Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Zuma's Visit to the UK is a Total Success!

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Anonymous said...

we warned you queenie, jacobs knob knows no limits. You have now just joined the growing number of mfazi beeeetches whelping zuma niglets hahahahaha

Laager said...

Speedy Gonzales would be proud of Jacob

Remember Speedy's famous mantra to all the virgins in town:

"it won't hurt - did it?"

Anonymous said...

Very funny. Now lets have more of the latest news, thing's are heating up, and now you are getting slak.

Exzanian said...

Anon 11 March 2010 02:05 -
Whoops, sorry, missed spoonfeeding time...Perhaps you may have a few links or suggestions to post?

Anonymous said...

DOODLER van SAS is Moertoe!


FishEagle said...

Anon 23.05. That's absolutely heart breaking. We knew how troubled and confused he was from the interactions we had with him through blogging. Yet there was still a feeling of comeraderie because we have been going through hardships together, watching our country change from a great place to live in, to a toilet sewer. He must have just had too many problems to cope with. I'm sure he would have found a little more hope in his moment of darkness had he not felt so betrayed by some of his fellow South Africans. I can't express how sad it makes me.

toxicblogger said...

"Yet there was still a feeling of comeraderie"

Really? Well, you could've fooled me.

If I remember correctly it was members of this blog, and the nut case who runs the white refugee blog, who took great delight in publishing identities and personal details of the ZA Sucks bloggers in an effort to 'expose' them.
The 'refugee' arsehole has gone to great pains to stick the knife in as deep as possible, publishing reams of lunatic babble in every minute detail possible.
I remember her also being a part of this 'team' at one time.

I think a lot of the malicious comments still appear here. I will have to check.

You must be thrilled with yourselves at this news, as it appears your efforts were not wasted.

Islandshark said...

@ Anon 23:05 - Show some respect, will you?

Anonymous said...

Well that is a death that makes no sense - why in a cop shop?

Islandshark said...

@ toxicblogger: Certain individuals have been banned from this site for very good reason, one of which was their constant hate mongering.

Nothing was ever posted here which wasn't published in MSM regarding identities, which doesn't mean I condone it by the way.

I can assure you that no contributor here is thrilled by recent events, no matter what history existed between ILSA and WSAS.

toxicblogger said...

@ Islandshark,

ILuvSA blogger “Dachshund” AKA Bullshit Detector AKA Ingrid Denzin AKA, Frikkie Potgieter, AKA Greg Breshenko says in comments to MY SASucks

:-March 16, 2010 at 9:07 pm

"In the face of the real, not virtual, suicide of one of the founding members of this blog, you continue to tell lies, blaming others for why this happened.

I was the one who outed Bert Oosthuizen two years ago. This was only because of Bert’s reckless and sociopathic behaviour. At no point whatsoever did I give details of addresses.

I am sad that someone like Neels Oosthuizen committed suicide. From the sounds of it, he was a good and generous man."



Now there is a twisted liar for you.

I have been a reader of both ILuvSA and ZA Sucks as well as African Crisis (among others), for all the years since their inception, and I know very well what this person had to say about theZA Sucks bloggers. Not only on the the ILuvSA and ZA Sucks blog platform, but also on Red Herring, Hello Peter, African Crisis, Kill Whitey blogspot and Marwinsing blogspot.

She made it her business to publish ALL their personal details including telephone numbers and home addresses on various forums and her own (now deleted) personal blog. Not for one minute did she give any thought to the fact that her own personal details are cached on the web and quite accessible to anyone with some IT know how.

On checking back to the posts on ILuvSA from last December, I see all “Dachshund” comments have been removed from this blog, and she is no longer on the list of contributors. I wonder why?

Most disturbing was a comment in which she accused both the Oosthuizen brothers of having a part to play in the June 2004 murder of Richard Theron and Estelle van Dyk. If I know this, then so does ILuvSA admin. The White Refugee blogger JM Swan has picked up on this further and gone on to publish details of this on her Lily of Light blog.

In 2008 Uhuru Guru published reams of poison letters written by Ingrid Denzin, under various monikers, to the ZA Sucks bloggers and Adriana Stuijt. It shouldn't be too difficult to search for all these malicious comments or to obtain copies of the emails sent out to the various people by Ingrid Denzin.

So Islandshark, although you were not one of the bloggers who were involved in the hate campaign against the Oosthuizen brothers, take a time out to examine and question the motives of the people on this blog who most certainly were.

Let me also add, that considering Vanilla Ice's enthusiasm to publish with gusto the details of his bun fight with both Bert and Neels Oosthuizen last year, his silence since the death of Neels Oosthuizen is deafening.

FishEagle said...

@ Islandshark. Well said.

@ toxicblogger. You are obviously angry about what happened with Doodler and that's understandable. But as soon as it becomes about the people and not the issues then I lose interest. This will be my last comment - when you're over your anger find out what happened.

Islandshark said...

@ toxicblogger - I hear what you say of a certain individual.

The reason she is not part of this blog is precisely that, her constant attacks on individuals and wild remarks. I am with you on that one. Believe me.

I certainly didn't support her here and was glad to see the back of her. The only reason I don't use stronger language is that I don't even want to think of some of the accusations and hateful remarks made in the past.

I can't comment on VI and UG saga, because I don't have all the facts. So I am not going to condone or criticise any behaviour.

Don't know if this answers all of your questions, but I have tried.

Anonymous said...

@Toxicblogger. In as much as I am shocked to hear or NO's demise, I will not accept that you assume guilt by association. I am not about to defend what previous bloggers may, or may not have done, because I am not in possession of the facts. What I will say is that I constantly received physical threats purportedly from NO; the most recent being on 14 March. This doesn't mean that I rejoice in his demise; quite the contrary. It is tragic. But the slander and bullshit has no place in these forums, and it is time for people to grow up, and realise that our collective reality is dire. For the record, none of the published material was false, and all of it can be supported with documentation. Please don't suggest that we embarked on a smear campaign, without contextualising the issue.

Anonymous said...

@The Mods

Do you guys actually know each other and talk to each other on a telephone or are you even anonymous to each other?

The reason why I ask is because if “Dachshund” is a man then you have never met or spoken to each other on a telephone. I find that a bit strange.

Anonymous said...

@Jim Beam. We are anonymous even to each other. It isn't all that strange in a digital age, where people collaborate on a myriad projects anonymously.

toxicblogger said...

"slander and bullshit has no place in these forums"

To my knowledge, Vanilla Ice, and Doberman, are this blogs owners and administrators. The administrators gave Ingrid Denzin this public platform by invitation, from which she spread unsubstantiated accusations and slander about the ZASucks bloggers.
If your declaration of not tolerating slander was sincere you would have suspended her when she started posting defamatory comments, which was long before any posts with questionable crime scene photos were published on ZASucks and ILuvSA.

Whoever is responsible for admin and moderation of posts and comments posted to a blog, shares in the responsibility for whatever untruths and slander is published. That is what you, Vanilla Ice, along with your ex blog colleague, Lara Braveheart/Lara Johnson, have been hammering home ever since the authenticity of certain crime photos were published on ZASucks.

It was you Vanilla Ice who then went on and made public on this blog, private email exchanges between yourself and the ZASucks bloggers, exposing a personal spat between you.

It would appear from these email exchanges, that you did this because you felt you had the moral high ground after your retraction of the Doodler post with the alleged false photographs. Judging from your posts here on this blog, and comments you left on other blogs, the issue had more to do with you wanting to extract a public apology from UG and NO for verbal abuse aimed at you, and less to do with 'radical honesty' of a blog post.

I recall that the offending post and photos had been removed from the old ZASucks blog, shortly after the authenticity was questioned.

However you continued your attack on the bloggers in public on this blog and other forums, and all posts and links pertaining to your exchanges are still archived on this blog, and still serve to defame.
Looks like a personal smear campaign to me.

"..if “Dachshund” is a man..."

No, 'Dachshund'/Ingrid Denzin is a woman
A gutter mouthed woman of over 60, believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

@Toxicblogger, I suggest you get your facts straight and reread the postings you are referring to (Actual references would be even better), because you are talking out of your arse. Besides, what we do or don't do here at ILSA has got nothing to do with you. Frankly, I don't give a shit what you or your merry band of corrupt bloggers think. The most recent being that we are a bunch of agent provocateurs in cahoots with the ANC. Unbelievable. The writer of that posting has just lost his brother, and all he can come up with is some lame conspiracy theory. How bereft of compassion or logic. Moreover, his ramblings of how he sold everything and lives in exile, is romantic, but utter bullshit. What a fucking sad individual, and your efforts of trying to stick the "blame " on somebody are pathetic. Fuck off.

Ingrid Denzin said...

I was surprised to find these comments from toxicblogger in an older post predating Neels Oosthuizen's suidice by 5 days. But maybe I shouldn't be too surprised judging by the extent of archaeology and wild accusations toxicblogger goes to.

First of all, I have never impersonated Frikkie Potgieter or Greg Berchenko, but Bert Oosthuizen did this freely in his pornographic e mails to me during late 2008. I have never even met Bert Oosthuizen, let alone had an affair with him, as so many of you old ballies at SAS droolingly accuse me of.

Toxicblogger claims that I complained about SA Sucks on Hello Peter, which is a consumer site. Quite the archaeologist. Of course Hello Peter does not accept complaints about SAS.

I have never published addresses and telephone numbers of SAS bloggers, nor have I sent e-mails to SAS bloggers or harassed them. I have never communicated with Neels Oosthuizen. If you start putting up faked e mails based on your own impersonations of Frikkie Potgieter and Greg Berchenko, toxicblogger, nobody except a total idiot will believe you.

But there I could be wrong ... lots of people believed that the fake photos of female crime victims that were the subject of heated debate, were real. Disinformation is the name of the game on SAS, and as long as there is an audience dumb enough to believe it, the disinformation and scaremongering will go on, the latest example being the bs ANCYL Facebook story.

Islandshark: I was not kicked off this blog as a contributor, I removed myself. I got fed up with some commentators and a certain blogger who demanded that a post I'd put up with a cartoon by Conrad Botes be pulled because it offended Christian sensibilities. It's quite ok to put up false photos and not apologise, but it's not ok to put up a cartoon of a white god blasting self destructive blacks. The satire in that cartoon went two ways: it ridiculed the notion that God is a white man, and I suspect that that was the real reason why Conrad Botes gets up a few peoples' nostrils, by spelling out the double taboos of defying white male authority and making fun of religion. Let's rather glory in scenes of violence, and drool over the prospect of white females being gangraped by blacks, no?

I don't know the real reasons for Neels Oosthuizen's suicide, except that one can conclude that he was in deep trouble. Nobody commits suicide because they are a contributor to a blog. I never exposed Neels, as you incorrectly claim.

I got Bert's real identity from Jan Lamprecht's website. He'd been in a fight with Bert and put up his real name and cell number on African Crisis. Bert had even left a message on that old cell number giving his new number. I didn't know Bert's address until it was published in the newspapers, and even there I suspect it might be a false address as Beeld is not too fussy about checking the veracity of what they publish.

Your horrified comment, toxicblogger, that I am a foul mouthed woman of over 60? Well, most of the contributors of SAS are old ballies yearning for the days of apartheid. You old ballies are itching for a race war where a lot of young people will unnecessarily get killed, because any attempted coup as was tried by the Boeremag in 2002 is bound to fail.

As regards those two photos of me, the first one was stolen by Bert Oosthuizen when he hacked into my computer in 2008. You old ballies at SAS think it's quite ok to hack into people's computers. Hacking is a criminal offence. The second photo, taken about seven years ago, was pinched from a public website called FindAnAdvisor. As a result of Bert's continued harassment and threats, I took that profile down.

As my old profile is now public knowledge anyway, I might as well put it back up with the more recent photo. If you threaten me again, I will trace you and report you.

Anonymous said...

As allegations have been made against Ingrid Denzin, it is only fair that she be allowed to respond. However, any further comments on the subject of the Oosthuizen's or SAS will not get air time here.

Islandshark said...

@ ID - why am I not surprised - a decision is made to allow you to respond and the best you can come up with, is accuse bloggers of wanting to start a race war.

I have seen the comments of yours not allowed on this blog, for a good reason. So your account of removing yourself is not really that accurate. You might have removed yourself as contributor, but you attempted to post vile comments here which were deleted.

Ingrid Denzin said...

"... the best you can come up with, is accuse bloggers of wanting to start a race war."

Is that dandruff on your brown shirt, Islandshark? You're very touchy about that particular part of my comment, but you are silent about the rest of it.

Ingrid Denzin said...

By the way, I referred to the ballies ON THE OTHER SITE wanting to start a race war. I didn't say any blogger ON THIS SITE wanted to start a race war. Stop putting words in my mouth, IS.