Sunday, April 25, 2010

The AWB and eTV: An Overt Display of Bias

Regardless of whether you agree with the AWB's politics or not, get a glimpse of how the media treat them. This journalist would not allow the AWB to put forward their case, instead choosing to block their attempts and to obfuscate, by trying to get them to take a position on the millions of impoverished blacks. Of course the journalist has subsequently played the victim role, and expects an apology.

South Africa is rapidly speeding towards a brick wall.

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Laager said...

I think it is time the Afrikaners followed the example of the French and Germans in Europe.
Their politicians do not conduct interviews in English in the public media.
For Afrikaners English is as foreign a language as Italian, yet they always have the courtesy to endeavour to reply in the language they are addressed in.
The SA constitution states that there are 11 official languages and all are to be respected within the law.
Afrikaners should insist that they be permitted to respond in their own language. It is up to the media to provide the interpreters - and that applies to the overseas media organisations as well.
The AWB actually have the power. Without them showing up in the studio there is no programme.

As for this "interview"
It clearly was a set up designed to show Mr Visagie in a bad light. Unfortunately he took the bait.
Once again the AWB are tarnished when it was the so called interviewer that went off topic and showed extremely bad manners in not allowing MR Visagie to answer.
What else can one expect in the New SA?

Trey Cruz said...

Even you, "Vanilla" willingly but unconsciously play their game.
If you are to debate you must first seize control of the tools of the debate: the words and terms and their definitions.
First of all it {She?} is not a "journalist". It is constitutionally incapable of being a "Journalist".
It is a nigger, a kaffir, loud, aggressive and stupid of low IQ, permanently aggrieved, hyper sexual and probably {60% chance} infected with HIV.
Because of it's {her?} lack of objectivity {hell, it probably doesn't even know what the word means} it is only qualified to be an entry level propagandist.
Why would a representative of the AWB put himself in a position where he would have to deal with such a creature as an equal?
As long as the AWB keeps making such amateurish mistakes it will remain bush league......but then, perhaps that is exactly what it wants.

Ron. said...

I think he should have waited for the host to take a breath then jump in with relevant rebuttals by first pointing out that there will be MORE starving Africans if you continue to kill off the farmers & then he should have proceeded to inform that 1 million White Afrikaans speakers live under the poverty line & he should have ended by stating that his people ARE a recognized people all over the world & call her out on the use of that cheap propagandistic trick of asserting that they are not distinct.

Anonymous said...

Watching this made my blood boil , that fucking bitch has no fucking concept of anything relevant to the subject matter of the interview she's trying to blame the whites for all the problems in Africa I say let them fucking die of hunger.