Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Transkei highway to hell

I took some pictures when I was passing through Mthatha recently. Sorry if the quality of the pics is not great but I was driving while taking them. The Transkei towns, like Mthatha and Butterworth, have exactly the same level of development compared to the towns I've visited in many other African countries. It's been 16 years after apartheid's ended and it's only a matter of time before all the South African cities and towns degenerate to these standards.

There were just blacks walking in the streets. Pedestrians didn't know that there was a difference between the road and walk ways. They're arrogant and wouldn't get out of the road when they were in the path of oncoming vehicles. Their reasoning was that because they're on foot, by implication, they've had a harder life and should have right of way.

This is the main road, passing through Mthatha, with unkept walkways and filth everywhere. The City Press headline on the telephone pole says, "Malema spies on media." Heh heh

People drive anywhere. The guy in the red Golf used the lane in the section of road that was being repaired to cut the cue. Cars piling up in intersections for long periods is common. Waiting can take up to a few minutes.

We finally build up some speed in the traffic when the taxi on the left swerved in front of us, causing us to slam on the breaks.

Despite traffic moving in a single lane, the red car on the left had enough of waiting and made a pass.

It didn't seem to bother the red car and gold bakkie turning on the left, that the robot at the intersection was red.

Passengers getting off taxis in the middle of the road is very common. They have right of way, according to them.

Check out these workers in the yellow vests, in the distance at the telephone pole. It took about 5 minutes from the time when I took the first pic to the time I passed them. Standing...standing....standing...still standing.....doing absolutely nothing!

Broken down vehicles are in the middle of the road. On the N2 I passed four very serious vehicle accidents in a matter of an hour. All the vehicles were completely written off.
In the background, to left of the road amongst the greenery, is Mandela's house (Qunu).

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LJ said...

Thank you for the photos. My mother-in-law was the first white child to be born in Umtata.

I'm glad she's passed on, and never saw this.

Anonymous said...

Transkei highway to hell, in a country going to hell!

Anonymous said...

There is no question in my mind that the rest of SA will look like this one day. Very, very sad...

Anonymous said...

I see that the robots are still working.

Viking said...

thanks for these, I've never been. And now, I won't!

It's interesting what you say about peoples' sense of entitlement. I've been in many taxi-caused holdups and never once have the passengers made any effort to load or unload themselves in haste even though they're holding up traffic.

Anonymous said...

I went through Umtata about 3 years after independence and it looked just as bad. We stopped at a garage to get petrol and I wanted to go to the toilet. Mission impossible. The toilet was clogged and there was shit and piss all over the floor. Pigs are cleaner.
Blacks are destructive. Period.
Guys, just move on with your lives. White SA is dead. It belongs to the past. It´s history. It will never be back. Learn to live with it, otherwise you are simply denying reality.
Sad but true.

FishEagle said...

Anon 18.31. Yeah, I think these pics made that point pretty well.

Exzanian said...

Looks pretty bad, but wait till you've been thru JHB CBD, that can be a lifechanging experience :)

Anonymous said...

Umtata = tame Xhosa.
Jo'Burg = wild Nigerians.