Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toozday Toot - Suikerbos

For a soutpiel, I really enjoy this rendition. Enjoy.

4 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Are these the original words?

Anyway, very nice version!

Fran├žois said...

Baie mooi. Dit bring terug die Ou Transvaal vir my toe ek 'n baie jong man was.

(Dit is nou al 30 jaar sedert ek SA verlaat het.)

Exzanian said...

Lekker man!
Sugar babe I need you so,
Sugar babe I need you sooooo,
I don't think your mama wants to know,
what's on my mind after the show.

Deutscher said...

Baie lekker!
...and here is the Coloured Version...