Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Theory on Black Nationalist Racism

So the High Court in Azania ruled that "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer" is hate speech and that it incites racial hatred. Bravo you might think! That will put Julius wanktard in his place!

But hang on, none other than the ANC itself is appealing the Court's decision. So the ANC backs Julius and the youth league. What other conclusion can we draw?

What we are witnessing currently in ZA is a reversion to type. A kind of atavistic urge that seems to be expressing itself in the general black population. Before I get accused of making wild generalisations, bear in mind that the "general population" voted for the ANC. The black youth of voting age overwhelmingly voted for the ANC and overwhelmingly support the ANCYL and the ANC. So it is not a generalisation. For the sake of brevity, I refer to this segment of the population (sowing discord, chaos and anarchy) as "blacks in general".

So we find them singing "kill the boer, kill the farmer" and songs about "whites are rapists" and even the president himself is notorious for his "bring me my machine gun"

We find a story about the corrupted, convicted murderess and embittered divorcee, "petrol and matches" Winnie Mandela, who spewed her vitriol
in an interview with a UK newspaper that "Madiba sold out the blacks" and furthermore "I cannot forgive him for going to receive the Nobel with his jailer De Klerk".

What is it all about?

Apartheid ended nearly twenty years ago! Am I missing something! It's over, gone, kaput, never gonna come back.

By contrast, the whites have been huge stoics. Disciplined, yet willing to change. Willing to bear their burden and move on with life. Yet every day they are faced with these threats, taunts and jeers by a motley crew of uneducated morons, backed by the ANC! The f**cking government supports "kill the boer, kill the farmer!"

Why the huge chip on the shoulder?

Could it be, now bear with me, this is speculative, so be patient, I'm throwing this in for opinion and comment; I could be wrong. Could it be that the ANC (a liberation movement, not a political party, never mind a Government) is experiencing something of an identity crisis?

Is it possible that this liberation movement has been totally unable to move on, into the future, with the rest of the country?

Even the COPE party has
welcomed the verdict of the Court.

Is the ANC having a little philosophical dilemma, perhaps experiencing some existentialist angst within their collective consciousness?

Does the ANC want to go back to the struggle?

Does the ANC want to have it's blood revolution after all?

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FishEagle said...

Absolutely! Nice post.

Lime Lite said...

Well, duh. They've been spoiling for a fight for ages - the "struggle for liberation" party (more like the "struggle" to get up in the morning and do some work). They've come up short trying to look like an effective government - so what's left? They've vilified the whites as much as they can and now their own people are starting to get tired of all their excuses for non-delivery - a t-shirt and food parcel can only get you so far - sometimes not even to the next election. So, ummm, let's think about this. What can we do to get sympathy back from the people? I know! Let's pick on the whites again and flog the dead horse even more?

Sounds like there isn't a brain cell between any of them. How about they actually pull finger and try to look like they are capable of something. Send strong messages out to the folks that they know what they're doing. No, instead, they allow tossers like Malema and Winnie to be voices of the government.

How long must we still be subjected to this ineptitude??? I get more substance out of my two-year old nephew than these clown wannaBEE's.

Anonymous said...

Your opinion isn't so far fetched. It has been suggested before that black nationalist groups only survive by remaining in perpetual struggle mode, and that struggle is always with the black mans common enemy; the whites. If the black nationalists do not remain in struggle mode, there is the risk that the "struggle" turns inwards, and conflict falls along tribal lines. Therefore power is retained by perpetually blaming the whites; hell it has worked for Bob, and it will work for the ANC.

Anonymous said...

"Why the huge chip on the shoulder?"

There isnt much like VI has pointed out. Its a tactic to keep everyone together. If you look at other liberation organisations in Southern Africa, they had all been unable to change from struggle mode to political mode.

You see it is easy to break down but it takes talent to build. They dont have those talents as they were never geared for it.

It will end in a big fight - watch 2012 and the ANC conference and see if they can keep it together for a year thereafter. I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Bob, however, is running out of whites to blame. Poor Bob, hard not to shed a little tear.

In SA, they will try hard, but not succeed in blaming the whites for their own inadequacies. This recent spike in anti-white hate speech (and 'hate-song') is a symptom of internal dissent, as they struggle to deflect the increasing ire of their own impoverished masses; the masses who are waking up at last to the fact that it is not the whites who have impoverished them, and who look to some of the- ahem -"lifestyles" - as perhaps being closer to the real source of the problem.

I think it is also true in Africa that you cannot fool all the people all of the time. Notwithstanding the temptation.

But in the short run, expect the temperature to be turned up, and the crude and vicious incitement to crescendo, as the internal tensions and blatant contradictions become impossible to paper over.


Donatello said...

Nice article and very true.

Blaming Whites - To Infinity and Beyond!!! Amaaaaaaaaaandla!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe 2.0


Let them come. we are finally at the point where a bloody revolution would be welcome. Whites get the western cape and the karoo. Blacks get everything else.

As Branson says:
"Screw IT. Lets DO IT!!!".

Kathleen said...

The more sinister aspect about the ANC having to stick to perpetual struggle mode to justify their existence is that something must be seen to be done to whites in the form of reprisals. The murder of white farmers is being done in a systematic manner and is quite obviously the work of the ANC.

You can't just hand a firearm to a farm worker and expect him to be able to handle the gun, let alone become a cold blooded murderer with a good aim overnight. These bands going around killing white farmers are experienced and organised. It's done to intimidate whites and appease the masses.

But, as VI points out, when the masses discover the real cause of their discontent - and they are fast realising it - we can expect bloodshed against the ANC. It's not so likely that a white will put a bullet in Malema's head as it is that a black man will do so.

The problem is that when Malema is taken out, whites will be blamed for it and the onslaught against white farmers will gain even further momentum.

Viking said...

Very nice post. And spot on, too.
I tend towards Cape secessionism, which anon 18:58 hints at, although I'm not naive enough to think this will come easy. There are a lot of Gautengers moving south, and long may this continue!
The trouble is, I suspect a lot of the Coloured People haven't figured out yet that the ANC are not their friends. To be fair, neither are most whites, but when it comes down to stark realities, whom will they look to?
Our track record with them is not good.. but I reckon the ANC's will be worse.


If the struggle can continue under whatever reason the ANC thinks that it has a perfect excuse to continue their
For this looters it's all about money.

Exzanian said...

Thanks for thoughtful comments. The common thread in most seems to be that blacks blame whites (which is easy to do given that they start off from a platform of such high moral ground) but that platform rapidly erodes and as it does so, the blacks start turning up the rhetoric, milk it for whatever it's still worth, and eventually turn on each other along tribal lines. The whites may be left largely unaffected by direct violence, but however stoic and disciplined they continue to be, they will suffer the most from the fall-out as they have the most to lose.