Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We will toyi-toyi

If there is ever a photo that encapsulates the true history and future of Azania, this is it...A young school girl, perhaps 11 or 12, in school uniform; rocks clenched in her hands, ready to fight. Ready to break and destroy but no oppressor is now in sight.

The future has already happened in ZA. It is in liquidation. No matter how much promise there has been in the SWC, it will be over in just a few weeks and after that, anything goes, all bets are off and a dark chasm yawns...

Pretoria - With only 93 days to go before the start of the 2010 World Cup, residents of Mamelodi-East near Pretoria during violent protests on Tuesday threatened to disrupt the tournament.

They are demanding that the government immediately supply them with houses, electricity, running water and flushing toilets.

"If the government could spend millions of rands and prepare for the World Cup so quickly, it's a disgrace that people are still living in squalor in squatter camps," Vusi Nkosi, a resident, said on Tuesday.

"The soccer means nothing to us because we won't be able to watch it anyway, since we don't have electricity.

"This time we will fight and toyi-toyi like the ANC taught us."

Over 6 000 people live in seven squatter camps in close proximity to each other in Mamelodi-East.

Riotous residents have been blockading Tsamaya Road, Hector Peterson Street and Hans Strijdom Avenue with burning tyres and rubbish since 20:00 on Monday.

Live rounds

On Tuesday the police repeatedly tried to disperse the crowd by firing rubber bullets at them and firing live rounds in the air.

Several people were hit by rubber bullets.

Johannes Maheso, police spokesperson, said four men were arrested.

This protest followed similar demonstrations in Hammanskraal, Soshanguve and Brits.

Veronica Mphahlele, a community leader, said the government promised in 2000 that they would be given permanent houses and land of their own.

"It's 10 years later and we're still in the same position. All they do is send police to come and shoot at us."

The residents are accusing council members, the police and the metro police of illegally selling land and houses intended for the poor to enrich themselves.

Land invasion

They recently invaded land in the east of Mamelodi and in Nellmapius, but were soon removed.

Kgaogelo Lekgoro, Gauteng MEC for local governance and housing, said at the time that government is planning to build 5 000 houses over the next three years.

He also admitted that they have a serious backlog because it's difficult to acquire land.

Absolom Boroto, another community leader, called on Tokyo Sexwale, minister of housing, to meet with them so they can confront him with the proof of all the empty promises over the years.

"We want things to happen now."

Edwin Smith, director of the University of Pretoria's Mamelodi campus, said that students were informed by SMS that the campus nearby had been closed due to the protests.

Shops were also closed for the day and vehicles were not allowed to pass certain points.

At the corner of Hans Strijdom Avenue and Hector Peterson Street protesters stole the contents of a Pick n Pay truck. Rocks were thrown at cars from bridges.

On Tuesday afternoon Lekgoro met with community leaders at the Mamelodi-East police station to discuss the problems.

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Anonymous said...

Viva ANC for a better life! Nearly 20 years on and their people still live like the did 100's years ago - scratching in the ground for food. It's never going to be resolved, but I'm sitting back with my feet up watching it all unfold. I hope they toyi-toyi all the way up to and during the SWC. It's no less than what the useless govemunt deserves.

Anonymous said...

These kaffirs are going to act like savages? It is just another day in "third world" country called South Africa.

Trey Cruz said...

It brings me no joy to say this, but;
I toldya so.
The best thing that could happen for SA whites is for these people to revolt so completely that it turns to civil war---between the blacks.
That the "toyi-toyi-ing" mobs might send home several famous footballers as dead as a Boer farmer would be nothing but gravy.
It would demonstrate the true brainless savagery of the kaffir to the world press in such a way that it would be impossible to conceal or deny, and hopefully delay, or disrupt the onset of the awaited "Uhuru" against the white tribe.
Good luck Boers; you are gonna need it.
God help you if the ANC manages to pin the blame for these people's discontent on the whites.

Anonymous said...

Boy talk about the chickens coming home to roost. LOL.
One of those ANC monkeys (Mpeki?) once claimed the ANC would rule SA forever, and I was inclined to agree with him.
Now I´m beginning to have my doubts. Looks like the natives are revolting (aren´t they ever)and calling on the ANC to uphold their pre-election promises, even if it´s twenty years too late.
What will the ANC´s reaction be? Easy answer. They will start ratcheting up white hate, saying it´s all YT´s fault because they still control the wealth etc etc. We have something the masses can easily lay their hands on, our homes and cars, so don´t be surprised when they come to claim their share of the spoils. And the government won´t do anything to prevent it. If they tried, the mob would turn on them.
Game, set and matches.

Ερμής said...

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Anonymous said...

call them us kaffirs all you like, but this is our country and if we do mess up, then we mess up our country.. u dnt have to worry one bit, or is it that you didnt save enought money to go home?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 03:43

Your country?

It isn't even your money.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:43 - since when is it your country? Blacks migrated to SA, just like the Whites arrived in Cape Town. South Africa was a nothing before we developed it. Hope you enjoy killing for food one day.

Viking said...

great photo!

what is WRONG with these people? can they only break down and destroy?

A rhetorical question... but the above commentor provides the answer -

"it is ours to mess up". bravo, fella. Good luck with that, I hope you like the taste of grass and bark.