terre'blanche

UK Newspaper
Daily Star: 5 April 2010

This newspaper stated: "Even before the race-war thread, more than a million tickets remained unsold", 10 weeks from the games.

It appears as if the 2010 FIFA World Cup was a failure, due to insufficient sales of tickets.

The murder of Eugene Terreblanche (and the anticipated race war) can therefore be used as a convenient Excuse for any lack of income from the 2010 FIFA World cup.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now even those who talk about tin hats etc will start waking up as to what is really going on!
1. BBC, CNN and SKY continue with messages about the "white supremacist's" funeral where many of his "supremacist suppoters" will be.
Ironic because Terreblanche himself never claimed to be "better than the blacks, only different from them" (Theroux interview over ten years ago).
2. Nothing on BBC and SKY about the Black Supremacist Malema, who only yesterday Kicked a BBC journalist out of Luthuli House for being a cheeky white.
3. We've had NO news (in the UK) about Malema's desire to nationalise the mines because the mine owners know, that with the scapegoat of the evil white africans, they can keep the blacks anger focused elsewhere!

Yet still some people can't get their brains around who really runs SA!

Snowy Smith said...

This was the equivalent of 9/11 in SA

I have absolutely NO doubt in my mind that ET’s murder was a carefully planned hit, orchestrated from the highest levels of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Snowy Smith

Anonymous said...

Do the people of South Africa know tha the Western Media are continually refering to the Afrikaans Resisance Movement as a "white supremicist" organisation rather than a minority seeking independence.

We've also hear on BBC, Sky, CNN and every western newspaper that "apartheid era flags and swastikas have been flying at the funeral".
In fact, I've seen hundreds of photos of the funeral and seen only vierkleur flags (the flag of one of the many countries overthrown by Britain in their attempt to create the Union of SA) which has nothing to do with apartheid.

It would seem that the Western Media is in fact owned by enemies of White Christians!

Demographic said...

Why do Afrikaners have so few kids ?

Terreblanche had a single daughter !

Many I see on TV have only one or two children...

How can they hope survive as a people ?

Mad Kiwi said...

Demographic - when 10% of the population pays 95% of the country's taxes to supply the jungle bunnies with free medical care, schooling, etc whilst yourself have to pay for all the above then it becomes very expensive to have children.

And when they willfully destroy the above said and then cry crocodile tears to the rest of the world on how they were oppressed by the "bad" white man then you get even more so frustrated with the bunch of useless, lying and murderous animals.
Animals, no, that is insulting to animals, no animal will behave in a conscious way like these pathetic excuses for human beings do.

That is why we left my friend, my 3 kids now have a future here in NZ. Make no mistake, there are a serious lot of oxygen thieves here too living of welfare handouts, but at least it's the minority.

Skingen said...

Mad Kiwi,

You had 3 children which is reasonable.

But I see at lot of Whites with no children at all, or only one or two of them.

I cannot but wonder what the priorities of those Whites are.

Any Nationalist must think of having more than two children (if he is not sterile of course), otherwise I really wonder if he is serious about his beliefs.

Skingen said...

Forgot to says : the number of children per white women was already droppped rapidly during Apartheid, what was the excuse then ?

Anonymous said...

"the number of children per white women was already droppped rapidly during Apartheid, what was the excuse then ?"

The Boer had been conquered and enslaved by the West! They had no choice but to have maximum two kids as they were now part of the banking system. Not to mention the media's constant drive of "2.5 kids"...
and we all know those who own the banks also own hollywood and the western media!

Leo said...

Anonymous said...

"The Boer had been conquered and enslaved by the West! They had no choice but to have maximum two kids as they were now part of the banking system. Not to mention the media's constant drive of "2.5 kids"...
and we all know those who own the banks also own hollywood and the western media!"

I don't like such talk : you excuse what is basically a question pof values and priority.

Boers must understand that demography is destiny, if they go on as they do and have less than 2,1 children (I would says less than 3 because of emigration), they are DOOMED. And partly because of themselves (braai, rugby and a big car before children ?).

Ron. said...

Anon April 9 22:39. Excellent points. All of those flags are grossly misrepresented & downright distorted by the Western media. All of the Boer Republican flags [ mainly the Transvaal Vierkleur & Orange Free State Vierkleur ] date from long before the Apartheid era & the AWB flag [ while looking unfortunately too similar to ] is not a Swastika flag. As a matter of fact the symbol on the AWB flag are 3 sevens configured into a Triskelion formation. Just like the Isle of Man flag. The only flag displayed there which could be remotely be considered an Apartheid era flag would be the old orange / white & blue South African flag BUT it was adopted in 1927 [ during an Apartheid era but long before the Grand Apartheid era ] though I noticed that those flags were vastly outnumbered by the Vierkleur & Boer Republican flags because the vast majority of the Boer people want republican based self determination - not a
return to Apartheid.

Demographic. First off Terre'Blanche ADOPTED his daughter so he also did not [ or could not - perhaps not him but his wife ] contribute to the population by having any children. Adopting a child is a net gain of zero population wise - if you follow.

Next. Do not forget the massive role contraception has made in denting population growth. Before the curious invention of contraception White people [ particularly Boers ] were having a lot of children.

The second Anon is very astute. The media is accusing the wrong group of being "supremacist" as the White population are victims of the TRUE supremacists. None other than consistently applied Greg-ian logic would dictate this as "minorities can not be supremacist". Even if one might counter with the fact that mines & many companies are owned by folks with White skin: one must remember that the Boer population has virtually no role in this & many of them are living under the poverty line now.

Another poster in another forum astutely pointed out that the Boer population are becoming "the Palestinians of Africa" ie: in the sense that they are steadily having their rights eroded & are losing ground in the land of their birth & are being demonized in similar [ worse ] fashion.

Anonymous said...

If you are in SA you will know the cost of having one kid. With the price of food, rent/ housing and school, how can anyone , who wants their kids to have any kind of future, have more than one, or two?

Anonymous said...


You are correct. Those who have a brain want to give their children the best possible way forward. Private health care, schooling and university. Now look at your average Sipho, he unzips and the state takes care of everything after that.

Where do you think the 18 million welfare mouths comes from? Why do you think there are only 5 million tax payers? Its expensive to create a taxpayer, its dirt cheap to create a welfare mouth.