Monday, March 01, 2010

The USA Slowly Slips Down The Toilet

We were recently rebuked by an American reader, who suggested that South Africans were a weak bunch, and that we had allowed our country to be overrun by blacks. Partly true perhaps. But what do you think is happening in your own back yard? If you want your blood to boil, watch this video.

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trey cruz said... would do your homework you would discover that now, as the pool of available jobs and discretionary homeowner spending is drying up, many illegals are opting to return from whence they came. would do some research you would discover that these mouthy, welfare recipients are strictly urban creatures and such a pathetic, near powerless butt-minority as to be beneath notice. They strut and posture [if they worked their backs as hard as they run their mouths they would be prosperous...legally] and act much like your Jacob Zoooma and Julius Malema with the exception that while Zooma and Malema run your country, these punks are simply cockroaches that are waiting to be stepped on.
I work in a prison, I know; we have hundreds of these creatures doing their ten, fifteen and twenty five year sentences....still running their mouths.
The good, God fearing, hard working Mexicans, Dominicans and other Latins who emigrated legally [such as my next door neighbors] hate these types of gutter trash worse than I ever could, largely because they [the trash] have adopted the "Hip Hop nigger" culture and there are few things a Latin hates worse than a boon.
Even in the prisons you will never see a Mexican socializing with a black.
And as I stated in a previous comment, we are all well armed and will brook NO interference with our God given right to self defense.
Granted, some of the spic trash is armed too, but with one major difference: We know how to use the sights.
If you truly enjoy the sight of pathetic and powerless street screamers parading in the cities, go to the "Zombietime" blog.
I do enjoy your site and wish you good fortune, until the melanin blessed authorities shut you down as they shut down "SA Sucks".

Trey Cruz

PS: I hear the weather in France is beautiful this time of year.

Anonymous said...

@Trey. And we enjoy having you around. I hope for all our sakes, you are right.

As for the longevity of this blog, your guess is as good as mine. But, unsurprisingly, our most ardent detractors are within.

Anonymous said...

I think globally we are seeing a rise in ethnic tensions. That was a good video as it shows that South Africa is not the only country at the crossroads. At least we talk about it where as the Americans don't.

I was speaking to an analyst 3 weeks ago and he was talking about radical Islam in the UK. He said that one day he went to the mosque and their video was being beamed in from Saudi Arabia and what the imam was telling them that the war is not going to be won with bullets but by outbreeding the local British so they should use the welfare system to their advantage.

You see what has already played off in SA is now starting to raise its head all over the world.

It's extermination - period!

Only400YearsHereSorry said...

I love the leftist white kids saying that the land belongs to others and that whites should pay reparations.

Why don't these leftists leave the US if they feel so guilty?

The Man said...

I think the truth is that every civilized Western nation is under assault from the exact same forces. South Africa happens to be further down the same road that our "betters" have planned for all of us and we need to figure out how to fight back.

I live in one of those urban areas that Trey so airily dismisses and while it is true that these creatures are in many ways pathetic their Leftist masters see them as, literally, shock troops to destroy Whites and civilized White society.

And as such they are terrifyingly effective.

Anonymous said...

These comments are exactly correct.

The Q is, what to do about it?


Anonymous said...

Pathetic bunch of losers. Who cares? trey cruz is right in that respect. Why get steamed up.

The temperature in France is around 10 deg C today. I wouldn't call that great, I would call that "fair". For France, that is.