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Sharpeville: The Guilty Went Free

The ANC regime’s rise to power is a story of violence, chaos and mayhem, propped up on the “higher moral ground” of the struggle against apartheid. This is the evil cow that we milk today, Human Rights day, 21st March 2010, and which will dutifully be milked annually, for all it’s worth, into perpetuity.

Today is the day of the incident at Sharpeville on March 21 1960.

The facts are well recorded. A group of between 5,000 and 7,000 people converged on the local police station in the township of Sharpeville, offering themselves up for arrest for not carrying their pass books. This was part of a broader campaign organized by the PAC. The story is told of how this “defenceless” crowd was allowed closer and closer to the police station, whereupon the racist Boer police opened fire, killing 67 in cold blood.

What is not, however, often told is that there is evidence that the PAC used intimidating means to draw the crowd to the protest, including the cutting of telephone lines into Sharpeville, the distribution of pamphlets telling people not to go to work on the day, and coercion of bus drivers.

In the preceding hours to the shooting incident, the field was left open for poorly trained community leaders and marshals in ‘task teams’ whose primary purpose was to stir up the mob, and who were then either unable or unwilling to steer the crowd away from what was clearly fast becoming a cataclysmic situation.

Remember too, that there were only 294 policemen – 156 white and 138 black – inside the fenced-in police compound at Sharpeville that Monday. Some in the crowd were also heavily armed with either pistols or rifles which they had every intention of using should the opportunity present itself.

This had been confirmed by police reinforcements making their way from the periphery of the crowd into the police station and who had heard (but not actually seen) shots fired and had also been stoned on their way in.

The white police also convinced themselves that they faced a far more sinister, internal threat: That their black colleagues inside the station could not be trusted. Who can blame them? Outnumbered by jeering, taunting crowds outside (some carrying weapons) and the simple fact of a racial link between the black police in the station and the crowd outside, it was sufficient to convince them that they faced a dual threat. And apart from anything else the crowd included a criminal element as well (does May 2008 ring any bells here?)

Add to this brewing pot the massacre that had occurred at Cato Manor in Durban some 8 weeks before (23 January 1960) in which an angry mob attacked 4 white and 5 black policemen at the Cato Manor Police station. They butchered the men and mutilated the bodies. The mutilated bodies, with genitals stuffed in their mouths, were then dragged through the streets by the mob. One Sharpeville protester is quoted as saying “We took great delight in shouting ‘Cato Manor’ - because we knew it would disturb the Boers,”

Of course, the fact of the Sharpeville shooting is not justified, but far from being the racial monsters that popular mythology has painted the policemen with, they were frightened out of their wits. Popular mythologists also makes much of the fact that most of the protesters were shot in the back.

Instead of confirming their case, it negates it. It is clearly an indication that the police were shooting in a panic, taunted to breaking point by a crazed mob, in the full knowledge of the Cato Manor massacre just a few weeks before, and egged on by the PAC mob leaders. When the breaking point was reached, it simply led to an uncontrolled outburst of fire, the final act of blind defence.

It is through incidents such as this that the ANC came to power. The herding of innocent people to a certain death. The decades that were to follow were also characterised by similar incidents, such as the 7 September 1992 march on the border of Ciskei against the military government of Brigadier Joshua Gqozo demanding the re-absorbtion of the so-called black homeland into South Africa.

This march was orchestrated by none other than Cyril Ramaphosa and led to the entirely foreseeable and avoidable deaths of twenty four people. The events are chillingly similar to those of Sharpeville.
According to a BBC report :

The march, led by ANC secretary-general Cyril Ramaphosa and attended by 50,000 people - began at a stadium in King William's Town, and then headed towards the Ciskeian capital of Bisho.

Brigadier Gqozo had warned he would meet force with even greater force, and his troops and police were on standby at the border. When the demonstrators tried to cross into Ciskei, soldiers opened fire and continued firing indiscriminately into the crowd for about five minutes.

After two volleys of machine gun fire, the troops also fired rifle grenades into the gathering, spreading fear and panic among the protesters. It has been reported that four young men were shot in the back as they attempted to run away from the firing.
A statement from Brigadier Gqozo said that his soldiers had been fired upon first and their action was in self-defence.

But a statement from the ANC denied the claims, saying the first shots were fired by the troops.

"At no time were the lives of the Ciskeian troops in danger... No warning was issued, and no attempts were made to disperse the crowd using non-lethal means," it said.
The South African foreign minister, Pik Botha, said that the ANC knew the march would end in violence.

"They knew people would be shot - they wanted people to be shot," he said in a TV interview.

The history of South African
violence is complex, and many issues have not been dealt with such as the ubiquitous black on black method of killing known as “necklacing” which has largely been ignored by the world. But it is too easy for those that do indeed bear a burden of guilt, to continue to evade squaring up to that responsibility, and lay it all at the foot of apartheid.

South Africa will never heal and this inability to square up to responsibility is simply going to be a festering wound in those that continue to regard themselves as the losers and the victims, when they should be the ones, such as “petrol and matches” Winnie Mandela,
who should be begging for forgiveness.

To take it’s rightful place in history, Sharpeville should be de-mythologized and recognised for what it was: A tragic example of what can happen when neither protesters nor police have put in place the means with which to deal with crowd control.

Summary based on the book
"Sharpeville, an ordinary atrocity" by professor Philip Frankel

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Max said...

Not so long ago I read an article (can't remember who published it) that told a story of the Bisho shootings. The writer stated that he had photos of Ronnie Kasrils with a pair of wire cutters in his hand after cutting through the security fencing which allowing the mob to get through. He states that Kesrils was laughing as the mob ran into Ciskei security forces fire.

Fucking planed and orchestrated by the communist filth.

Anonymous said...

the only gratifying part of the story is the picture of the sheboon winnie, fuck she is old and ugly close up

Exzanian said...

Max, the so called "third force" was none other than the ANC itself. It would be nice to have a link to that story you mentioned...

Max said...

Exzanian I will try and trace the source but it was many bloggs ago so I can not promise anything.

Anonymous said...

I started posting on the site South Africa Sucks. These were supopsedly white people who hated the fact that the niggers were running amoke after the apartheid regime feel apart.

As long as one berated the niggers and talked about how stupid and inept the nigger government was, they were fine, but once one went into the area of the jews, the posts were deleted or the poster was mocked.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, I would point out the obvious, like the fact that it was only White Israelites who were being persecuted. Like the fact that it was their farms and properties, which were being vandalized by the nigger goons. Like the fact that the diamond and gold mines of the Jews were still in Jewish hands and that the large Jewish population there didn't seem to be suffering the same criminal activities.

I even provided proof that it was the Jews who instigated the anti-apartheid movement to begin with, as admitted by their own FILTHY brethren:
One organization, the Union of Jewish Women, sought to alleviate the suffering of blacks through charitable projects and self-help schemes. Fourteen of the 23 whites involved in the 1956 Treason Trial were Jewish and all five whites of the seventeen members of the African National Congress who were arrested for anti-apartheid activities in 1963 were Jewish.

Jewish university students, in particular, vehemently opposed the apartheid movement. Jews, in fact, were largely represented in the percentage of white citizens who were arrested for anti-apartheid protests. A large proportion of Jews were also involved in organizations such as The Springbrook Legion, The Torch Commando, and the Black Sash. These anti-apartheid organizations led protests that were both active (ie. marching through the streets with torches) and passive (ie. standing silently in black). Other Jews sought to teach, train, and include black citizens in South African society. Ian Bernhardt lived in Johannesburg and led the Union of South African Artists in which he helped teach and protect black artists. Jews could be found in the majority of anti-apartheid organizations and protests throughout the apartheid regime.

I was shocked (although I shouldn't have been) by the venomous response of the admin, who had a picture of himself in his icon. Then it registered, this mamzer is a jew and this is a jew front, meant to sow the seeds of revolution. As we all know, this tactic is always employed by the filthy jew so that they can make a profit off both ends of the fight. They also choose such times to worm their way further into the bowels of society while the chaos ensues.

As watchmen, we need to always be on our guard. Things are not what they appear to be, especially where the children of lucifer are involved.

I wanted to pass this on so that you can be aware too. Please pass this on to others in our Godly family. We need to develop a system of communication among our people that puts the jews' system of cohesion and communication to shame.

More than ANY OTHER non-Israelites I hate in the world, the jews are at the top of the list. Put every jew to death and 99.9% of ALL our problems will disappear.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:24. I don't want to keep going round-and-round, in this perpetual, dull circle. The Jews, as a group, are intellectually vastly superior to the Europeans, as a group. It stands to reason that they will be over-represented in any movement, be it Nobel prizes, the anti-Apartheid movement or Marxism. All the ideologies had noble objectives in mind; not destruction and decay. But on the counter side of these revolutionaries, you will also find Jews. So Jews are their own worst enemy, but it is foolish to believe that an entire group is involved in a grand conspiracy, that somehow they are brought up to scheme in a dark and sinister way that will lead to our destruction. But if you leave the religious aspect out of it, the Jews are just a special anomaly, just like other smaller groups, like the Celts.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:24. Just for the record, you won't find any special treatment here, for your desire to bash Jews. Quite the contrary. You have made your point, so leave it at that, unless you have some wildly enlightening news.

Lime Lite said...

@VI - I believe this blog gives a fair and honest representation of what is going on in our crazy world. Some people have a negative view of what Jews are about - some a positive view. Nevertheless, just as you get good Jews you also get bad Jews (like any race). To ignore what the bad Jew has accomplished is to be short sighted. Please look at the link below - it lists 4 books about the Jew and communism in South Africa. 3 of the books have been written by Jews so you can't blame ranting Christians here. Let's see if you're willing to at least listen to the concerns of certain bloggers.

Anonymous said...

@Lime Lite. I see you make a cloaked reference suggesting that I am not willing to hear anti-Jewish arguments. Perhaps you should be more observant. We have allowed many diverse opinions. We are not going to allow the blog to be hijacked by anti-semitic individuals. There are other outlets for them to peddle their wares. For this reason, we keep a lid on religious fervour and anti-semitism.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that old Ronnie Kasrils is a Jewboi.

Anonymous said...

There is an elephant in the room!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 18:10. And my sadistic korporaal in the army was a dutchman, so what?

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Kasrils is Jewish.

Exzanian said...

You bust your arse researching and doing a post on Sharpeville and all they wanna do is bash the joos. What a waste of time...

Anonymous said...

@ExZ. Ja, I can never understand it. Joo bashing and kaffir hating articles are guaranteed to get responses though. Go figure.

Anonymous said...


..and was your "Dutchman" corporal and his peers always at the centre of all the Communist crap that is going down in this country and many others including the Soviet union? No!, but you'll always see a healthy dose of Zionist Jew in each case.
The fact that you refuse to see the "Elephant in the room" after it has been pointed out by others, some EVEN JEWS THEMSELVES, leads me to believe that this site has an ulterior motive which is to divert the attention of the Whites in SA away from who the Communists really are and who really supports them.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 16.12. Correlation does not equate to causation. Just because Jews are overwhelmingly at the forefront of all the crap, does not mean that there is a conspiracy. I will give you an example. In Canada the MSM was 60% controlled (CanWest) by a Jew, Israel Asper. He is known to have issued an instruction outlawing Israeli criticism. It is well known that the media can manufacture an environment fertile for social engineering. It is also true that Canadian civil liberties have been under assault by the Human Rights Councils, that flourish in a manipulated social environment. I could, like you, blame this on Jews. But on the opposing side is also a Jew, Ezra Lavant, a lawyer who has almost single-handedly had Human Rights Councils disbanded, and has created an awareness of how our freedoms have been eroded. He is now pushing parliament to alter sections of the Human Rights Act. At the same time, CanWest has filed for bankruptcy. So what must I make of these elephants? I suggest you stop cherry picking your data, and do an honest appraisal.

no problemo said...

We bought up SA, we are buing up everything...

FishEagle said...

@ VI, excellent response!

@ Exzanian, sometimes we just have to put up with crap to get to the good stuff. :)