Sunday, April 25, 2010

The BBC Meets Eugene: A Reminder of What Eugene Stood For

Just a reminder what Eugene Terreblanche stood for. We have featured this video before, but is worth watching again. It seems very evident to me that he was a seperatist.

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Anonymous said...

I found this to be quite a change in opinion from a Western Newpapers that is not regarded as Right Wing:

Piet the Pirate said...

Don´t tell me this man doesn´t earn his MP´s salary of R700,000 a year. He´s worth every cent for providing proof to the world of exactly how fucking dumb the real kaffir is.
Thank you my boy. LOL.
I know I´m laughing when I really should be crying, but I just can´t help myself.

Ron. said...

Terre'Blanche was a Boer separatist who was pursuing the restoration of the Boer Republics as Robert van Tonder [ who influenced Terre'Blanche ] had advocated since 1961 until his death in 1999. This was the main reason why he was so deliberately misrepresented [ though he often did not help matters ] because the powers that be do not & have never wanted the Boers to regain control of their old Boer Republics. Though Terre'Blanche did not communicate certain things well in this interview as the Boers ARE from Africa just that most of their distant ANCESTORS were from Europe. He also totally forgot about their German roots which are by some estimates the largest single ethnic origin. He also listed the French roots so far down the list despite his clear French name - both of them. The French Huguenot origin of the macro White Afrikaans population is as high as around 25 % of their roots. I also noticed that there WAS A LOT of selective editing / splicing of the video here & one wonders just what Theroux cut out which caused Terre'Blanche to get so animated over [ aside from what was included ] because you can clearly see that Terre'Blanche is responding to some questions / points Theroux made but were not included in the video. Classic manipulation techniques. The point of the "interview" was probably to provoke him to anger so Theroux could do his usual trick.

Trey Cruz said...

The loss of Terre'Blanche is a tragedy for SA and the world.
The minions of the ANC will no doubt do their best to slander and defame his name from this point on.
God rest his soul.