Saturday, March 06, 2010

What does the South African flag represent?

RED is the SUN (not the earth), so it's above;
BLUE is the SEA (not the sky), therefore below; GREEN is the MIELIE FIELDS in the middle;
WHITE is the MINORITY who have access to everything;
YELLOW is the ELECTRIC FENCE keeping the majority away from the mielies and the minority!

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Exzanian said...

Ha-ha - Let them eat mielies, but please people, keep the boundaries!100% political power to the masses but apartheid continua! (as it should)

Anonymous said...

Need bigger yellow

Lime said...


Anonymous said...

Or you could say that the red(orange) white and blue represents the old South Africa flag and the black, green and yellow represents the ANC.

Then you'll notice that the colours representing the ANC, is in the form of a spear and that the spear is tearing the colours representing the old South Africa apart.

Now I'll be willing to bet that on the original flag design the red colour was orange, but that it was changed to red, because the orange made the symbolism to clear.

The symbolism of the flag is thus the ANC spear tearing apart the apartheid government.


Ron. said...

Get it from the horse's mouth - so to speak - ie: the person who designed it the then State Herald of the Republic of South Africa Frederick Brownell at the following link.

The National Flag of South Africa.

Brownell goes into some depth how he arrived at the design. But it still looks like a phallic element crashing through the ZAR Vierkleur. Though I will give him the benefit of the doubt that that was not what he was going for. Because he was after all trying to take past flag designs into consideration for the new flag.