Thursday, March 25, 2010

Woman, 77, attacked with spades

Bloemfontein - A 77-year-old woman who was attacked by four men with spades, was still in a critical condition, a Free State health official said on Wednesday.

Francina Van Vuuren, her husband, Boet, 80, who is in a wheelchair, and two sons Marius, 44, also in a wheelchair, and Marthinus, 35, and nephew Juan, 13, were attacked by the men with spades and knives in Jagersfontein on Sunday night.

Free State health spokesperson Jabu Mbalula said Francina van Vuuren was still in the intensive care unit and in a critical condition after being admitted on Monday.

It was alleged that Francina went to check the back door of her home when she heard someone knocking, but was surprised by four men storming in.

Police spokesperson Thandi Mbambo said the woman was hit with a spade and her hands were tied with wire.

The young boy, who was in another room, was assaulted before the men moved to the sitting room where Boet van Vuuren and his two sons were.

Broken limbs

Police said the men demanded money from one of the sons and when he refused he was hit several times on his head with a spade.

"The father and the other son who were in wheelchairs were also hit several times," Mbambo said.

Police said the father eventually gave in and went to fetch money from a safe.

The men fled the scene with a .22 revolver, six cellphones, digital cameras and R38 000 in cash.

Police said Francina and her son Marius were initially transferred to Pelonomi hospital and both underwent operations for broken limbs.

On Wednesday, Mbambo said no arrests had been made.


2 Opinion(s):

AMB said...

Big men these - attacking two men in wheel chairs and an elderly women. Must have felt good to bash them with spades.

Anonymous said...

AMB, I thought exacly the same thing.
These animals are massive cowards. A group of them started making a b-line for my wife when she was sitting in the car at an ultra-city and I quickened my step towards them, staring (whilst shaking my head)at them as I returned fom the shop: the result, the group of four spades looked at me and then turned away, walking back to their grassy patch where they were whiling away their day.

Probably not too clever on my part, but I've had enough and will gladly take a few of them with me should my time come!