Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crime in the Headlines: What's New?

Top story of this morning is of another woman fighting for her life after being shot twice in head.

From IOL:

A Pretoria woman is fighting for her life in hospital after she was shot twice in the head while trying to save her mother-in-law from a gang of armed robbers posing as policemen.

Suna Steenberg, who runs Montana Pale and Lapa's with her husband, Jurie, was shot when she opened fire on gunmen who were attacking her mother-in-law, "Tannie Poppie", in their Leeufontein smallholding yesterday.

The attack comes 10 days after matriculant, Ernest Hoon, 18, was shot dead in an armed robbery on his parents' smallholding less than 3km away from Steenberg's home.

In the latest attack two men wearing police uniforms walked onto the Steenberg's smallholding as workers offloaded poles at the premises.

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The second tells of a teenager from Cape Town who was abducted by foreign sex-tourists (possibly Germans) and forced to pose in "an indecent way".

What is bizarre about this incident is that it would have been easier just to pay someone to do this.
Fortunately, the 18-year old was not raped, or worse.

A Cape Town teenager says she was abducted in broad daylight near Newlands Rugby Stadium by four adults who drugged her, kept her for two days, and forced her to pose naked for photographs.

Police are investigating a case of abduction and have appealed for assistance.

The 18-year-old Grade 11 pupil from Eerste River said she believed she was going to die during the two-day ordeal which began in Claremont Boulevard last Saturday at around 11.30am.

She had been in Newlands to attend an open day at a college when a Jeep with four occupants pulled up next to her to ask for directions. She said two white men were in the front, while a black woman and a coloured man were in the back.

"The woman suddenly grabbed me and said I must go with them. I tried to fight but the men helped pull me into the back. They were too strong."

The teenager says she was forced to drink something that tasted like Fanta Grape, before she passed out.

"When I woke up it was dark and I was in a room with two single beds and a toilet. The door was locked and there was a woman from Malawi with me. She was a bit older."

She said she felt dizzy initially and her head hurt but after about 20 minutes she recovered.

"I banged on the door. The men came in and showed us pictures of naked girls posing in an indecent way. They told us to undress and pose like that. They threatened to hurt us if we didn't."

She said they were taken to a room which was "nicely" decorated with a double bed.

Photographs were taken of them together and separately.

The following day the teenager said she was blindfolded and taken to another house where the pictures were shown to another white man. The white men had occasionally used a foreign language, possibly German.

"He said to leave the Malawian woman and take me away. I thought they would kill me. They took me back to the first house and discussed what to do with me. I promised if they let me go I wouldn't say anything."

On Monday around 5am she was dropped near Somerset West where she made her way home to her distraught parents.

"My mother called everyone. No one knew where I was. She took me to a private doctor but he said the police should take me to a district surgeon."

Investigating officer Warrant Officer Henry Abrahams from the Steenberg Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit, has appealed to the public for help.

He said the Jeep was black and had dark tinted windows and no registration plates.

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