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‘We need to break free of stranglehold of white revolutionaries’

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Basically this is a load of crap, but it now seems that some blacks are even looking to blame past white revolutionaries. The author sounds very Orwellian, where "some pigs are more equal than others". 

AS the country celebrated Nelson Mandela’s majestic walk to freedom, Balfour in Mpumalanga was in flames – two events that are qualitatively different yet speak eloquently to the contradictions of our democracy.

It’s time to ask the question: why is South Africa’s freedom not delivering?

Blacks remain landless, underfed, houseless, under- employed, badly represented in senior managerial positions. The state of healthcare and education for black people remains as it was, if not worse than, under apartheid.

Only a few politically connected have made it big in post-apartheid South Africa.

Basically we have a black government that has legitimised ill-gained wealth by the white section of the population. Our politicians are mere celebrities throwing cake at each as they shower in expensive champagne while the voting masses starve.

The fights within the ruling party and opposition parties are about who should be allowed to accumulate some wealth for themselves and “enter the league of the eating through the tender”.
There is no serious transformation agenda to speak of. Our politicians are not different from the overpaid Bantustan leaders.

As one young person told me the other day: “Mandela’s dream is our nightmare.” After all, we are the most unequal society on earth right now.

A lot of smart people have tried to explain the strange nature of our freedom by using big words such as neo- liberalism and globalisation.

These explanations suggest that we could not enjoy full freedom because the economic structure of South Africa was linked to the global economy in ways that prevented any serious transformation.

Then others say we must be patient because “Rome was not built in a day”.

In searching for answers we might want to look at the role played by white revolutionaries in our struggle. For too long we have celebrated their sacrifices but not lamented what they cost us.

This group was very small yet very powerful. We must now ask whether the framing of our liberation struggle’s end result was not too influenced by white revolutionaries?

For instance, it’s hard to understand why any black person would at the height of apartheid say as in the Freedom Charter that “South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white”.

It also bizarrely says “black and white together as equals”. In 1955 there was not a symbolic equality for black. Whites had usurped power, land and mineral rights to create the wealth they enjoy today. So how could an oppressed and dispossessed people give away its birthright like that?

The answer seems to lie in the concerns and anxieties of white revolutionaries who were permitted to write the desires of freedom of black people. This explains why at the height of the struggle, black people wanted, “one person, one vote”, not land and freedom.

The emphasis was not placed on the return of the land and justice for past transgressions, but rather on replacing the apartheid government. The irony of it all is that the post-1994 social movements that struggle for land, water, housing and electricity are also under the spell of a new generation of small and yet powerful white activists.

To move from the post- apartheid log jam there is a need to break free of the stranglehold of white revolutionaries of the past and present.

Source: Sowetan

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Anonymous said...

This baboon uses land, minerals and power as examples of what the whites stole from them.

White South Africans do not own any mines. The owners of the mines are not South African,they are either European or American. The only South African mine owner I can think of, are the Oppenheimer family and they are Jewish.

To blame the whites for the theft of the minerals, as this baboon is doing is beyond stupid.

The average white does not gain any benefit from the mines.

As far as the land goes, according to the CIA fact book we currently have 11,500 commercial farmers left.

So 0.25% of whites out of the total number of whites actually own any land. To say that the average white stole the land is also faulty, as 99.75% of whites do not own any land at all.

Perhaps the author is a fawking moron and in his infertile barren field that passes for a brain over 99% constitutes an average. I would not be surprised if this somehow seems logical to him.

Fact is that the average white uses their educations to make a living. These are the doctors, engineers, lawyers, electricians and the plumbers.

They did not steal this education. They worked for it. At this point the useless blacks normally say that the whites provided them with inferior education during apartheid.

This point is easily negated by the fact that since the end of apartheid even less blacks have managed to finish school. Where are the black minds making use of their freedom to get the so called denied education. Another point is why did the black man's education become the white man's burden. Could the blacks not educate their own, or does the implication that they were/are all uneducated baboons warrant investigation.

Fact is that blacks love to blame others for their own failure.


trey cruz said...

If it was printed in the Sowetan, it is 90% probable the author is black.

Do you expect a nigger to make sense?

Why bother printing this crap?

Anonymous said...

@Trey. The author is very black, and we print some of this stuff for "shock value". We need to keep our readers informed, agitated and and wanting more. It helps to piss people off now and again.

Laager said...

Probably the most common defense of black performance in SA post 1994 is that:
“they were not given an education”
“the Nationalist Govt. spent less per head/black student than it did per head/white student”

Now, the Govt also spent less per head/Indian student and yet they have had no problem in performing academically in The New South Africa.
Why is this so?

I visit the web site of my old school in KZN from time to time and have noticed an interesting phenomena. Incidentally, during the apartheid era when I attended this school it was 100% white. Today it is 90% black. So the comments below are based on:
same environment
same facilities
same staff
same curriculum
for all students – black, white and Indian

Shortly after 1994 in the matric results section, all the names and the results of the candidates who wrote the exam were published.
It was quite clear that the Indians were top of the class followed by whites followed by blacks – where all the failures were.
Today they just publish the number of candidates who wrote the exam, the number of passes and the number of failures.
I wonder why?

It seems to me that the excuse; “they were not GIVEN an education” is barking up the wrong tree.
The question that should be asked is; “Who GAVE the white man his education?” – before he came to Africa and before the apartheid legislation.
The answer, if we are honest, is nobody GAVE the white man anything.
He figured it out for himself, copied what he saw as good from the people he traded with, recorded his knowledge in books and then passed it on to successive generations from the educational institutions he created where this knowledge had been deposited for safe keeping.

Further evidence of this flawed thinking is gained by taking a look at the performance of 3 other African nations.
Haiti – which expelled all white influence and became a democracy in 1804
It has been free of any white oppression for 206 years
Liberia – which was established as a sanctuary for freed slaves and became a republic in 1847
It has been fee from white oppression for 163 years
Sierra Leone – a British Colony until democratic independence in 1961
No formal apartheid type policies ever existed here so it is fair to say they have been white oppression free for about 180 years since the Hut Tax revolt.

By all economic indecies it would be fair to say that these countries are basket cases, and they have also not produced any major inventions which have impacted positively on the progress of the rest of mankind.

If you compare their development with that of Europe over the same time frame and more recently with the Asian Tiger economies, we have to ask the question:
What is the reason for this lack of development and progress – given the amount of financial and technological aid they have received from the west in the last 50 to 60 years?

Anonymous said...

My son has just returned home to Germany from South Africa, and at my request he brought back a few property sale prospects, listing residential properies, mainly in Natal.
I was absolutely flabberghasted. I have never seen so many up market properties for sale, and the asking prices are a lot less (relative to the European Euro) than I sold our family home for 12 years ago.
I believe you guys are in far more trouble than you realise. Get out now, while you still can.

Scorpion said...

Not all blacks from the apartheid era or beyond were basket cases as far as education was concerned.

They may be few and far between, but from the country's past black professionals did emerge. Lawyers (Mandela being one of them), doctors, professors - at least a few representatives in many professional fields.

These few throw out the entire argument about inequality, unfair treatment and substandard schooling for blacks.

Why were they different? Why did they succeed? They succeeded and qualified in their respective fields for the same reason whites succeed. Discipline and responsibility. Accountability: you don't study, you fail. Simple.

They recognized that to get somewhere, and to be educated, depends on themselves and their own effort. One can bullshit your way through many things in life, but knowledge and education are not amongst those. Especially in the past.

You had to work hard and study hard to get somewhere. This rule perhaps was even more true for blacks, who generally lived under more trying circumstances.

Some made it. What the hell was wrong with the rest of them?

Amen to Anonymous at 14:13. It is as you say - Blacks will forever look for something else or someone else to blame for their failures. That will never change.