Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chavez a Threat to Peace

From Ozzie Saffa.

Experts warn of escalating Chavez threat

Another heart-warming expose on the peace-loving dictator and Obama's pal from Venezuela.

Latin America experts are warning about the growing threat from Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, citing new evidence of Chavez’s expanding ties with Iran and Hezbollah and other terrorist groups.

The Venezuelan president also has demonstrated his willingness to buy elections throughout the hemisphere to empower enemies of the United States, several experts said in presentations Thursday during a conference that the Center for Security Policy sponsored on Capitol Hill.

“Today, Venezuela airports are being freely used by drug cartels to export drugs to Europe and the United States,” said Luis Fleischman, senior adviser for the center’s Menges Hemispheric Security Project. “Chavez has helped the FARC fight against Colombia, [while] Hezbollah cells have increased their fund-raising and other activities in the area.”

What’s more, Fleischman said, “Young Venezuelans are being trained in Hezbollah camps in Lebanon . . . and Venezuela has reportedly produced uranium for Iran.”

Because of the close ties between Chavez and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “there is a real possibility” that Chavez could get a nuclear weapon from Iran after Iran acquires that capability itself, he said.

Obama’s “friendly interaction” with Chavez at last year’s Summit of the Americas has only emboldened the Venezuelan strongman in thinking that the United States will do nothing to oppose his regime or his anti-American activities, Fleischman said.

Also hammering that point was Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who blasted the Obama administration for helping to bring back to power a communist dictator in Honduras and for empowering a return of Sandinista thugs to Nicaragua.

The Cuba-born Floridian also warned of the “growing Iranian influence throughout the hemisphere.”

“The flights that take place all the time between Tehran and Caracas should be a worry to anyone who cares deeply about our national security,” Ros-Lehtinen said.

"The people on those flights don’t go through customs,” he said. “But the cargo area is always full.”

“The tractor factory doesn’t make tractors, and the cement factory doesn’t make cement,” Bailey said. “The tractor factory makes weapons, and the cement factory is used for the export of cocaine.”

Bailey believes that Iran has cultivated Chavez in part “to make it possible for Iran to retaliate against the United States in the event Iran is attacked by Israel or the U.S.”

“For all practical purposes, Venezuela is on a war footing,” he said.

He also noted the ability of drug traffickers tied to Venezuela to weld special compartments onto the outside of ships to carry drugs to Europe.

“They could just as easily put cylinders of high explosives on those ships instead of drugs, and blow them up in the Panama Canal,” he said.

Chavez’s strategy was to build allies in the United States by offering low-cost heating oil to lower-income Americans through Joseph Kennedy Jr. and his Citizens Energy nonprofit, in the hopes that security-conscious voices would be drowned out.

“My favorite Chavez quote is, ‘I will put my enemy to sleep, so that one day he will wake up dead,’” said Jon Perdue, Latin American programs director at the Fund for American Studies.

At one point, former Assistant Secretary of State Otto Reich accused the Telesur reporters of “harassment,” and threatened to call the sergeant at arms to get them tossed out of the House meeting room.

Reich called Chavez the “head of the snake” of a revolutionary movement aimed at subverting his neighbors. “The brain is in Havana, but the head of the snake is in Caracas,” he said.

Several years ago, the Colombian armed forces seized a computer during a raid on a FARC compound that included documents detailing the financial ties between Chavez to the FARC.

Since then, Chavez has sought the overthrow of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who has spearheaded the crackdown on the FARC.

Tensions between the two presidents flared during a “Unity Summit" near Cancun, Mexico, in February, when Chavez shouted that Uribe should “go to hell.”

Reich said the evidence of Venezuela’s support for the FARC and other terrorist groups is so overwhelming that the United States “should declare Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism. The evidence is there. The Defense Department has it. The Congress has it. The political will is missing.”

The United States should revoke the visas of Chavez’s business partners, the “Bolivarian billionaires . . . who own homes in the United States and travel back and forth and who are the ones who carry those bags of money to the Daniel Ortega’s” and other Chavez political allies in the region, Reich said.

“This is a subversion of democracy under our noses and the United States is saying nothing,” he said.

The third measure Reich advocated is to end U.S. dependence on Venezuelan oil.

Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, blasted the State Department for what he described as its “malign neglect” of Chavez’s misdeeds, and warned of the peril if the United States doesn’t take action.

“We don’t have the luxury of ignoring this,” he said. “We will be hurt badly by it . . . We have enemy armies now operating from safe havens in our hemisphere that we know have the capacity to bring weapons of mass destruction” into the United States. “So the cost of waiting could be high.”

That couldn't possibly be Sean Penn with old Chav could it?


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Anonymous said...

What a lot of jewish propaganda, scaremongering, bullshit.
Israel are shit scared their lack of respect for any life form other than a jew, particularly in the middle east, is going to bite them in the arse big time, so they are ratcheting up the hate campaign against Iran and anyone she is friendly with, in order to validate America´s unconditional support should the shit hit the fan.
Just ask yourself one question. Do you really believe Venezuela, who can hardly feed it´s people, would contemplate a continental American launching pad for Iranian aggression against the USA, when they know they could and would be wiped out by the simple act of pressing a couple of buttons?
Do you honestly believe they are that stupid? If you do, then you are beyond help ,and are well and truly in the clutches of the evil blood sucking vampire.
Please start thinking will you.

Anonymous said...

It's poker; Venezuela is bluffing, but I also believe they actually are that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Sean Penn is a bit of a dick, but no one can accuse him of being anything other than anti war, and he is fiercely pro American. Just because he opposed Bush´s foreign policy, hardly makes him a commie or anti American. He can see the lies and bullshit being spread by those in who´s interest it is to create war and misery for their own benefit.
I am staunchly conservative, but also believe Bush was the worst thing that ever happened to this planet. I support Iranian sovereignty and think the USA should ditch their greatest ally, israel, for the rest of humanity.
Won´t happen though, will it?

Anonymous said...

Well lets not forget history:

1. Who trained Bin Laden? CIA

2. Who helped grow poppies? CIA

So is this just the Americans being mad as more cocaine competition has entered the market lowering the price of thier freedom fighters products in Afganistan?

Shaun Penn - that is what happens to you when you marry an old rich woman who dances around in her underwear on stage.

Viking said...

"Do you really believe Venezuela, who can hardly feed it´s people, would contemplate a continental American launching pad for Iranian aggression against the USA, when they know they could and would be wiped out by the simple act of pressing a couple of buttons?"

Ask the guy who wrote the article.

Laager said...

The Australian investigative journalist John Pilger has made a very good doumentary on the USA power plays in Latin America

It is a very valid counterpoint to this article.

Go to Pilger's website, settle down with a coffee or your favourite tipple for an hour as his story unfolds.

Lime Lite said...

@Anon 20:03 - I wish you'd do some research before you tell me that Sean Penn is an American patriot. Please go to this link:

You will see him driving in a car with Hugo who is holding a picture of Che (you know, that guy that went around murdering anyone that crossed his path - or do you think he's also cool on a T-shirt?). Unless Sean Penn is retarded, then one can only conclude that he supports socialism/communism in all forms. And, if this makes him an American patriot then I guess I misunderstand what America stands for. And don't worry, I'm sure Obama is doing all he can to get rid of Israel as an ally so he can welcome his other socialist friends to his new play pen, the White House.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19h43 has hit the nail on the head!

Plus, the US would love to get their hands on Venezeula's oil reserves!

Watch "Russia Today" the ONLY news network that tells the truth!

Huge Max Keiser fan