Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eugene Terre'blanche: An Ordinary Farm Murder?

The death of white seperatist Eugene Terre'blanche has drawn the world's attention to the phenomenon of Farm Murder in South Africa and may serve as the marker to a potentially explosive future for the Country. Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma will be held to account for what follows.

When I did this vid, I used a lot of images from Terre'blanches' funeral, and what struck me most, were the expressions on peoples faces: shock, confusion, mistrust, fear and yes, anger. These are real people, with real emotions. My heart goes out to them in solidarity. I hope I have conveyed some of this in the vid.

This is my tribute to Eugene. RIP.

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Anonymous said...

was he one of the moffie brigade? the silence about the alleged sexual misdemeanours is deafening.

Viking said...

Well I watched Carte Blanche this evening and they interviewed the cop who found his body. He said it was BS that ET was found with his pants down. He said his belt was just loose.

Anonymous said...

Both the Crime Scene chief ( a police Captain) and the Inspector who was first on the scene, have declared that the condom story was absolute nonsense! No doubt the you-know-who media just trying to rubbish the true Christians again.

Lime Lite said...

@Anon - you are a tool. Next they're going to accuse him of having sex with the animals on his farm - are you going to just beleive that too? Why don't you take the "evidence" from whence it comes?

Lime Lite said...

Good video. You are right - people are angry. But, I don't think much will come of this. They just need to sit tight and let the ANC hang themselves with their sheeple. I think the tide may be turning. More and more blacks are angry that Malema is spewing hate speech. I'm not saying it's enough to oust the ANC but it's certainly starting them to question just what the government are doing with all the money.

Krokodil said...

As I've mentioned in a previous posting about ET, I think the manner of his death was savage, cowardly and despicable. I also truly hope, and tend to think, that he has gone to be with God. I also respected him for being prepared to be a lone voice in a politically-correct age.

However, and this is no disrespect to him and his family, he really wasn't a credible voice for White/Afrikaner/Boer self-determination. I've read the bumf on the AWB website but, let's get real, the symbolism of the AWB flag etc. is unmistakeably neo-nazi. In order to be taken seriously, by the outside world in particular, they HAVE to get rid of their flag, colours etc. Unless, of course, they are well aware of what it connotates and are quite unashamed of that.

As far as ET's imprisonment is concerned, can someone please fill me in with the relevant details. What I've found so far online is a bit uninformative. But, quite frankly, if he genuinely tried to beat someone to death, then 3 years in prison is simply wrong, especially as his victim suffered permanent injury. I'm well aware that's not his fault - he received due process - but doesn't exactly enhance his legacy (Actually, IF as bad as recorded, that would more properly be an indictment on the SA justice system).

Unfortunately, ET could so easily be lampooned by the British media, amongst others no doubt, because of his clownish and abrasive demeanor. The man might have been greater than what he was portrayed as - but that was hardly apparent in the few docu's I saw about him.

A far more credible voice of Afrikaner nationalism was the late Andries Treurnicht but, rest assured, the BBC and it's ilk would never have gone near him.

Still, just maybe ET will achieve more in death than he did in life.

Anonymous said...

There are certain stages to a communist revolution. These are as follows.

1) Demoralization
2) Destabilzation
3) Crises
4) Normalization

Now we as South Africa had long since gone through these steps, but the money power thought it wise to apply step 1, the step of demoralization, to the Afrikaners again.

The reason for this is that recently there had been a resurgence of nationalism under the Afrikaner. Nationalism is the enemy of Marxism and cannot be tolerated.

Their plan was to murder a prominent Afrikaner leader who played a critical part in the new drive for self determination and to make certain shocking revelations about the murder as time progresses.

These shocking revelations, like for example the pants around the knees the condom etc. are all designed to embarrass the Afrikaner and to taint the memory of the leader.

The reason why these revelations had to be made in steps is that they wanted to shock and embarrass the people to the maximum.

First the murder. Once the situation has normalized, in that they can see the people won't go to war, they make the next declaration, ie. pants around ankles. Then they wait until the outrage has died and make the next revelation, ie. condom etc.

They could not come out with the whole story right from the start, because then the intended victim group would not necessarily be demoralized. They knew that if they pushed to hard the opposite could happen and the intended victim group could act in a emotional manner, like for instance declaring war.

The objective is to ridicule the murdered person and by association all that he stood for. In this case the objective was to ridicule ET and the recent nationalistic drive under the whites for self determination. Thus other supporters of Afrikaner self determination would be demoralized and not want to associate with ET or his vision.

The objective is demoralization.

Unfortunately for the evil government their was a leak and this leak was in the form of a police inspector (white) that came out and declared that she was on the scene and that no condom was found. On the TV program, Carte Blanche, the first medic(white) on the scene also confirmed that ET's pants were not around his knees.


We have to be vigilant, because we are dealing with a party(the ANC) that has transformed itself through baby steps into a party that history will remember one day as being worse than the Nazis.


Anonymous said...

Why do people insist on flying the Apartheid Flag? If we flew ONLY the flags of all the countries that were conquered to create the Union of SA, the Western World would not be able to accuse us of wanting to return to Apartheid (which in their minds is one minority ethnicity ruling over the others)!

Anonymous said...

1.I agree totally ,the awb insignia should go ,it will send out the wrong message to the rest of the world for various reasons.
2.The old SA flag has got nothing to do with the Afrikaners but much more to do with our humiliating betrayel by our own, fly the old boer flags, they really represent the Boer nation and dont carry the "stigma" of apartheid.
3.The AWB should really brief a competent lawyer as a watching brief at the coming trial as the "demotion" of chief prosecutor Adiaan Lambrecht has already shown that Malema can sack the relevant prosecutor if they do not obey his command and assist his miltipe murder accussed friends in obtaining bail.
4 If Eugene Terreblanche was having sex with blacks the world should stop calling him a racist at least, but it seems terribly strange that he would be involved in sex while a panga and knopkierie should be at hand,unless they are used in a threesome in a way that most people cant imagine.
5.Evidence of sodomy is very easy to fake, so again competent legal representation by the AWB is required.
6.The outside world will again use this episode to show the world that Arikaners are racist barbarians that deserve to be murdered by innocent and abused African people.
7.The Boere should use this opportunity to behave in the ways of our people and behave with dignity and self respect, and we should from now on refuse to be used as the worlds cannon fodder in the fight for Liberalist marxist ideologies.We should use the weapon of truth without emotion and desist from using unbecoming racist slang, as this will put our people in even more danger, we know what we have to endure but to use bad language will only indicate the lack of intelligent skill in communicating our struggle.

Exzanian said...

There are two rock hard, incontestable facts here 1) ET was bludgeoned to death by two blacks 2) There are 3100 white farmers dead since 1994. The world has caught a fleeting glimpse of that. Whether there is a smear campaign against ET or not is irrelevant. Even if the homosexual issues are true, hey, the geezer was getting on and hitting the bottle way too hard, so maybe he had some lapses. I've seen worse in human nature.

Anonymous said...


The rumours are false. It was even on the SABC news.

Anonymous said...


Could you please explain?

The old SA flag has got nothing to do with the Afrikaners

The Afrikaners were in charge of South Africa under aparthied - no?

and dont carry the "stigma" of apartheid.

Did the Boers ever rule South Africa and if they did why did they not take back their old republics?

fly the old boer flags, they really represent the Boer nation

Well no other flag would represent the Boer nation other than the old Boer flags. How does the old South African flag fit in with the Boers?

Interesting interview with Andre Visagie on the Right Perspective last week when he claims that - 'under apathied WE build all the infrastructure when WE ruled'. Who was he talking about I wonder - Boers or Afrikaners?


If you are passing by while reading this. I think you Boers are buggered by all the propagada!

Viking said...

what on earth is the "apartheid flag"?

I understood the old one was introduced in 1928, two decades before Apartheid was invented.

Anonymous said...

Jim Beam
The south africans have a tendency to use the flag at public occasions and it seems as though they want to return to the "old south africa" That country however was created by the money powers in the world to get there dirty hands on the gold and in effect destroying the lives of the boers and blacks ,the union was doomed to chaos from the start, it is impossible to put strong willed people like the boers and Zulu's for example in one country neither will accept domination by the others.But GOLD spoke its ugly language and and the new south africa was the inevitable result.
The money powers in the world screwed us over and by us i mean the blacks and the whites.After enduring all sorts of crime and attacks on my family i can only pray that i may live between boer people again someday,compared to what is going on here now it was heaven on earth to live with my own people who are honest reliable non criminal and to a great extent self regulating. I am of german,dutch,french and irish blood ,and so are most boers, not a easy genetic cocktail i agree but to a great extent we understand each other very well.What i dont understand at all is this chaos that is Africa and try as much as i want i wont fit into it and neither will the others,we are truly a western european nation in exile.I was no fan of Eugene terreblanche but I understand where he comes from.My take on him was that he was concerned for his people and could see the future more clearly than others, so whatever he might have been he cared for the boers and certainly endured violent attacks from his own people and from all over the planet and yet he didnt give up, for that strength of character even his worst enemy should give him credit.It was that strength that i see in the farmers of this country every day, if the world could really see what they have to endure they would be amazed and yet the are made out to be crazed lunatic racists.Well walk a mile in their shoes and then judge them.That is the spirit of the old boer republics.And the boers only ruled themselves untill the boer war ,after that our goverment by deception started.

Anonymous said...

The truth about Mugabe’s gangster youth

BEWARE of ex-militia disguised as refugees, writes NDABEZINHLE KHUMALO of Meadowlands

In the early 1980’s Robert Mugabe formed a paramilitary youth brigade similar to the Malawian Young Pioneers or Interahamwe of Rwanda.

The Zimbabwe Youth Brigade was characterized by bright red shirts with a Zanu-PF badge. Their main brief was to kill, torture, rape destroy homes or break limbs of Zanu-PF supporters, ex-Zipra, Nguni-Ndebeles, Xhosa, Sotho, Kalanga, Tonga and Venda people.

They complemented activities of the notorious 5th Brigade. For details read the Catholic report, “Breaking the silence”.

The brigade’s activities contributed to the death of 20 000 civilians, and millions fleeing to South Africa from Matebeleland.

After the 1987 Unity Accord, the government absorbed most brigade members into quasi-government and government departments. Today most are adults, some are in strategic positions, some are in the main opposition.

Facing a strong opposition threat in 2000, Mugabe activated the youth-militia, headed by the late Border Gezi. This time their main brief was to invade, kill, intimidate and chase away white commercial farmers.

The net result was the death of seven white farmers, one police constable and the total collapse of organized commercial farming.

As the economy started to melt the regime has been struggling to sustain the youth-militia. To get rid of them, the Zimbabwe government is facilitating issuance of South African farm work permits ahead of other applicants.

I have personally met hundreds of these ex-youth militia working as farm hands on commercial farms around the Vhemke district of Limpopo and at asylum offices in Pretoria.

These youth are dangerously indoctrinated and pose a security threat. They are actually human rights criminals.

How can South Africa be a sanctuary for such criminals who have contributed to the current state of Zimbabwe?

[Letter appeared on page 13 of The Citizen (Johannesburg daily Newspaper) on Friday 15 June 2007]

Ron. said...
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Ron. said...

Krokodil. One of the problems of course WAS Afrikaner Nationalism because it was simply the fabricated Afrikaans equivalent of British Imperialism which should be no surprise because the Cape Dutch were immensely influenced by the British which is why the later emerging Afrikaner Nationalism [ which was under the tutelage of the Cape Dutch descendents ] was able to copy so many British methods right down to creating Afrikaans equivalents & even copying the original British names on various legislation they passed.

Theuns Cloete had a brief meeting with Andries Treurnicht & Treurnicht outright rejected the Boer Nation & its aspirations for self determination. Though it is quite interesting to note that Treurnicht died on the operating table in 1993 & he was after all still a threat to the establishment who were determined to bring the ANC into power.

Jim Beam. I agree: the propaganda is intense from all sides. I have not yet listened to that interview on the Right Perspective but it sounds a bit disappointing as Visagie [ who resembles Jaap Marais! ] is clearly identifying with the Afrikaners which is what too many Boers are still unfortunately doing. Theuns Cloete just sent me an e-mail to a recent interview he did with the Newsguy's [ TRP producer ] radio program this past Thursday & I must tell you that it is quite an informative interview as he details how the he & other local Boers were in the process of LEGALLY removing the National Party within the Transvaal & were going to run INDEPENDENTS & force an election leading to negotiations with the pro Boer Republican independents which would have led to the restoration of the Boer Republics until some agent provocateur AWB agents disrupted the meeting thereby giving the State an excuse to bring in the police & the infamous altercations which followed.

Recent interview with Thuens Cloete on the Newsguy's radio program.

There is quite a lot covered in this interview & it sheds light on quite a lot of things as it is a behind the story account by someone who lived through the time period in question.

Ron. said...

Treurnicht eventually did adopt a position of creating an Afrikaans speaking republic during his final days - a position later adopted by the Freedom Front but stuck to the outlook of working within the compromised system instead of taking the case to the world in a much more direct fashion.

Ron. said...

Anon 6:36. I agree with what you posted but I would say that the Boers are a Western oriented Caucasian originated African people because the Boers were not formed on the European continent.

Anonymous said...

Eugene's last interview, filmed 2 weeks before he died will be aired tonight on SABC3 @ 20:30


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the interview link. Its a 27MB download and lasts 2 hours. Here is the download link.

Very interesting interview as I think he pretty much covered everything. When ET died I had the theory however nobody said anything about it as a view until Cloete spoke about it. He is correct as it is not only the blacks who might have benefitted out of the death of ET as a tool for propaganda. What you have noted over the past week is how certain sectors are trying to use the death as a tool to push Boer and Cape Dutch together as a grouping.