Thursday, April 01, 2010


Just a quick note from myself to say well done to all the bloggers here on ILSA. We have just passed the 1,000,000 hit mark.

That's a milestone not to be sneezed at. Not many blogs survive that long, and I hope, and wish, that this blog will go from strength to strength, into the future.

This blog was started on
26 April 2008 by the very toothy and vocal Doberman. He was a ball of energy and soon attracted a host of very like minded folks. Many have come, strutted their stuff, and moved on. That's how blogging works. It's tough, competitive and not for the faint hearted. There are others that seek the limelight and to them, I would say welcome, I hope you've got the right stuff! (but don't worry, we all make it up as we go along and learn in the process, that's part of the fun!)

Perhaps another contributor, who has been around longer than me, may wish to do a review on the history of the blog, memorable posts, comments or quirky, funny comments. From myself, I wish only to say THANK YOU to the loyal blog readers, without you the blog would be nothing. If I may say it in the words from the end of a great Beatles track (in Liverpudlian accent)

"I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition"

Here's to the next 1,000,000 hits!


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FishEagle said...

Congratulations guys!

Islandshark said...

Congrats guys & girls!

Viking said...

This is a great landmark!

I for one am proud to have been involved over the last year or so, and want to give a huge thankyou to everyone who has given their time, skill and insight to contributing and commenting, as well as following ILSA.

Lime Lite said...


Anonymous said...

Well done guys!
Keep up the good work!
Thanks for your dedication.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up !

SA Greek said...

Congrats to u all.Keep up the very good work.

Donatello said...

ILSA is definitely one of my favourites blogs at this point in time. Posts are always high quality and provide a good read. I don't just hang around to get a daily dose of controversy, I really believe in everything this site and others like this stands for.

Keep up the good work Guys & Gals, the truth must be heard!

Pensioner said...

I have not been on ILSA for a couple of weeks due to PC problems, but Congratulations to all you guys!