Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tshwane - City of Shame


Whilst they, the highly skilled managers Jimmy Manyi is so proud of, are wasting time and effort on name changes money disappears like water down a faucet leaving the heroes of transformation scampering around with their begging bowls in hand.

It took months for Ramakgopa to show an interest in the perilous state of the city finances. Months before she graced the umpteenth crisis meeting with her divine presence. Her first reaction—after her team squandered millions, some, forcibly borrowed, interest free from the ratepayers, by changing to a payment in advance system and an R500million overdraft—was that the crisis was due to the credit crisis.

Her next reaction, whilst on her knees, begging ESKOM for relief and after securing a further R 1200million overdraft facility, was to resort to the favourite tactic of the empowered; she denied the existence of the problem.

Fortunately, our super hero, saviour of the rich and the poor, and black and white, came to our rescue in his shiny Merc. He, the Piccanin President, our inimitable Juliaas, immediately after he had his advisors investigate the issue, recognized the problem for what it is—a lack of leadership. It seems, Gwen Ramakgopa is actually only a phantom in our minds, a figment of our vivid imagination, as drug-induced nightmare.

I have to agree with the Piccanin President’s advisors; the name changes must be finalized. The Pretoria city fathers of old, would not want the name mentioned in the same sentence as the disgrace known as Tshwane, city of street trashing and mutinous soldiers—a city of shame.

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear. No one wants a once proud name of our Capital city to be associated with that ANC-made shit hole.